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I was unable to watch last night's City Council meeting, so have no comment... yet. Although I heard Lane Bajardi took a swipe at GA for abusing "members of the public" during the public portion of the hearing.

Hmmm... OK.

I beg to differ with Mr. Bajardi, but in an effort to show how magnanimous I can be toward him, will take his criticism under advisement. Going forward, GA will treat all odious, amoral, malicious political operatives who consort with elected Hoboken officials , coordinate and implement political strategies yet disguise themselves as "members of the public " with the kindness and respect they fully deserve.

In other words, nothing changes here.

Moving on, I wonder how many of you perused the wonderful election night photography over at They superbly captured the emotions of the evening in both Occhipinti and Lenz camps, from exuberance to quiet resignation.

My interest being the window into Timmy's celebration; who was there, what the camera captured- or didn't.

Here are a few pics which stood out... with group shots, I think most viewers are drawn to a particular person, so here's how I saw them.

This could be as the machine vote numbers came in.

I almost labeled the next one, but you might have called me harsh or a even a drama queen. And in fairness to Beth Mason, it's not illegal to betray earlier reform principles and horse-trade with reform opponents to position yourself for your next political campaign.

I think Timmy doesn't realize that before long, he'll have enough knives in his back to open a cutlery store. Deposing Lenz was the glue that held his coalition together. That's done. Now watch the cracks form as the respective political powerhouses turn to their own picks for City Council.

Betcha Timmy's not one.

Putting politics aside for a moment...ladies, check out this hottie.

When I saw the pic, I thought, WHO is that?

Well, what a surprise to read the caption and find it was none of than Tom Bertolli!

That's Tom Bertolli? Oooh la-la.

Now Tom and I have a little history... I made an unfortunate reference to him on GA as a 'bouche dag' and he in turn let me have it! BAM! POW! I deserved most of it. I called him later to offer my regrets as I'd made a wrong assumption on the blog-- and he was an awfully good sport.

Now, had I known he was a handsome devil, I would have been much nicer to him in the first place because that's the shallow kind of person I am. Deep as a finger nail.

I hope Sully's not jealous...

*photo credit to


  1. Some Nitwit--Occhipinti fan left a post on Patch, accusing you of being a racist on your blog. Go check it out. T.O. gets elected and you have nastiness on a scale that I would never have imagined. But that's just me, ol' naive rudydawg.

  2. I went back to the comment on Hoboken Patch..."marcus" not only refers to you as a racist, but also a "homophobe". WHAT!!!!!

  3. That guy 'marcus' is an op.

    Expect to see a lot more of that. Timmy's people don't like being outsmarted by a girl.

  4. ...especially a girl called GA.

  5. 'marcus' echoed lat night's talking points of Beth's chihuahua. I assume he's that same angry barker. His tag team partner, Fin Boy, is on using a similar line of attack.

    They never learn.

    Another comic First Amendment battle ahead, and more traffic for me. If they had sense, they'd ignore... but they won't. They can't.

    That's obsession.

  6. Don't they know that only a Republican can be a racist? I was shocked that Lane went after you! I have to admit it was classier than at the BOE. They have the long knives out for you GA, watch your back.

  7. Yeah, ss1959. It's funny how they coordinate their talking points.

    Now the 'turd graphic' topic is popping up, as is the zoning board... everywhere. Lane's obsession. And it worked so well last time...

    Let's see... Lane quadrupled my traffic and provoked a First Amendment debate that the public sided with me on and for which he was ridiculed-- as the 'Poop Jihadi'. Ha!

    I guess he's shooting for those 74 virgins in the Afterlife.

    Well, may these hapless operatives keep driving traffic to GA.

  8. Are you going to be able to handle your Zoning Board duties when it becomes "variances 'R us"?


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