New Mason Newsletter (Undoctored- Almost)

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  1. It's pathologically ironic that Beth Mason doesn't include herself in the "politicians and bureaucrats" who spend. What does she think she's doing with Ricky's checkbook when she buys votes for herself and Occhipinti to distort and pervert the electoral process?

    She and her council minority allies blew a 4.5 million dollar hole in the city's budget with the hospital garage, they love to talk about how they saved us 50k and they have no concept of bond ratings and why we'd need a surplus at all.

    Yes, these are tough times economically for cities and individuals Mrs. Mason, but you and your colleagues are clearly incapable of helping and the sooner you are out of office the better for all of us.

    When that day comes, we will recall you, and not fondly

  2. Such a despicable family! I do not doubt for a minute that the husband has the same low moral standards, otherwise he would cut the funding or divorce the psychopath. I really wish that someone in that ward starts the Recall Mason process soon. Her children must be reading the blogs, wouldn't that drive a normal person to became an honest public official? How do you explain your children your hate towards the public?


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