About that Video

One of the 'surprises' of bloggery is that you never know what posts will resonate with people.

While some posts that I thought would be 'popular' skulked off into the night barely noticed others... well, attracted attention.

Yesterday GA had one of those. Apparently the Lenz Strikes Back post did strike. Plenty of nerves. On both sides of the political spectrum. In fact, it's a smash-hit! Lenz Strikes Back is already vying for the #1 'most popular' page at GA!

Hats off to you, Al.

Because your modest endeavor, a parody of the Lenz as Darth Vadar myth, has managed to irritate everyone!

For that, I respect you. As an artist.

Listen, don't be offended, but... I've seen a lot of your videos, and that one didn't strike me as your best. Though certainly more enjoyable than most of your columns. What was interesting to me about that video and why I posted it was the ABSENCE of a point of view, the 'huh?' after it ended. Which of course makes the viewer's brain 'work' a little. It's called 'interpretation'.

That's what I liked about it. Here's my interpretation.

You were poking the myth-tellers, and the absurdity of the myth. But some on 'my side'-- the Reform-side-- felt you were making fun of Lenz. Then, the bloodsuckers, spinners and weavers on the Dark Side were angered. Either they thought you were mocking them or don't like your presence on GA. Personally, I think it's the latter. It drives them bonkers that we're friends, that you like my blog and are a contributor. Which is why I hope you never stop. Well, one reason.

In any event, nobody was happy. Bravo!

Mission accomplished.

Here's my suggestion to the unhappy: it's not all that deep. Chill out.

As for you, Al. I suppose you venture here at your own peril. Remember, bloodsuckers-for-hire are always combing GA looking for material to complain about-- that's the environment. I hope you stay.

Moving on... a note to readers.

GA supports the Arts community, so if anyone would like to share their original work, send it over; be it art, poetry, video, photography, essay... even if it stinks! Remember, GA is not the Arts and Leisure Section of The New York Times. Out standards are our own.

And really, if your mother likes it that's all that matters.