Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Laundry Man

Mike Novak does the laundry

GA doesn't do online social networking. No Facebook, no Twitter, no MySpace, no LinkedIn. None of it. It's not my bag.

So I find out what's going on in that universe from friends who tell me what they think I need to know.

And I've been told I have a new boyfriend. He tweets about me! It must be love wafting through the air. Or is it mud?

Well, I just think my new boyfriend is PERFECT. Why? Because he does laundry.

The way to a woman's heart.

My new boyfriend launders ALL KINDS of things... by that I mean 'information'. Isn't he a dreamboat? Amazing how what he TWEETS about on Friday turns up on Hoboken411 on Monday! And how did he KNOW that stuff in the first place? Well... pass the detergent!

And do you know what else my guy does?

He makes phone calls for smear merchants while acting helpful, but won't reveal the identities of those who've made "complaints" so the hit-job can go forward. What a guy. Pretending to love me but neck-deep in the Washington PAC, influence-peddling NJDC smear-campaign.

Then, he texted sweet nothings on Twitter where he called me:

See how my boyfriend lies like a rug?

See how he uses me as a proxy to hurt Zimmer?

My guy is ambitious; he's even hooked up with Paul Swibinski. Does that mean he's going to run against his cousin in the 1st ward? Oh, I can tell you more... juicy, juicy.

But, I want to talk about other things. And I will. Unless my guy makes me talk about him.

Forget me, sweetheart. There are bigger fish to fry than a lowly blogger. I'm not a politician. I'm a mom. With a daughter.

Like you.

But we all know this is a smoke screen for the AG election fraud investigation, the Mason circumvention of ELEC rules, the attempt to slaughter the Corner Cars program, and so on.

Those are worth talking about. Not me.

Find yourself another, my darling. It's just not in the stars for us.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Corner Car Killers

What if Hoboken could have this kind of service:
  • 1,000 drivers could share cars but only use 42 parking spots!
  • residents could save thousands of dollars per year by switching from car ownership
  • participants would NEVER have to worry about finding a parking space in town
  • low-income residents could have mobility at the rate of $5.00/ hour
  • taxpayer benefit: fewer cars would mean reduced wear-and-tear on city infrastructure- roads: pot hole repair and re-paving
  • homeowner benefit: convenience to transportation would make your home more marketable
  • 90% of Hoboken residents would live within a 5-minute walk of 21 shared-car locations!
What WOULD you say if Hoboken could have a service like this? Hmmmm?

We already DO!

It's called the Corner Car program! It was rolled out on June 16, 2010 and has become wildly popular so quickly that 1,000 Hoboken residents have joined (with more applying every day) and... 45 residents have actually given up their automobiles!

WOW... incredible.

In fact, Hoboken is the FIRST American city to implement a true city-wide car sharing program, for which our city has received nationwide acclaim! Yes, folks. This is what we call 'progress' and 'innovation' to better our quality of life in both convenience and savings. This is what we WANT our elected representatives to DO for us.

So what's the problem?

It's about to be KILLED.

Power has shifted from the Innovators to those AGAINST innovation. Specifically, Zimmer-innovation.

That's right.

You see, the Corner Cars program is about to be KILLED because it has ZIMMER's name attached to it. The program , a Zimmer initiative developed by Ian Sacs, Director of Parking and Transportation, is wildly successful and therefore must DIE.

Get it?

This is POLITICS, folks. It's not about YOU, it's about THEM.

Our elected representatives are about to SCREW us because the touchdown was scored by the wrong team.

(Like the football analogy? I thought you might).

Further, KILLING the Corner Car program puts Hoboken in breach-of-contract with Hertz.

So why did, pray tell, did most of those ready to snuff the program VOTE for the 2-year contract with Hertz in the first place? Do they understand WHAT contracts are, and the ramifications of breaking one? They can't blame that on Zimmer- THEY approved the Hertz contract, now they want to breach it.

Now that you know this successful new program is about to be KILLED, let me introduce you to The KILLERS.

Here they are:

Corner Car Killers

Beth Mason- 2nd Ward Councilwoman

Voted against the first reading of the ordinance to permanently establish the Corner Car program, on Nov. 15.

19% of Corner Car participants live in the 2nd Ward.

Mason is up for re-election in May.

GA note: I've got no love lost for Mason. On Nov. 17, her enormous wealth and Washington connections bought her a hit-piece-- ghost-written by Lane Bajardi, and linked to Hoboken411 -- on a Washington PAC's website ( NJDC). Mason is an NJDC donor and her buddy, donor/fundraiser, Larry Stempler, is on the NJDC Board of Directors. Mason could have contacted me up-front and I'd have taken the offending piece down. But why waste an opportunity to defame and destroy a critic? Instead, she chose to damage my ability to earn a living by diseminating a local story nationwide and over the internet. I am not wealthy, and I have a young child to clothe and feed. That is the character and nature of this woman. Horrible. She uses her wealth to hurt people. An evil, heartless woman. I will tell my story again and again, to her constituents, and do everything in my power to educate them about what she's done in time for the next election. And will keep asking whether she's got Bajardi on her payroll, to execute political strategy at CC meetings while pretending to be a 'member of the public'. Follow the money. Mason should be asked in PUBLIC if Bajardi has received money from her and Corporation Counsel should be questioned on the appropriateness of Mason paying for political operatives to speak at City Council meetings.

Michael Russo-3rd Ward Councilman

Voted against the first reading of the ordinance to permanently establish the Corner Car program, on Nov. 15.

14% of Corner Car participants live in the 3rd Ward.

Russo is up for re-election in May.

GA note: Mike Russo and I have always had a cordial relationship. That's why I'm bewildered by the SLUR Russo aimed at me at the Nov. 15 City Council meeting. We'll see if he does the honorable thing and walks it back on Wednesday.

Theresa Castellano-1st Ward Councilwoman

Voted against the first reading of the ordinance to permanently establish the Corner Car program, on Nov. 15.

15% of Corner Car participants live in the 1st Ward.

Castellano is up for re-election in May.

