Don't Do It

Dear Reform-Leftovers (a.k.a. Councilpersons Carol Marsh, Ravi Bhalla, David Mello and Peter Cunningham),

Do not take offense at what I am about to say. That I didn't have to. Maybe so. But I have to blog about something today. Plus I'm a little cranky- sinus headache, you know. Up the left nostril.

OK, folks. Let's face it. We're losers.

Yeah, YOU. Don't walk away from me, loser.

And if you say, "Well, I had nothing do with it!" I rest my case. Maybe you could have paid 400 or more friends in the 4th Ward $40 each for a mail-in vote and dragged another 55 to the polls. But you didn't. So like my grandma never said to me: Shaddup and get off the couch.

The point is, we are going to kick ass in May. ('Kick ass' is a term used in electoral politics to mean trouncing one's opponent fairly and squarely without chicanery by actually getting more people to vote for your gal/guy without paying them and calling them 'campaign workers')

Reform-Leftovers, don't betray the brand.

Continue to comport yourselves in a dignified and serious manner the way you did as the majority and leave the grandstanding, drama, histrionics, and strident demagoguery to the other team. They can't help themselves. As idiotic or offensive as their behavior may be, and bully you they WILL, remember: that works for US.

So just grit your teeth and count to ten. The moment will pass.


  1. GA

    Any progressive minded person in town owes a huge debt of gratitude to Carol, Dave, Peter and Ravi, for what they have accomplished and what they will have to endure until May.

  2. Amen, Ga.?
    I think have a religious aunt that lives there.
    Smack dab between Atlanta and Macon, right?

    I for one have the greatest respect for the four council persons referenced above, and I predict smooth sailing and decorum from them. However, the patience of Job is now a job requirement.

    What would really make time fly between now and May is if we had someone backstage at council meetings with one of those big vaudeville era hooks to drag (ahem) long winded council persons offstage instead of listening to them weave their tales of personal indignation. While we're at it, maybe employ one of those big bottles of squirting seltzer, too, as situations warrant.


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