They Must Be Zombies

City Council Zombies:  Beth Mason, Mike Russo, Timmy Occhipinti, Theresa Castellano

...because surely surely only those City Council members craving real, human brains would drive their own City into bankruptcy.
For the third time, the city council fell one vote short of passing roughly $750,000 in emergency temporary appropriatons, meant to fund the city's expenses through April.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer on Thursday said that the city is talking to the Division of Community Affairs in Trenton to decide on what happens next.

The appropriations failed in a 5-4 vote, with the minority council members—made up of critics of the mayor—voting against. 
Are these people the Undead, or what?

Remember how they rose from their graves to kill the hospital sale?


Remember how they tried to kill a simple, cost-free garage bond conversion from non-taxable to taxable status?


And because they succeeded, the City lost $4.5 million dollars- NEEDLESSLY- so... the $4.5 million dollars was scooped out of the City's $10 million surplus.


The Zombies did it.  And, that means... less property tax relief.  Less money BACK in your wallet.  Because the Zombies WON.

That's right, and they're chuckling... because screwing you(which they think you'll blame on the mayor) tastes even BETTER to them than fresh brains!

Imagine that.

So, the latest abomination they've dragged to the City Council from the bowels of Hell is...

During the previous council meeting on the matter, the city council unanimously approved to keep funding every single one of the city's 29 ongoing law suits. But, Zimmer said, without appropriations, lawyers to work on those cases won't be able to be paid.

The appropriations also included roughly $68,000 needed for the fire department to accept a $300,000 FEMA grant (some of the money needs to be matched in order to accept).

Also in the roughly $750,000 is $95,000 to potentially demolish the burnt down building on First and Jackson Streets and pay the city's firefighters. The fire fighters are paid until March 31.

You get it?  The Zombies voted to continue the City's 29 law suits but... for free!  Because on Wednesday night, they voted AGAINST paying our lawyers!

How many of you people out there work for free?

Zombies don't work for free. No, you and I PAY them a salary so they can SCREW us.

That's what you get when you vote for a Zombie.  Or let one pay you $40 to vote for it.

So, who ELSE did the Zombies vote against funding?

Hoboken's courageous firefighters.  These folks:

Have you ever seen a Zombie run into a burning building to save someone? 

I haven't.

Yet the Zombies want Hoboken firefighters to continue putting their lives on the line for us, for FREE.  That is the ONLY POSSIBLE INTERPRETATION because on Wednesday night, the Zombies voted AGAINST paying them.

Wake up, people.

You CANNOT wake the Undead.  You can only protect your brains and your City.

The first step is understanding WHAT your elected officials are.

And last Wednesday night at the City Council, four of them showed us EXACTLY what they are.


  1. Just more & more of the same.

    How much more proof do you need?

    Sure hope the recall effort is moving apace!


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