GA note: Castellano has never supported this program, and was the only 'no' vote on the original 2-year contract with Hertz. Her constituents need to ask her why she's never supported this popular and successful program.

Nino Giacchi-6th Ward Councilman (GA's Ward)

Nino was ABSENT on Nov.. 15 and missed the vote on the first reading of the ordinance.

17% of Corner Car participants live in the 6th Ward.

Giacchi is up for re-election in May.

GA note: GA happens to like Nino. He was responsive when Willow Terrace residents requested street signage. Nino's here because of his record of voting with the Mason-Russo bloc. GA hopes Councilman Giacchi recognizes the both merit of the our car-sharing program and its popularity with his constituents . C'mon, Nino!


Timmy Occhipinti-4th Ward Councilman

Voted against the first reading of the ordinance to permanently establish the Corner Car program, on Nov. 15.

15% of Corner Car participants live in the 4th Ward.

Occhipinti is up for re-election in May.

GA note: I admit GA's been rough on Timmy. I know. But here's his chance to prove me wrong and be the 'independent' he promised to be. Something tells me Timmy's conflicted. He owes the people who brung him to the dance, but wants to 'do right' by his constituents. Timmy's young with enough business acumen to know that car-sharing makes sense fiscally and environmentally, at no cost to taxpayers. He understands it's the way of the future. Politically, it would be a very savvy if he shows independence from his team. Will he? Timmy is truly the wildcard. Timmy, prove GA wrong on this one and maybe I'll put myself in the bun!

The next City Council meeting is on Wednesday, Dec. 1, at 7 pm.

That's the 1st night of Hanukkah!

I urge participants in the Corner Cars program to celebrate Hanukkah, then show up and voice your support for the program and your condemnation for those who would KILL it.. And folks who've given their vehicles up entirely-- please let the KILLERS know what you think about their political gamesmanship.

To the 'KILLERS': should you choke at the last minute on your murderous intent, but try to suggest a face-saving 'compromise': HANDS OFF the program.

NO cuts.

If anything, the program needs to get BIGGER so we clear more cars out of Hoboken and save MORE residents thousands of dollars annually on car expenses.

Viva Hertz-Connect Corner Cars!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Did Mason Money Buy 335 Votes?*

* at the going rate of $40/vote

I just cruised over to da Horsey's place and got an eyeful of Mason ELEC contributions to Timmy Occhipinti's campaign-to the tune of $13,400!!! Wow.


The Mason Brinks truck pulled up to Timmy's Pet Shop HQ on October 30th -- 2 days before Election Day (Nov. 2nd).

There's nothing like a huge cash infusion at the finish line of a campaign to pay your 'campaign workers'- the ones that sent back their VBMs like they were told.

Do the math:

Mason Street Money Math: $40 x 335 = $13,400

335 'campaign workers' for Timmy could have been paid with that pile of loot.

Thank you, Masons, for your selfless generosity!

Who knew they might be so deep in the machinations of the Occhipinti Election Day Street Money operation?

The timing of Beth Mason's ICBM aimed at me by the Washington PAC she's donated $1,000 to, the NJDC, breaking the night before criminal referrals for election fraud were handed over to the Hudson County Prosecutor makes sense in light of her huge and rather suspect Occhipinti investment.

Way to go, Beth!

You and your chihuahua knocked 4th Ward criminal referrals for election fraud right off the headlines in favor of your blogger witch hunt when the juicier scandal was how much cash you forked over to Timmy Occhipinti's campaign and WHAT it was being USED FOR.

Curious note: Beth Mason's website, www.masoncitycouncil.org is down with the message:

"As we begin our re-election campaign, a new website is being created. Please check back soon!"

That's an odd thing to do. Most webmasters would do the redesign offline then upload, seamlessly replacing the old site. But then, Beth's website administrator is Weehawken political operative and Hudson Shark gatekeeper, James Barracato.

Let's Shop!

So it's the day-after the day-before: Thanksgiving.

How was yours?

Did you eat too much? Too little? Get sloshed? Snookered? Pickled? Make an ass of yourself (again)?

I hosted my 2 sisters, their families and one dear friend. .. my mom couldn't make it. Reviews on the cooking were good, I had plenty of booze (open bar) and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

So, my friend who came to dinner is a FFOBM (Former Friend of Beth Mason). A former regular guest at Mason's Thanksgiving Day celebrations, s/he dished quite a bit about them yesterday.

I won't tell you some of the more personal, hilarious anecdotes, except we shared laughs at the disparity between Thanksgiving festivities at the Mason mansion and Chez GA.

First off, GA worships the God of Plastic: plates, bowls and cold cups. Then there's the Goddess of Styrofoam. My guests get only the finest plastic and styrofoam dinnerware-- from their mouths straight to the garbage can.

Say what?

I'm supposed to spend a day shopping for them, another cooking, then wash their frigging dishes? No thanks, you do it. But I always give my guests 'real' metal cutlery because you never know when a broken (plastic) tine will get wedged in someone's espohagus.

Better safe than sorry!

As for the spread, it's every man, woman and child for himself, a.k.a. 'help yourself'. Again and again. Buffet style.

Then in 'musical-chairs' fashion, my starving guests clutching their plastic plates heaped high, grab any available chair lest they get stuck eating alone on a bar stool in the kitchen. This year it was my brother-in-law, although something tells me he wanted to be there. Alone.

Did I mention the extra-fancy deluxe paper napkins? I buy them once a year. At A&P.

Now, how do the Masons celebrate their Thanksgiving?

My friend described wearing formal attire to a formal sit-down at an extra-long, elegant dining table, caviar and hors d'oeuvres followed by a 9 -course dinner, each course offered with a 'wine-pairing' by servants (missing their Thanksgiving family dinners in order to serve the Masons) and of course, each guest is given a tri-fold menu... I guess so they know what's coming next.


As my friend described this to me, I glanced around at my boisterous, rag-tag crew helping themselves to food, drinks, booze, on plastic, scurrying for chairs, laughing, and felt richer than a millionaire.

A millionaire eating on plastic.

So, Friday's here... let's shop!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving, and I wish ALL of you a joyful and tasty one.

I will tell you why this day is especially meaningful for me.

