Lenz Strikes Back!

Is the title of this latest creation by Al Sullivan (a.k.a. Sully, a.k.a. my ex-boyfriend of 13 minutes)

Now, like any piece of art it's up to the viewer to decide what it 'means'.

In my view, Al was having a bit of fun with the Lenz 'myth'. But I suppose Al's friends (the spinners and weavers) on the Dark Side will call this documentary evidence.

What do you think?


  1. GA

    I know that you go for those cerebral arty types like Sully, but have to admit, this one is a little obtuse. Cute and all, and open to many different interpretations, I suppose. But having reviewed it three times now, I don't get what HIS point is, but then again, may be that was what Sully Boy was aiming to achieve.

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  3. Now, GA does not preach to a choir, just to myself-- but thank you for listening.

    Likewise, Sully's piece doesn't NEED to preach a viewpoint or even HAVE one... it is what it is.

    GA welcomes reader submissions. Let me know if you'd like to be a 'Guest Artist/ Writer/ Auteur/ Poet, etc., etc.'.

    The more obtuse, the better.

  4. Hey now, this short may need further editing depending on investigation results from the Hudson County Board of Elections later today. Wot Al, you don't believe in the leading county for the Soprano State?

    And there may be the State Attorney General's office to contend with as well.

    In the interim, Al gets to keep his day job. But you know I give Al and A for his performance here and some nice evening camera work.

  5. Obtuse? I found this much more accessible than the Lego version that M. Night Shyamalan made. Shucks, I was hoping to be obtuse when I grow up.

    However, I think Sully stole parts from "Back to the Future".

  6. Shyamalan flicks suck like there's no tomorrow. Pretentious and plodding, with a gimmick at the end.

    OK, ply. Your turn.

  7. GA, how's this for starters:

    "Al Sullivan once again delights his cinematic cult following with his latest contemplative offering, "Lenz Strikes Back". No stranger to working on myriad levels, Sullivan seamlessly meanders from the epic cinematic sense of Griffith, to the stunning thematic complexities of Pekinpah, through the "less is more" visual sensibility of Tarantino, only to conclude the apoplectic journey by arriving back home with the cranial, intellectual, slapstick whimsy of Allen. The piece embraces a delightful, ambiguous quality, mirroring the multi-level complexities and contradictions of Lenz, while hammering home Sullivan’s dramatic point employing a textured, haunting, employment of Lucasonian archetypical characters. Don’t miss the raw, bold, innovative symbolism of the light saber superimposed upon the stark, authoritative contrast of Hoboken’s City Hall, a scene which should certainly be all the buzz on the independent film short subject top ten list this year, replete with it’s evocation of and ruminating tribute to classical Greek theatre. Kudos, Mr. Sullivan!"

  8. Of course, on the other hand, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


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