It's Halfway Out!


People, you have GOT to stop sending me this stuff, my friend Julie is going to be furious at me.

But I do want to say I truly wish Ms. Zucker a very healthy baby- which is why this Tweet has me very concerned.

The baby is halfway out!

Out of what?  The placenta?  Ms Zucker's body?  In either case, shouldn't she be hospitalized and not walking around with half a baby sticking out?   Which half is out- the legs? The head?  An arm and a leg?

What should she do?  Push it back in?  Or pull it out?  Is there a doctor around?

GA is truly concerned for the health and safety of this child.   Being half-out suggests the baby's vital signs need to be monitored immediately.  I will never forget when LA's heart rate slowed and the doctor said "time's up!" after 21 hours of labor.   (Too much information?)

So an all-out or all-in baby seems to bode better from a health perspective than a half-out one.

Herein lies the inadequacy of  Twitter to inform it's consumers. 

How can one explain a half-in, half-out baby in 140 characters?  Impossible.

That's why there's Facebook.


Oh, still not clear on the halfway-out baby.  Almost halfway out.  Well, I already find myself getting sucked into this drama...

GET THE EPIDURAL!!!   And a sack of morphine.   

GA loved the morphine... and I'll bet one could even Tweet during and after!


  1. Let me guess...first baby? Born to a woman "of a certain age?"

    1. actually, no. i think this is # 3, but maybe she didn't have all her social media vehicles linked and synced for the other ones

    2. Ok, so in the short-term, she needs an obstetrician. In the long-term, she needs a shrink. God help those kids!

    3. ROFL Yes Oracle, you've hit the nail on the head!


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