The hell of the past week is transitory.

But the goodness of all the people who stepped up for me, who helped and supported me at a low, low ebb, who gave their time and effort for me unconditionally; these people I knew as friends before are now indelibly inscribed in my heart... I am profoundly moved by you all and thankful for you on this day.

You know who you are.

For the men of faith who spoke at length with me this past week, saw what was in my heart, listened and cared; the words you've imparted will stay with me. And I am thankful for you on this day.

My family-- the loud ones, the eccentrics, who love me unconditionally-- the feeling is mutual; I am thankful for you all. Just don't overstay your welcome- when the lights flash it's time to go home.

And those departed, my beloved Dad foremost in my heart always, I hope you get a turkey dinner up there although I know you'd much prefer a pastrami sandwich. Me, too. Turkey sucks. But look Dad, it's only one day a year and you probably get whatever you want on all the other days. Well, I miss you again... another Thanksgiving without you, but I'm glad you've got an internet connection up there so at least you can stay current on Hoboken politics. I love you and will think about you on this day, as I do everyday.

So... there's more to be thankful for, of course but I have to clean my house and feed my cat. Fancy Feast Turkey Dinner.

So enjoy YOUR fancy feast today and G-d bless you all.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are You a Co-Conspirator? (QUIZ)

GA and some FOGA (friends-of GA) couldn't help but notice a dramatic lull on the blogosphere yesterday; the familiar cast of vitriol-spewing message-board characters had disappeared like dinosaurs with the Ice Age.

So sudden was this political-operative extinction that more than one person suggested to me the 'other side' was on lock-down.



My first thought was maybe because of GA's exposing the Beth Mason hatchet job along with Mason's exploitation of a real, worldwide threat in order to harm a political critic. Well, that might make Mason's blood run cold but would it cause a message board Ice Age?


A more likely cause for the lock-down is that a lot of people have a lot to worry about.

Here are a few who should be very worried:

They are:
  • Lane Bajardi*
  • James Barracato*
  • Jamie Cryan
  • Mystery Man
(* political operatives for 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason. Bajardi works public forums like the City Council, Barracato is her webmaster and political operative. And guess who turned up on Occhipinti's ELEC report with a $2,600 donation-- Ricky Mason)

If you recall, those 4 were attendees of some creepy midnight meeting at Timmy Occhipinti's campaign headquarters, caught on film which will certainly have evidentiary value should NJ Attorney General Paula Dow pursue charges of election fraud and conspiracy to commit election fraud in Hoboken's 4th Ward City Council race.

AG Dow showed an appetite for election fraud prosecution in Atlantic City a few months back. So why not in Hoboken?

My guess is that our Republican Governor would love some Hudson County Democratic scalps dangling from his belt; bragging rights for his star turn at the 2012 Republican National Convention. (Calm down, ss1959... I'm not dissing your species.) So those in the Occhipinti camp who think they're 'getting off' because their names were not on the criminal referrals, GUESS AGAIN.

Because you can STILL be CHARGED with CONSPIRACY to commit election fraud!

Yes, indeed.

So here's a simple quiz for all of my fans in the Occhipinti camp to see if YOU could be a co-conspirator!

If you answer 'YES' to any of the following, then you're screwed.

Are You a Co-Conspirator to 4th Ward Election Fraud QUIZ

1. Were you aware of the mail-in ballot farming operation underway in the HHA being performed on behalf of candidate Tim Occhipinti?

(a) YES
(b) NO*

* Liar, liar, pants on fire

2. Did you have a conversation about the mail-in ballot farming operation underway in the HHA with any other member of the Occhipinti campaign?

(a) YES
(b) NO*

* Your nose is growing like Pinocchio's

3. Did you witness either directly or indirectly any election fraud activity (mail-in ballot farming in the HHA) that you did not report to the police?

(a) YES
(b) NO*

*Proverbs 21:6 - Wealth that comes from telling lies vanishes like a mist and leads to death.

Quiz-takers: all I can say is, if you answered 'YES' to any of the above then LAWYER UP.

Quiz- Failers: make like a pancake and FLIP. Flip, flip, flip. Sing like a bird.


Because if you're not the FIRST, chances are the AG's office won't care.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4th Ward Crop Circles

Eerie signs are popping up in the 4th Ward.

First this...


A line drawing asks: where is Timmy? And where are his dollars? Iconography reminiscent of early Keith Harings popping up on blank NYC subway walls.

And now this...

Crop Circles in Mamma Johnson Field captured on Google satellite!

What.. what... could this mean?

Extraterrestrials are looking for Timmy, too?

Surely those aliens must be on his ELEC reports...paid workers from galaxies beyond looking for earth dollars they were promised... along with all those angry, unpaid humans..

So where's Timmy?

credit: Top photo courtesy of MSV

Who Pays Bajardi?

screenshot of post on nj.com

A fascinating question. Why does it matter?

Here's why.

Either he's speaks in public forums as a 'member of the public' or a paid political operative 'at work' for a an elected City Councilwoman.

If so, that raises all sorts of legal and ethical questions about Bajardi using public forums, such as the City Council or the Board of Education, for the execution of political strategy on behalf of his presumed 'client', Beth Mason, who is an elected official.

Which is it?

Bajardi speaks at City Council meetings under the pretext that he is 'a member of the public'' and has attacked critics, me for example, for attacking him on this blog, because he calls himself 'a member of the public'.

Well, it is GA's opinion that he is much more than that. Which he is entitled to be... until money changes hands.

If it has.

Let me give you an example. I am going to take the most handsome political operative I know, Tom Bertolli . Have you ever seen him? Ladies, he is fine. Take a look. Ooooh la-la. If I ever do a pin-up calendar on Hudson County political operatives, I'm saving him for July.

Well, let's say, hypothetically speaking, Mr. Bertolli was hired by Beth Mason to attend City Council meetings to execute political strategy while pretending to be a 'member of the public'... well... what do YOU think about the ethics of that?

I for one, would attend those meetings so I could see Mr. Bertolli in-person, being a sucker for handsome devils and all. Well, I don't want to get Bertolli's wife mad at me; I'm trying to atone for a recent mistake I deeply regret making, so I'll get back to the subject.

