Beth Mason HIT JOB

Larry Stempler, a politically connected Beth Mason supporter and Board member of the National Jewish Democratic Committee (NJDC) is one possible conduit for an OUTRAGEOUS hit job on yours truly.

The other is Lane Bajardi, as the hit piece LINKS to's 'fair and balanced' coverage and reads like the typical puff-piece Bajardi ghost-writes on that cyber-tabloid. The hit piece DOESN'T link to GA, the SOURCE... it links to that Mason propaganda machine.

The hit piece LINKS to

Regarding this planted piece on the NJDC:

I was NEVER contacted by them for an interview, for comment, for any VETTING or FACT- CHECKING in this planted smear on behalf of Beth Mason.

I have left a message for David Streeter, the NJDC 'author'; offices were closed. This OUTRAGE will not stand. I am demanding the immediate retraction of this piece.

Mason-Russo will do ANYTHING for that Zoning Board seat.

To be continued...


  1. Nancy, Charles Siegel just above Stempler is not a realitive or friend of mine. What the hell did Republican's have to do with this? As a Jewish Republican (or "endangered species") who hates this PC world I have no doubt that is coming from Beth Mason's camp. I don't like many of the images you display and have told you so. But why is it that the left not the right is always trying to clamp down on 1st Amendment free speech? If a Republican does this we're toast. It's unfortunate that you have to find out how this feels.

  2. ss1959... I don't know what you're talking about, re: Charles Siegel. I am sure he's a lovely fellow.

  3. But I'll bet he can't beat Scott on the dance floor!

    Joking aside it does look like Russo/Mason & Co. or is that Mason/Russo &Co. will do anything for your zoning seat seat. Can't wait to hear back when you finally get a rep on the phone.... talk about lack of diligence. Amazed they would take the bait without covering their bases.

  4. Click on the image. Charles Siegel is listed 2 above Mr. Stempler.

  5. It's of a piece. Play the race card in the 4th ward race, play on anti-semitism now.

    The worst of it is that racism and anti-semitism really do exist. And cynically manipulating them for near-term gain this way makes the public at large weary of the whole subject as merely a tool for charlatans. Because that's what both have been this year.

    Say, didn't Beth run as Abruzze last time? Now she's a Jewish matriarch? If Ramadan is close enough to election time this year, is there a chance...?

  6. Infotain you nailed it the red herrings are flying fast and furiously: this week it is anti-Semitic charges against a Jewish artist; last week the red herring was accusations of racism and disenfranchising the 4-4 against reformers who protested electoral and voter fraud. It's a pity so many have taken the bait.

  7. I tried to post on that site asking why they linked the political hatchet job on 411 rather than the genuine article here.

    And I answered my own question - because they, like 411, Mason, Bajardi, and actually a small handful of others (small: that's the good news boys and girls) - want the public to think about it for a second, but no longer than that. If they actually visit the site, they'll see that it's bullshit.

    Note that both the Bajardi presentation and the blog post reference the holocaust. The piece on this site doesn't go near it.

    Let me suggest something if you don't all do it already.

    Every time Lane stands to speak/attack or skulks around on blogs in his sloppy disguises, or writes hit pieces on 411 or otherwise sets modern records for hypocrisy ... remind yourself that it's Beth. Charge every filthy deed to her account. When she sits silently as he berates the council or attacks members of the public - charge it to her; imagine she is saying it.

    You will find it very energizing in the campaign season - you have a way to get back at that contemptuous voice. She wants to you think it's Lane, it' Perry K.

    Don't do it. Put it all on her bill, every goddam word of it, and make her pay.

  8. ss1959... I still don't get you. Siegel is a common name. Why would I think a Siegel from Texas has any connection to a Siegel in Hoboken?

    Sorry, don't get your point. Shall we move on?

  9. Well this is rich... just googled Stempler and Mason and a 2007 H411 election contribution popped up with $1000 from Stempler to Mason..... follow the money honey!

    p.s. I think Scott is joking....

  10. Oh My G-D!!! As a mature Adult,and a Goyum, I never would have believed I'd see what I'm seeing now! Michael Russo, grandstanding it to the Crowd about Anti-Semitism. This is a
    set-up between Beth Mason and the Russo's and that toxic creature, Lane Bajardi, who no one in their right mind should go anywhere near! Anti-Semitism, people, is not simply an adjective, it's the mind-set of a lot of people who continue to hate Jews, even till this day, living in Hoboken and beyond. G-d help us all!

  11. GA

    I find it very disturbing that a national organization would risk suit reputation and fund raising abilities with such a vicious and unfounded attack on you. It does however speak volumes about the organizations lack of spine, ethics, and intellectual curiosity that they did not try and contact you before posting such garbage. I have no doubt that the Queen Slime Beth Mason is sitting in her manse on upper Hudson manse smirking about how she "got you". Well, she :got you": by clearly eviscerating any shred of self respect that she had a s a human, ex Christian or professed Jewess. Her actions in supporting that toad Lane Bajardi are beyond despicable and speak to such a lack of character that it is frightening that she has access to the money that she does to try and run for political office. Everyone in Hoboken should be absolutely terrified fo what a Beth Mason ascension to her long covetetd throne would be.

  12. Greaney has about 3 minutes in my book to announce his candidacy for the 2nd. Ok, maybe a little longer, but not much.

    Now is a good time to start voter registration so that every soul in the 2nd who can vote is signed up and get get a chance to meet Mr Greaney or whomever manning a humble card table with a stack of voter registrations.

    They have the $$ as these attacks and the always nattily dressed attack dog's perennial disinterest in finding a real job testify. But we have the sweat.

    Attack this at the source - dump Mason.

    To quote Terry Castellano - if they want a war, we'll give them a war.


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