Timmy for Mayor?

Hot from Da Barn, MSV's Talking Ed Note is reporting:

Mason thinks if she can get on a Brian Stack ticket, she'll then create a new campaign for Tim Occhipinti in 2013 - For Mayor! 

It makes perfect sense.

Occhipinti was crafted from the ashes of the once-golden Cammarano- by the same players- to fulfill a trajectory cut short by an FBI sting.

Other than being about the same age and same height the two don't have much else in common. Where Cammarano was arrogant, unethical and smart, Timmy is arrogant, unethical and carries his brain on an external hard drive.

Cammrano was his own worst enemy- he got in his own way and destroyed himself.

The voices guiding Timmy on his external hard drive- telling him what to do, what to say, what to think- are his own worst enemies.  They just don't know enough. Whether it's where the overpass is that Timmy wants to clean (Jersey City), or blaming "the administration" for litigation  while forgetting he IS the legislative branch of Hoboken government and responsible for much of it.

All defensible, by the way.

But Hoboken's Corporation Counsel was reduced to telling Timmy that his own votes have resulted in litigation against the City.

Incredible that Timmy didn't seem to grasp litigation is the consequence of resisting powerful interests who wish to tap the City's resources to the detriment of it's residents.   That litigation is the reasonable recourse of citizens who have sought tax appeals which the City must defend.  That employee terminations for misconduct- if challenged-  cause the City to defend it's position in court.

Chalk it up to willful ignorance on the part of Timmy's external hard drive; actual ignorance on the part of Timmy.

Timmy's handlers who tell him where to go and what to say repeatedly make him look foolish.   It's only a matter of time until they get him in real trouble.  Unlike Cammy, a man with political gifts and brains, who undid himself, Occhipinti's over-confident, under-informed handlers will be his undoing.

GA calls Timmy the Golem of the Dark Side.  (A Golem is a anthropomorphic creature from Jewish folklore made from inanimate matter- like ashes - that mindlessly serves its creator)

Through all his gaffes and inappropriate decorum, he is impervious to humility and growth.

And that is the nature of a Golem.

So, GA doesn't think too much about Mason's alleged mayoral aspirations for Tim.  Not with the coterie of numbskulls guiding him.  

Timmy's lost without his mentor, the late Maurice Fitzgibbons.  That is clear.


  1. "Goons for Golem!"
    As a campaign slogan, it DOES have a nice ring to it....

    "See that dangling carrot on a stick? That's Tim Occhipinti's brain, working hard for YOU!"

  2. I doubt the man could cut a ribbon w/o cutting off a few fingers by accident.


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