Carmelo's Statement on the HHS Incident

GA got an email from BoE trustee Carmelo Garcia, a request to "set the record straight" on Gloria Candelaria's Friday night assault on former BoE member Jean Marie Mitchell.  

Here is what he said with respect to that incident:
I do not condone nor approve of any behavior that is inappropriate, disgusting or unbecoming of any resident.  I did not have any knowledge as to what went on with their incident at the show other than attending it, to show my support for the student's hard work in proudly displaying their talents. The security guard Mr. Peralta who escorted Ms. Candelaria out can also confirm as a witness that I had no knowledge nor in any way shape or form encouraged or entertained such behavior.
GA does not hold Carmelo responsible for the behavior of Candelaria.  She's accountable for herself and will 'face the music' in court. 

And since he seemed to reject GA's  assertion they are friends- called it innuendo  I will oblige him and change that.    

There you go.  Anyone who cares about this woman and can influence her to get help, please do.


  1. For those of us who want a better Hoboken now and in the future, the perception is that Candelaria is like the Callicchios - tools used by the Old Guard who now prefer others to do their dirty work for them and, if necessary, be the ones to take the legal fall.

    What doesn't seem to occur these exploiters is that those they would use in this manner are not that bright and will "throw them under the bus" at the first opportunity when the heat is on. That day can't come too soon.

    1. Astute as usual, Oracle.

      Garcia's credibility around anything is highly suspect, given his long history of gaming the system every which way he can. (Separate from his various public service schemes, one only has to recall the alleged exploitation around the acquisition of his rowhouse, as one small window into his apparently nefarious character.)

      So unctuous & transparently disingenuous is his persona, MBB has always considered him one of the more odious in Hoboken's sociopathic political cabal.


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