Former BoE Member Assaulted at HHS, Files Complaint

By this woman, Gloria Candelaria.   

Candelaria threatening an attendee of the February 14, 2012
School Board meeting (credit: Mile Square View)

Here's what happened.

Last night was the Hoboken District-Wide Talent Show, held at Hoboken High School:

GA didn't attend, and was in fact drifting off to sleep early when my texting device started buzzing...

Holy hell.

That was Jean Marie Mitchell, former School Board member- and my dear friend.

Now, GA knows of Gloria Candelaria's history of unpredictable and threatening behavior at School Board meetings.   GA's heard some say that Candelaria is provoked to attend these meetings, where she 'does her thing'. (She has one child attending a Hoboken public school.)

With respect to Mitchell, there's a history there.

Last June, Candelaria  disparaged Mitchell's 14 year-old son on camera. Candelaria's accusations were utterly false, defamatory and cruel.  Following this verbal assault on her child,  Jean Marie sought legal counsel to protect her son from any such future libelous attacks and I'll leave it at that.

Fast forward to last night.  In Mitchell's own words:

The incident:
Gloria Candelaria spit on me as I was walking from the lobby into the theater. She was waiting for me in the dark behind the threshold of the theater entrance. She spit all over my shoulder, face, and hair. I immediately asked her "Why did you spit on me?" and she said, "I didn't spit on you." I went right over to the security guard, told him what happened briefly, then called the police. I told the other security guard. Candelaria and her husband started to leave. Her husband looked worried. As they were leaving, I informed them that I called the police and they were on their way.

So, I went to the police department and filed a complaint. They are considering it assault because she got spittle all over me. She was still denying it at the station. So, I'll wait for my day in court. I will also ask for a restraining order, but that's not the word - there is another word for restraining order when it isn't a domestic dispute.

Attached is a photo. I took photos of myself at the police department, and so did the police. 

A combo of crackers(?) and spittle sprayed from Gloria Candelaria's mouth on Jean Marie Mitchell in an unprovoked assault

Re: BoE trustee Carmelo Garcia:
He was right at her side in the lobby after it happened. I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of him there. But, it should be on the BoE cameras. (redacted) is going to get the tape reviewed. It happened right after 8 p.m.


I don't know if she had crackers in her mouth or what. At first the crap was dry, so I thought it was crackers. But, I also felt her spittle on my face and ear. She got a gob on the top of my head near my bangs.

The police were very good to me. The officer said her story was very different than mine, but he said that mine was much more plausible because you're sitting here with all the spittle on you. She was denying everything. She was telling the cops to check DNA.

There were witnesses, and I know there was someone right behind me, but I don't know who. We all broke up from talking, I walked into the doorway of the theater, and she was waiting for me.

Her husband said to her, "You can't spit on people." I overheard that while they were walking out of the lobby toward the front doorways.
Well, folks.  There you have it.

All GA wants to say is that I hope this person is prohibited from attending future Board meetings.  It seems to me she is a threat to those whom she dislikes.

And that seems to be the members of the School Board majority, Kids First and their supporters.


  1. Might I suggest if she wishes to ask for forgiveness in order to get you to drop the chargers against her that you require her to attend anger management classes, see a therapist and walk around in public w/ a sign around her neck that reads "mentally disturbed person, please stay at least 10 feet away at all times".

  2. It's despicable that the Old Guard would use the occasion of our kids' talent show and exploit an emotionally and mentally disturbed woman in this way, knowing that Candelaria can be counted on to perform when required.

    When a police officer comes in contact with bodily fluids, intentional or otherwise, the law goes to great lengths to protect their health as it should. As a former school board member, Mitchell is a public figure and the same should be offered to her, including having Candelaria tested for hepatitis, herpes, HIV, Epstein-Barr, cytomegalovirus, mononucleosis, coxsackie and all others orally transmittable.

    Candlearia should also be required to undergo psychiatric treatment and if, as has been stated here, she has no children in our school system, she should be banned from all future meetings and events.

    Raia & Garcia and their supporters like Mrs. Richard G. Mason and the Russos will have to then find other miscreants to do their dirty work.

    1. HIV is not transmitted by spit. By age 40 most people have already been exposed to cytomegalovirus...which is relatively harmless, unless you have HIV.
      Herpes requires skin to skin contact. Coxsackie and Hep B require contact with contaminated feces.

      All of this information is readily available on the Internet.

    2. Yes, but this is just a partial listing of some of the tests done for law enforcement officers when they come in contact with human effluvia. Mitchell deserves the same peace of mind and Candelaria deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. OMG - I hope that Jean Marie is not terribly shaken. In my limited dealings with her, and seeing her on the board when she served, I've been nothing but impressed. Such unnecessary hatred towards someone that so doesn't deserve it. Please Ruthie and the rest, be careful.

  4. Ugh, what a horrible creature this Candelaria woman is!!! I live across the street from the Board of Ed and she was pacing up and down the sidewalk right out in front and screaming about something that night. She must have been on the phone because there was no one with her, unless...??? G-d, Hoboken's got more thugs doing the dirty work of the Old Guard than you can shake a stick at!

  5. They just seem to be sinking deeper and deeper into a post-civilised ooze. It is as if they owe us no further human consideration.

    What skin does this woman even have in the game? A promised position? To whom do we follow the money? Carmelo? As with the blogging night and day by Lane and Kim, you can't explain the behavior without acknowledging fear and loathing as part of the answer.

    Let me repeat my urgent suggestion of metal detectors at city hall. Not kidding.

  6. the old guard is exploiting an obviously troubled woman, really disgusting. they're basically taking advantage of her anger and lack of self control to do their dirty work, hiring someone who's easily misled and egging them on to intimidate an opponent. it's terrible that it happens, but also appalling that they so casually use people like this.

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  8. Everything about this reported incident is extremely disturbing. Relevant points have already been made above regarding, exploitation, context, repeated patterns, etc.

    It is indeed a cautionary tale of the very dark desperation that is increasingly bubbling to the surface & acted out in more overtly primitive pathology.

    Folks do well to be vigilant about personal safety. And sadly, their children's safety as well.

    The psychopathology operating must not be taken lightly.

    Info's "urgent suggestion" regarding metal detectors at City Hall warrants immediate & serious consideration. Screening does well to include everyone entering, whether employee or visitor.

    Ms. Candelaria has now demonstrated a repeated pattern of publicly-documented behavior indicating serious mental illness. Her behavior as reported indicates she could well be "a danger to self & others." This concern warrants immediate, full-scale assessment & treatment by a qualified mental health professional.

    Also of concern are any school-age children in her home. If so, whatever investigation results from this most recent incident with Ms. Mitchell should include appropriate assessment of their safety and well-being as well.

  9. How disgusting! I've seen her uptown. She lives in Applied Housing. Her lease is probably expiring and will be scrambling for a new crib at the HHA. I can see how Carmelo Garcia uses her. Carmelo, why don't you find someone less pathetic to exploit??

    How many children does this woman have? I hope there are others in her household who can take care of them. What a sad scene.


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