The exchange of money.

The missing piece of the puzzle. A question that Bajardi should be asked under oath.

I ask the City Council to explore this matter, privately or publicly.

I ask the City Council to question Beth Mason, publicly or privately, on whether Bajardi is an 'employee' or independant contractor or consultant and paid by her.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mason Quid Pro Quo on GA Smear?- UPDATED

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) is not a non-profit or charitable organization.

They are a Washington-based PAC (Political Action Committee) . Specifically, the NJSDC is a 'Leadership PAC'.

What's a 'Leadership PAC'?

A leadership PAC in U.S. politics is a political action committee that can be established by a member of Congress to support other candidates. Under FEC rules, Leadership PACs are non-connected PACs, meaning, they can accept donations from any individual, business or other PACs. While Leadership PAC funds cannot be spent to directly support their sponsor's own campaign (such as mail or ads), they may fund travel, office expenses, consultants, polling and other non-campaign expenses. They can also be used to make contributions to the campaigns of other candidates.

Stinks, doesn't it?
  • As a member of the NJDC Board of Directors funneling money to Beth Mason's political campaigns, were NJDC funds used in contributions to Beth Mason?
  • What is the NJDC's responsibility to disclose the relationship of the NJDC's Larry Stempler- a Mason donor and fundraiser, when 'condemning' a Mason critic on their blog?
  • Did the NJDC receive a donation from Mason or Stempler?
  • Was a donation made for planting a ghost-written 'condemnation' linked to a Mason-friendly web tabloid critically timed the night before criminal referrals for election fraud were being handed to the Hudson county prosecutor on Mason's candidate?
Mason celebrates the victory of Hoboken 4th Ward candidate Timothy Occhipiniti the night of Nov. 2, 2010 at Occhipinti campaign headquarters. Criminal referrals for election fraud were handed over from the Board of Elections to the Hudson County prosecutor on Nov 17-- the SAME DAY 'condemnation' of Mason critic appeared on NJDC blog. On Nov 19, these criminal referrals were handed over to he NJ Attorney General's office for a full-blown investigation of election fraud on the Occhipinti campign.

  • Or, was it quid pro quo?
  • Did Mason/ Stempler donate to an NJDC-supported candidate or NJDC-supported cause?
The missing piece of this puzzle-- or as my friend at HJ puts it, a "curious case" is a list of donors and contributors to the NJDC.

PACS are shadowy creatures.

Which makes victimization of political enemies easy. I have already apologized for any offense to everyone who was hurt by my artwork; it was a genuine lapse of judgment which I regret and have offered a heartfelt apology for. It's easy to say "I'm sorry" when you are. And I am.

That part of the story is over.

Now we move on to the politics of personal destruction. A wealthy, powerful, politically-connected elected Hoboken official uses her vast resources against a critic to defame her on a NATIONAL level. I believe Mason's political/financial relationship with Larry Stempler was used for access to a PAC- that is what's called Washington influence peddling.

Among other things.

I can tell you my experience has had a chilling effect on some aspiring reform candidates. I know this to be true. But I hope they forge ahead and not give in to wealthy bullies. Please.

I invite members of the press to assist in getting answers to some of my questions. And I am happy to speak with you myself. I hear Mason is not answering calls, and is remaining silent. Through surrogates, I hear she has not accepted my apology.

Well, I'm anxious to get answers to my questions so I can move on.

(Update, 11:40 am)

Beth Mason is an NJDC Donor.

Mason's $1,000 donation to the NJDC says it all.

Publishing the ghost-written smear piece on a Jewish artist (me) and posted on the NJDC via the back door was quid pro qu. Larry Stempler, on NJDC's Board of Directors is Mason donor and fundraiser and likely fast-tracked it. Of course, Mason made sure to link the hit piece to Hooboken411.com, where she could frame the story in the most damaging and hurtful way.

Nice lady.

Go to www.opensecrets.org and type in 'National Jewish Democratic Council'. And by the way, Mason's contribution accounted for 20% of total contribution received from private donors in 2006.

Friday, November 19, 2010


GA's Letter to NJDC

My lawyer is currently in talks with the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), the political organization that published the Mason hit piece on me. So I defer to him on all matters related to that and cannot discuss them publicly.

Here is what I can tell you.

The NJDC is a small, but very well-connected Democratic watchdog group that goes after figures promoting anti-Semitism (primarily) on the Right like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, members of the Tea Party and.... Nancy Pincus from Hoboken? And her tiny little blogspot? Huh?

How the hell did this national organization know of my existence?

Because Beth Mason's donor and fundraiser, Larry Stemple, is on their Board of Directors, and ostensibly fast-tracked a political hit piece written by Lane Bajardi linking to Hoboken411 and put it up there.. then posted a "breaking" local news ON Hoboken411!

That is what happened, folks. To me.

Don't get it?

This story is about how someone with money and political connections can try to destroy the life of an ordinary person. Now, if Mason were really offended by the image, she would have asked me herself to take it down. And I would have, like I did after my conversation with Etzion Neuer, the NJ ADL leader. She didn't. It was her leverage to embarrass and discredit me. And kick me off the Zoning Board.

Well, didn't work.

And guess what? It's not going away.

I want accountability from the NJDC for what they did to me. Which was plant a story fed to them. There's a reason why David Streeter, the so-called 'writer' of the hit piece hasn't returned my call.

Based on my (rather unpleasant) conversation with their President and CEO, David Harris, they take ZERO accountability for what they publish... a perfect place for well-connected politicians to plant hatchet jobs on critics. Like yours truly.

This isn't about Beth Mason anymore. This is about ME. And about YOU.

Because if a rich and well-connected person could do this to ME, they can do it to YOU. Simply because you express an opposing opinion.

Sounds kind of... fascist.

So, here is the letter I sent to all 30 members of their Board of Directors and copied 5 members of their Executive Committee:

click to read
Letter has been reformatted for posting; original format available to press

I just checked the NJDC web site; a minor 'change' on the hit piece, but it's STILL THERE.

