Klaussen Goes to Court (Today!)

Yes, folks.  Today's the Big Day!

I hope you all received your invitations.

After years of cyber-sliming Hoboken targets with the kind of malice one reserves for child molesters and serial killers, the H411 smear merchant Perry Klaussen, will face justice in a Jersey City court room.


Will Klaussen receive his just desserts?

Maybe not.

The unrepentant fiend may stroll out of the court room, a free man to strike again, but... we owe Rory Chadwick a 'thank you' for standing up to this bully, for  not letting his vile behavior go unanswered.

And it is a pattern of behavior.   Klaussen has been using Hoboken411 to damage his personal and political enemies for  years in a most insidious way- littering the internet with libelous trash to damage them personally and professionally.  Klaussen's list of The Libeled is long. 

I would encourage anyone harmed by this creature to follow Rory's lead. 

So, in honor of this special day, GA's poet laureate Oracle has written a loving tribute:

Judgment Day
by Oracle

Masonites are not merry
For their mouthpiece named Perry
Must now spin a new version
Of his tale of coercion

To the court he will go
On Ricky’s poorly-spent dough
Where his wings will be shorn
Cursing a failure in porn

No doubt this will tarnish
Beth’s thickly poured varnish
On the flawed surface veneer
Of her “political career”

There’ll be no jubilant parties
Of Masons, Keims or Bajardis
But we may all soon rejoice
At the silence of his noise

To the courthouse go traveling
Hear this tale, it’s unraveling
Judgment’s bells pealed and done
Will have tolled Four One One

Thank you, (GA Poet Laureate) Oracle.  Your words were beautiful.

And here is one more beautiful word:


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  2. Oracle's ode--
    So apt for this toad!

    Along with the pond scum--
    Mason flotsam & jetsam.

    Will justice be served
    With this nasty perv?

    Hope springs eternal!
    Klaussen goes in the urinal!


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