Happy Dwek-iversary

GA might be a day off, but it was around 1 year ago that the publication to  Russo-Dwek meeting at Jersey City's Lighthorse Tavern became public information in then-just released Jersey Sting. 

And props to MSV for breaking that one on March 28.

So what was the Russo response? 

On April 1, 2011 the  email jihad on the mayor's staff was launched to make sure everyone forgot about the stuff in the book.

And, a certain river in Egypt gushed forth from the lips of the Councilman, essentially calling the book's authors 'liars'.

What happened next?

On April 14, 2011, the authors released the actual FBI surveillance video.

Here's what Jersey Sting co-author Josh Margolin told me about why they'd released the tapes:

Thanks for you interest. We reviewed the recordings and considered the questions that had been asked. We decided to let those interested review the videos for themselves.

Thanks again.
Translation:  We're not the ones lying.

Isn't Hoboken a wild and crazy place?

Dwek ordered the Chocolate-Bread Pudding.

Guess who ELSE met with Solomon Dwek a bunch of times?

Former Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano.

And guess WHO defended Cammy's control of Zoning Board appointments  SIX DAYS AFTER the FBI recorded Cammy selling 2 zoning variances at the Malibu diner on July 16, 2009?


  1. There's SO much more that was not kosher, beyond the Chocolate Bread Pudding Dwek ordered that night....

    1. I'll bet, MBB.

      I like that place and they've got tasty fish and chips. The dessert menu is rough though- the vanilla creme brulee or the molten chocolate cake, what to choose?

  2. i don't get over there often but when i do, the first thing that always pops into my mind is "scene of the crime."


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