Not good enough. And the link to Hoboken411 is STILL there but...

Here's EVIDENCE I was RIGHT about the Mason conspiracy to smear me on NJDC: the hit piece on Hoboken411.com is GONE.

Perry Klaussen scrubbed it off the site! Here's the link, see for yourself.

It looks like the rats are running from the sunlight.

OK, I will update this fascinating tale of the depravity of public officials to destroy their critics.

FYI... major media is reading this blog now... anybody hear of "The New York Times"?

Thanks, Lane!

(Update, 10:30 am)
I understand the Hoboken411 smear piece on yours truly is back up!

Hooray! Who knew that Perry Klaussen could write comedy!

Perry Klaussen and the Mason camp say my apology to the LEADER of the NJ Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, the arbiter of Anti-Semitism throughout the world, my sincere apology to ALL who were offended was not GOOD enough!

Why? Because it was not directed to Beth Mason and Timmy Occhipinti.

My response: Yes, it WAS. It was directed to EVERYONE who found the image offensive.

The only one from Camp Mason who contacted me on this graphic was Mike Novak, who said he'd received 4 complaints about it. So I asked him to tell me who the people were so I could speak to them.

Novak's reply, " I can't tell you who they are". I pressed him further, asking him if they were Jews who found it offensive.

Novak said," It's probably political..."

So, Beth Mason never reached out to me. Her surrogate DID but did not tell me that Mason herself was offended. Had she reached out to me and asked me to take it down herself, I would have. But she didn't.

Because she didn't want to.

It would have ruined her plans for the backdoor sneak attack on me via the NJDC, which is coming to light right now.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

GA's Letter to Etzion Neuer

Today I called the Executive Director of the NJ ADL, Etzion Nueer, to discuss... you-know-what. The image that Beth Mason and her pet chihuahua were peddling to Jewish organizations in order to provide the 'scandal' a.k.a. political cover to throw me off the Zoning Board of Adjustment...

Well, sorry Beth. Sorry Bajardi.

I shared my genuine remorse for any hurt I may have caused to a spiritual man; and I don't mean the manufactured outrage of City Council Chamber performances.

No easel. Just honesty.

(Yikes! My friend just alerted me to some errors.... ooops...)

Dear Mr. Neuer, Executive Director of NJ Chapter of the ADL

Thank you so much for your time and compassion in our conversation earlier this afternoon. Even though the 'storm' has not passed, our discussion had a healing effect on my spirit and am quite overwhelmed.

As we discussed, the genesis of the graphic came from the the words "Triumph of the Shill" which popped in my mind when thinking of how to depict how the winning candidate in a highly contested election triumphed over low expectations. Triumph... triumph... Triumph of the Shill. A pun. Of the title of the infamous Third Reich documentary, "Triumph of the Will".

In the highly charged partisan political climate in my town, Hoboken (and admittedly I am a highly charged partisan myself) I did not think twice that it might be hurtful or bad judgment. For which I am truly sorry. The intent was NEVER to make a comparison between the subjects of the graphic and the Holocaust, but I realize now the weight of history is so enormous that these images can't be used without such comparisons drawn. As for the actual image: the subjects were a City Councilwoman featured prominently- because she has shifted power on the new City Council, and the 'Triumphant Shill' worn about her neck as a wardrobe accessory, but while some won't associate it with the original source image, others do. I am sorry for any hurt I've caused.

As I alluded to, political opponents in my town have mounted a rather vicious campaign against me to remove me from the municipal board on which I serve, and have co-opted this image to call me an "anti-Semite". This is quite an outrage and my anger at such vicious persons has hardened my vision. But I've thought about it, and realize that outside of the manufactured outrage of these vicious political partisans, there are people who may be genuinely hurt by the image. Again, I am truly sorry for that.

As a Jew educated in the horrors of the Holocaust, I grew up listening to my Dad's, telling about his mom's letters her family in Warsaw was forced by the Nazis to write, asking her to send money, jewelry etc. and all were killed there; my Dad's father's family died in Lodz. Which I told you. A time never to be forgotten. Or depicted insensitively. In an image.

As discussed, I will post this letter on my blog, for the public and the press. And will swap out the image for another.

I enjoyed speaking with you and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call. And you are welcome to forward this letter to any members of the press who contact you about this.

Best wishes,

Nancy Pincus
Hoboken, NJ
contact: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Yoo Hoo... Beth & Bajardi...

From the Jersey Journal, read it and weep:

Following a conversation with Etzion Neuer, regional director for the New Jersey Anti-Defamation League, Pincus said later that she realized how her graphic may have caused offense and agreed to issue a letter of apology at Neuer's request.

"I welcomed and accepted Ms. Pincus' apology and from our conversation, it appears she understands why the incident was hurtful," said Neuer.

Neuer said he first heard about the graphic through Mason who pointed out it out to him last week before Bajardi's presentation before the council.

"I am genuinely sorry," Pincus said this afternoon. "I did not mean to hurt anyone who's genuine. I'm not talking about the political operatives."

Mason did not respond to several calls for comment.

Pincus said that she will be removing the graphic in question from her blog.

Can You Spend $100 to be Her "Friend"?

Well, Larry Stempler's name keeps popping up, doesn't it?

Now he's hosting a fundraiser for 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason in 2008.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Follow the Money...

2 donations made in 2007 to Beth Mason from Board member of the NJDC where the hit piece was planted

The plot thickens...

A hit job appears declaring a politically-active Jewish artist (me) an Anti-Semite (not true) without contacting her (they didn't) on a charitable/political organization's web site linking to Hoboken411.com (huh?) and get this: a Mason donor and supporter is on the Board of Directors this group!

What a coincidence.

So what is the connection between the donor, the 'charitable' organization and the 'beneficiary' of the hit-job (Mason)?

Following the money is always the best way to smoke out the rats of the political world.

Checking the donation and contribution list of the allegedly independent NJDC is an easy thing to do.

Stay tuned... much will be revealed shortly about the depravity of a certain moneyed political doyenne of Hoboken.

is on the case.

