GA's Letter to NJDC

My lawyer is currently in talks with the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), the political organization that published the Mason hit piece on me. So I defer to him on all matters related to that and cannot discuss them publicly.

Here is what I can tell you.

The NJDC is a small, but very well-connected Democratic watchdog group that goes after figures promoting anti-Semitism (primarily) on the Right like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, members of the Tea Party and.... Nancy Pincus from Hoboken? And her tiny little blogspot? Huh?

How the hell did this national organization know of my existence?

Because Beth Mason's donor and fundraiser, Larry Stemple, is on their Board of Directors, and ostensibly fast-tracked a political hit piece written by Lane Bajardi linking to Hoboken411 and put it up there.. then posted a "breaking" local news ON Hoboken411!

That is what happened, folks. To me.

Don't get it?

This story is about how someone with money and political connections can try to destroy the life of an ordinary person. Now, if Mason were really offended by the image, she would have asked me herself to take it down. And I would have, like I did after my conversation with Etzion Neuer, the NJ ADL leader. She didn't. It was her leverage to embarrass and discredit me. And kick me off the Zoning Board.

Well, didn't work.

And guess what? It's not going away.

I want accountability from the NJDC for what they did to me. Which was plant a story fed to them. There's a reason why David Streeter, the so-called 'writer' of the hit piece hasn't returned my call.

Based on my (rather unpleasant) conversation with their President and CEO, David Harris, they take ZERO accountability for what they publish... a perfect place for well-connected politicians to plant hatchet jobs on critics. Like yours truly.

This isn't about Beth Mason anymore. This is about ME. And about YOU.

Because if a rich and well-connected person could do this to ME, they can do it to YOU. Simply because you express an opposing opinion.

Sounds kind of... fascist.

So, here is the letter I sent to all 30 members of their Board of Directors and copied 5 members of their Executive Committee:

click to read
Letter has been reformatted for posting; original format available to press

I just checked the NJDC web site; a minor 'change' on the hit piece, but it's STILL THERE.

Not good enough. And the link to Hoboken411 is STILL there but...

Here's EVIDENCE I was RIGHT about the Mason conspiracy to smear me on NJDC: the hit piece on is GONE.

Perry Klaussen scrubbed it off the site! Here's the link, see for yourself.

It looks like the rats are running from the sunlight.

OK, I will update this fascinating tale of the depravity of public officials to destroy their critics.

FYI... major media is reading this blog now... anybody hear of "The New York Times"?

Thanks, Lane!

(Update, 10:30 am)
I understand the Hoboken411 smear piece on yours truly is back up!

Hooray! Who knew that Perry Klaussen could write comedy!

Perry Klaussen and the Mason camp say my apology to the LEADER of the NJ Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, the arbiter of Anti-Semitism throughout the world, my sincere apology to ALL who were offended was not GOOD enough!

Why? Because it was not directed to Beth Mason and Timmy Occhipinti.

My response: Yes, it WAS. It was directed to EVERYONE who found the image offensive.

The only one from Camp Mason who contacted me on this graphic was Mike Novak, who said he'd received 4 complaints about it. So I asked him to tell me who the people were so I could speak to them.

Novak's reply, " I can't tell you who they are". I pressed him further, asking him if they were Jews who found it offensive.

Novak said," It's probably political..."

So, Beth Mason never reached out to me. Her surrogate DID but did not tell me that Mason herself was offended. Had she reached out to me and asked me to take it down herself, I would have. But she didn't.

Because she didn't want to.

It would have ruined her plans for the backdoor sneak attack on me via the NJDC, which is coming to light right now.


  1. They should be in shock. In her attempt to damage your reputation and pave the way to securing a seat on the ZBA for Inane Blowhardy, Meth Basin sullied the reputation of the NJDC, whose postings will no longer be seen as credible journalism since they can clearly be a hired gun in character assassinations for people their board members and wealthy donors don't like.

  2. Fantastic Letter! You hit all the points that needed to be made with just the right tone of righteous indignation and obviously touched a nerve. Now, let's see if they post your letter!Thanks for taking the hit for all of us and handling it with such grace. That's two for our side this week.


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