GA Traffic Surge!

Thank you, Mason spokesmodel Lane Bajardi!

Thank you, Beth Mason, benefactoress of said spokesmodel!

Thank you, Mike Russo, for licking your chops at a 3rd full-term opening on the ZBA! It looks like a juicy steak, doesn't it? And you're hungry!

Sorry, Mike. You need to go on the ZBA Diet Plan. You get a serving in January- that's your portion.

All of you have made it possible for Grafix Avenger to have it's best day ever! (traffic-wise)

Take a look:

Now, for a teeny, tiny 'boutique' blog site in a mile-square city, you've got to admit GA's doing OK. I get a range of 1,500 to 2,000 unique visitors per week. It doesn't stink, right? As for visit length, a range of 33 % (low) - 52% (high) stay 1 hour or more.

It sure beats's average time on site of 1.5 minutes, per

So, you ask...what is the primary reason for the size of GA's readership, aside from my... ahem... original content?

The answer: Lane Bajardi!

Every time he storms to the City Council in a fit of self-righteous indignation, he scores GA more and more traffic! The attention he's brought to this website, simply because he can't stand a female with either power (Mayor Zimmer, Carol Marsh) or an opinion (me)... but a woman with LOTS of money is A-OK (you-know-who) is borne out in huge spikes of traffic I see following each CC performance.

He really does have difficulties with us (women)... and it's a powerful, driving force in his rage. But I digress...

Without his marketing efforts, it would still be my Mom and a few sympathetic friends reading GA. But not for Lane and his machinations, his visions of taking GA down, of making me radioactive amongst my peers, of taking away my board position...but not for his ATTENTION to me... this site would be much, much 'smaller'.

So thank you, Lane. For the audience I have today.

Now your duplicity, disingenuousness, your manufactured outrage will reach far more people on the pages of GA,.. thanks to YOU.


  1. The meat in this picture, like the attack on you, simply isn't Kosher...

  2. At dinner time I like my meat well, very well done. Politically I savor red meat.


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