2007 ELEC Report- City Council Candidates

Beth Mason HIT JOB

Larry Stempler, a politically connected Beth Mason supporter and Board member of the National Jewish Democratic Committee (NJDC) is one possible conduit for an OUTRAGEOUS hit job on yours truly.

The other is Lane Bajardi, as the hit piece LINKS to Hoboken411.com's 'fair and balanced' coverage and reads like the typical puff-piece Bajardi ghost-writes on that cyber-tabloid. The hit piece DOESN'T link to GA, the SOURCE... it links to that Mason propaganda machine.

The hit piece LINKS to Hoboken411.com.

Regarding this planted piece on the NJDC:

I was NEVER contacted by them for an interview, for comment, for any VETTING or FACT- CHECKING in this planted smear on behalf of Beth Mason.

I have left a message for David Streeter, the NJDC 'author'; offices were closed. This OUTRAGE will not stand. I am demanding the immediate retraction of this piece.

Mason-Russo will do ANYTHING for that Zoning Board seat.

To be continued...

Ich wünsche der Stuhl


It means, "I want the chair."

GA Traffic Surge!

Thank you, Mason spokesmodel Lane Bajardi!

Thank you, Beth Mason, benefactoress of said spokesmodel!

Thank you, Mike Russo, for licking your chops at a 3rd full-term opening on the ZBA! It looks like a juicy steak, doesn't it? And you're hungry!

Sorry, Mike. You need to go on the ZBA Diet Plan. You get a serving in January- that's your portion.

All of you have made it possible for Grafix Avenger to have it's best day ever! (traffic-wise)

Take a look:

Now, for a teeny, tiny 'boutique' blog site in a mile-square city, you've got to admit GA's doing OK. I get a range of 1,500 to 2,000 unique visitors per week. It doesn't stink, right? As for visit length, a range of 33 % (low) - 52% (high) stay 1 hour or more.

It sure beats Hoboken411.com's average time on site of 1.5 minutes, per Alexa.com.

So, you ask...what is the primary reason for the size of GA's readership, aside from my... ahem... original content?

The answer: Lane Bajardi!

Every time he storms to the City Council in a fit of self-righteous indignation, he scores GA more and more traffic! The attention he's brought to this website, simply because he can't stand a female with either power (Mayor Zimmer, Carol Marsh) or an opinion (me)... but a woman with LOTS of money is A-OK (you-know-who) is borne out in huge spikes of traffic I see following each CC performance.

He really does have difficulties with us (women)... and it's a powerful, driving force in his rage. But I digress...

Without his marketing efforts, it would still be my Mom and a few sympathetic friends reading GA. But not for Lane and his machinations, his visions of taking GA down, of making me radioactive amongst my peers, of taking away my board position...but not for his ATTENTION to me... this site would be much, much 'smaller'.

So thank you, Lane. For the audience I have today.

Now your duplicity, disingenuousness, your manufactured outrage will reach far more people on the pages of GA,.. thanks to YOU.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lane Wants My Job

It's terrific to be the most popular girl in town!

I woke up to a blinking light on my answering machine, a full Inbox, GA's traffic hit the roof, and my phone's been ringing off the hook! I've given 2 interviews so far... anybody else want to punch my dance card?

Here's what I know: I went to bed WAY too early last night.

Because I missed what the critics are calling "the performance of a lifetime"... manufactured outrage about a piece of artwork pilfered off this site and presented to the City Council on an EASEL, side-by-side with a Nazi propaganda poster! Topped off by Mike Russo calling me an "Anti-Semite!"

Oh, that's rich.

In irony.

Hmmm... why would the 'presenter', Lane Bajardi, do this to a Jewish artist whose entire family, Dad's side, was murdered by Nazis in the Lodz and Warsaw, Poland? Whose Dad fought in WW2-- with the U.S. Army...not for the OTHER guys?

Why would Bajardi ATTACK my art in such an evil, outrageous fashion?

And why would Mike Russo, be so gung ho to raise the specter of removing me from my municipal board position that he would SMEAR a Jewish woman descendant of Holocaust victims with the slur "Anti-Semite!"

Here's the answer, folks.

It arrived in an email today:

There are three zoning positions up in January, 2 regular and 1 alternate. The 2 regulars don't get them to enough votes to win D variances, which is where their money is.

Lane teeing off on you last night is them setting up pretext to remove you from zoning so they can appoint three regular members and deliver D variances to their contributors. You have your own voice but if they remove you that's them winning and you and Hoboken losing. For the good of Hoboken I urge you not to react to Lane or the council until it settles down. Reacting is a win for them, keeping your seat is a you beating them.

I've heard from multiple sources about a 'deal' that was struck to get Bajardi on the same municipal board I serve on.

Oye vey.

I don't think he'll meet the minimum mental health requirement.

Now, if you want to know what all the FUSS was about, it's the title of the artwork that was on this piece-- please READ the piece.

In a nutshell, the reason Mason is featured prominently on the artwork is explained at the end. Timmy is depicted as a wardrobe accessory. And the title an acknowlegment that Timmy's victory was in fact, a TRIUMPH over expectations. Thus, name "Triumph of the Shill", a pun on the famous film title "Triumph of the Will".

And that folks, is why I was attacked last night. Because of a PUN.

Now I NEVER called these folks fascists... or unAmerican... but just THINK about what they are trying to do here. Silence a critic. Shut down my blog.

Now, hear this.

All those who gang up to smear me, discredit my hard work for the City, and most of all to SILENCE this blog... you've made me stronger.

And you don"t even know it.

This political hit job, exploiting my faith and painful family history, is going to blow back on YOU.


Well, well. It looks like I went to bed a little to early last night. As I wake up to Inbox full of email and a LOT of traffic for this hour...

What else could it be but another coordinated attack from Camp Mason on GA's free speech and yet a second try at character assassination, to get at the Zimmer administration via discrediting yours truly.

Well, more later.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

...and not a drop to drink. Not for the residents of 800, 816 and 818 Jefferson Street, that is.

Yes, it's another water main break, the 4th one in less than a week:

  1. Wednesday, Nov. 10 - 12" water main break on 7th between Clinton & Grand Streets
  2. Friday, Nov. 12 - 12" water main break near 12th and Washington Streets
  3. Saturday, Nov 13 - (another) 12" water main break near 12th and Washington Streets
  4. TODAY, Nov. 15 - 6" water main between 8th and 9th Streets on Jefferson


Here it goes; our aging infrastructure giving up the ghost in a rat-a-tat fashion similar to all the light bulbs in a home blowing at the same time.

Or, perhaps just an unfortunate coincidence?

I'd like to offer a third option: it's the Lord G-d himself taking things into His own hands.

Instead of 40 days and 40 nights of rain, the sinners of Hoboken (yeah, YOU) will be cleansed in a baptism of water main bursts; our streets will flood and faucets run dry, and we'll bathe in the murky waters together, 'new' and 'old' residents, scrubbing our sins away side-by-side. B&Rs and yups, passing the sponge. Amen.

I think that's what the Lord is up to.

After a vicious political contest, which is really only Part 1 of a much longer, vicious political contest... with the Board of Elections' criminal referrals for election fraud being handed to the Hudson County Prosecutor on Wednesday... a NJ State Assemblywoman's embittered defense of the Mail-In ballot system... a new cast member appearing in tonight's episode of the City Council Abuse Theatre...

This flight is all turbulence, but are we getting anywhere?

You'll need this:

I'm thinking the Lord is as nauseous as we are.

Only you can just bitch on the blogs and He can burst water mains. And don't kid yourself: He's doing it.

Look around you.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.*

*GA personal note: the first time I heard that expression I was a senior in High School, doing a semester internship at Paine Webber, 114 Broadway... one of the married stockbrokers mused to another married stockbroker in a wistful fashion as he surveyed attractive young women walking out on the plaza: water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Soup's On!

The Pier C Lima is open!

Everybody, dig in!

Well... not quite everybody. Kiddies will have to wait to use the playground areas.

But, the rest of you...bring your appetite for a panoramic view of Manhattan and a new Hoboken experience.

Here's what's open to the public now, according to Patch.com:

Pier C's walkways will be open to the public every day from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. said Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who visited the park on Friday afternoon also with City Hall staffers.

The state's inspector gave the city permission to open on Friday afternoon, Zimmer said. The playground area—where the equipment has been replaced—is still closed, because "measures to ensure it's totally safe" have to be taken, Zimmer said.

Mmmm... the Pier C Lima.

A perfect meal for a scrumptious day.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Go to Gimbels

There was a fascinating exchange going on over at MSV over the past couple of days.

A thread about the Occhipinti swearing-in turned into a debate on who deserves PILOTed housing.

The debate raged on between a 90K-earning resident of a taxpayer-subsidized dwelling at Marine View Plaza and disgusted Hoboken taxpayers.

Rather than retelling the discussion, I will be the magnanimous Macy's Santa sending you over to my competitor, Gimbels, for that item you can't buy here.

Only the Santa over there eats carrots sleeps in a bed of hay. So take a look.

But first, here's the passage that got my blood boiling:

I make 90K your are correct but not much overtime for me.

.... Does this put me above the the subsidized threshold, honestly I do not know but, I doubt it.

Wow. So a 90K income puts him below the "subsidized threshold"?

Thoughts of my long-term jobless friends, struggling middle-class friends... Hoboken lives hanging by a thread with their taxes subsidizing this man's 'bargain'...

What next, a soup kitchen for the even less fortunate 89K earners?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Round and round and round spins the Wheel of Justice...

In today's Jersey Journal:

"We have received information within the last 24 hours that evidence we compiled for the basis of the investigation by the Superintendent of Elections has resulted in not just one criminal referral to the Hudson County Prosecutor, but several referrals. At least four," said Councilman-At-Large Ravi Bhalla, attorney for the Lenz campaign.

At least FOUR criminal referrals?


Further, the Jersey Journal reports that when the Hudson County Board of Elections convenes next Wednesday for it's regular meeting, a "topic of special interest" will be Hoboken's 4th Ward Election. And Board of Elections Clerk Michael Harper will advertise the meeting due to the volume of public interest.

"At that time, any criminal referrals will be moved on to the prosecutor's office," Harper said.

For anyone who wants to watch the criminal referrals being handed over in real time, the meeting will take place next Wednesday, November 17 at 4 p.m. at the offices of the Board of Elections located in Hudson County Plaza, 257 Cornelison Ave., 4th floor in Jersey City.

So the wheel spins on.

Until the Hudson County prosecutor decides that Hoboken deserves clean elections. Or the AG takes over.

Then, should indictments come down for election fraud or conspiracy to commit election fraud we'll see which members of Team Occhipinti find themselves under 'the ball'.


Anyone care to bet who it might be?

Thank You

to all of our veterans, past and present.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About that Video

One of the 'surprises' of bloggery is that you never know what posts will resonate with people.

While some posts that I thought would be 'popular' skulked off into the night barely noticed others... well, attracted attention.

Yesterday GA had one of those. Apparently the Lenz Strikes Back post did strike. Plenty of nerves. On both sides of the political spectrum. In fact, it's a smash-hit! Lenz Strikes Back is already vying for the #1 'most popular' page at GA!

Hats off to you, Al.

Because your modest endeavor, a parody of the Lenz as Darth Vadar myth, has managed to irritate everyone!

For that, I respect you. As an artist.

Listen, don't be offended, but... I've seen a lot of your videos, and that one didn't strike me as your best. Though certainly more enjoyable than most of your columns. What was interesting to me about that video and why I posted it was the ABSENCE of a point of view, the 'huh?' after it ended. Which of course makes the viewer's brain 'work' a little. It's called 'interpretation'.

That's what I liked about it. Here's my interpretation.

You were poking the myth-tellers, and the absurdity of the myth. But some on 'my side'-- the Reform-side-- felt you were making fun of Lenz. Then, the bloodsuckers, spinners and weavers on the Dark Side were angered. Either they thought you were mocking them or don't like your presence on GA. Personally, I think it's the latter. It drives them bonkers that we're friends, that you like my blog and are a contributor. Which is why I hope you never stop. Well, one reason.

In any event, nobody was happy. Bravo!

Mission accomplished.

Here's my suggestion to the unhappy: it's not all that deep. Chill out.

As for you, Al. I suppose you venture here at your own peril. Remember, bloodsuckers-for-hire are always combing GA looking for material to complain about-- that's the environment. I hope you stay.

Moving on... a note to readers.

GA supports the Arts community, so if anyone would like to share their original work, send it over; be it art, poetry, video, photography, essay... even if it stinks! Remember, GA is not the Arts and Leisure Section of The New York Times. Out standards are our own.

And really, if your mother likes it that's all that matters.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Timmy Needs a Map

Uh-oh! Big trouble for Tim Occhipinti, who was sworn in last night as 4th Ward City Councilman... in a letter published in this week's Hoboken Reporter, he revealed a stunning ignorance of the location of his own Ward!

In his letter, Occhipinti vows:

To my neighbors in the 4th Ward I say: You stood up for me, and, I promise you, I will stand up for you!

Yes, but do you know WHERE you're standing, and WHO you're standing with?

Apparently not.

3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo: WATCH OUT.

It looks like the new 4th Ward City Councilman has declared war on your ward and plans an invasion!

He'll be sending troops over the 3rd Street border to occupy your territory from 3rd to 6th Streets, from Jackson to Jefferson! You're in big trouble. Better stock up on armaments... maybe Frank 'Pupie' Raia still has some of those braided Easter breads he gives out at Church Towers- they must be nice and hard by now... those stale breads would make great weapons, hurled across 6th Street in a catapult.

Jeez, just sworn in and Timmy's started a WAR.

Talk about auspicious beginnings!

In the meantime... someone. Please tell Timmy WHERE his ward is, and his first order of business should be a peace treaty with his 3rd Ward neighbors.

Pass the peace pipe, Timmy.

Anthony: KEEP the $324K!

Until May 4th-- the day after May 3rd, Election Day.

THEN, pay it back! ALL of it!

Now, my friends over at HJ and MSV are screaming for your head... actually, they're screaming for the whopping load of cash NOW: $324,961.40 total outstanding on the court-ordered restitution handed down on May 17, 2005.


Thank God, it was only the U.S. District Court and not the IRS-- those S.O.B.'s would've put a liens on your underwear. Yeah, no one listens to the courts and their mumbo-jumbo... quaint stuff.

Well, you do understand you will have to pay it back, because you do owe us the money but...

Don't you DARE pay it back now!

In an election season, that whopping pile-o-debt has more mileage than a juicy sex scandal. Involving a goat. An under-aged one.

Now, your son's seat is safe. That's a given.

But... those who have hitched their wagons to him (ahem...) whose constituents may be less tolerant of such costly baggage, that's another story. And considering it's OLD baggage, circa 2005, there's really NO excuse that any sitting Councilwoman might have for NOT KNOWING about it... it's kinda been 'out there' for... years.

In fact, check out this 2007 artifact, I found on (ugh) Hoboken411 -- a Frank Raia press release dated April 26, 2007, when he was running for 3rd Ward City Councilman!

The financial reports Michael Russo and his cousin Theresa Castellano are referring to were filed before the campaign had expenditures. If the Russos had read the date of the reports, they could have answered their own questions. Instead they stage a press event. How curious.

Our reports have been filed completely on time. We have followed the letter and spirit of the ELEC laws, unlike Russo and Castellano who are distributing literature with no “Paid For” lines. Meanwhile, they toss baseless accusations.

If the Russos want to talk about adhering to the law, how about something a judge has actually ruled on? Why doesn’t their relative pay the $350,000 restitution he owes the taxpayers of this city? On the City Council, Theresa Castellano voted for every fraudulent invoice Gerard Lisa submitted to the city. Lisa paid bribes to her cousin, Mayor Anthony Russo, who is now in a federal prison. The courts have ordered Russo to reimburse Hoboken taxpayers for almost $350,000. That debt is still outstanding.

For the Russos to attack our integrity — or anyone else’s for that matter — is ridiculous. These people have no integrity — or shame.

Well said, Frank!

I guess you had to hold your nose on Team Occhipinti... in the trenches with people you disdain. I couldn't have done it. Bravo!

What was my point?

Oh, yeah...

Please, please.. Anthony. Hold onto the dough. GA needs material, as do my friends at HJ and MSV.

And really, what's better in an election season than the stink of hypocrisy and ethical dumpster-diving?

Lenz Strikes Back!

Is the title of this latest creation by Al Sullivan (a.k.a. Sully, a.k.a. my ex-boyfriend of 13 minutes)

Now, like any piece of art it's up to the viewer to decide what it 'means'.

In my view, Al was having a bit of fun with the Lenz 'myth'. But I suppose Al's friends (the spinners and weavers) on the Dark Side will call this documentary evidence.

What do you think?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Do It

Dear Reform-Leftovers (a.k.a. Councilpersons Carol Marsh, Ravi Bhalla, David Mello and Peter Cunningham),

Do not take offense at what I am about to say. That I didn't have to. Maybe so. But I have to blog about something today. Plus I'm a little cranky- sinus headache, you know. Up the left nostril.

OK, folks. Let's face it. We're losers.

Yeah, YOU. Don't walk away from me, loser.

And if you say, "Well, I had nothing do with it!" I rest my case. Maybe you could have paid 400 or more friends in the 4th Ward $40 each for a mail-in vote and dragged another 55 to the polls. But you didn't. So like my grandma never said to me: Shaddup and get off the couch.

The point is, we are going to kick ass in May. ('Kick ass' is a term used in electoral politics to mean trouncing one's opponent fairly and squarely without chicanery by actually getting more people to vote for your gal/guy without paying them and calling them 'campaign workers')

Reform-Leftovers, don't betray the brand.

Continue to comport yourselves in a dignified and serious manner the way you did as the majority and leave the grandstanding, drama, histrionics, and strident demagoguery to the other team. They can't help themselves. As idiotic or offensive as their behavior may be, and bully you they WILL, remember: that works for US.

So just grit your teeth and count to ten. The moment will pass.