Who Pays Bajardi?

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A fascinating question. Why does it matter?

Here's why.

Either he's speaks in public forums as a 'member of the public' or a paid political operative 'at work' for a an elected City Councilwoman.

If so, that raises all sorts of legal and ethical questions about Bajardi using public forums, such as the City Council or the Board of Education, for the execution of political strategy on behalf of his presumed 'client', Beth Mason, who is an elected official.

Which is it?

Bajardi speaks at City Council meetings under the pretext that he is 'a member of the public'' and has attacked critics, me for example, for attacking him on this blog, because he calls himself 'a member of the public'.

Well, it is GA's opinion that he is much more than that. Which he is entitled to be... until money changes hands.

If it has.

Let me give you an example. I am going to take the most handsome political operative I know, Tom Bertolli . Have you ever seen him? Ladies, he is fine. Take a look. Ooooh la-la. If I ever do a pin-up calendar on Hudson County political operatives, I'm saving him for July.

Well, let's say, hypothetically speaking, Mr. Bertolli was hired by Beth Mason to attend City Council meetings to execute political strategy while pretending to be a 'member of the public'... well... what do YOU think about the ethics of that?

I for one, would attend those meetings so I could see Mr. Bertolli in-person, being a sucker for handsome devils and all. Well, I don't want to get Bertolli's wife mad at me; I'm trying to atone for a recent mistake I deeply regret making, so I'll get back to the subject.

The exchange of money.

The missing piece of the puzzle. A question that Bajardi should be asked under oath.

I ask the City Council to explore this matter, privately or publicly.

I ask the City Council to question Beth Mason, publicly or privately, on whether Bajardi is an 'employee' or independant contractor or consultant and paid by her.


  1. Yes, it's curious. It's an expensive place to live, a mortgage and wife and child to think of. He had a job at one point, so it must've been necessary. Now it isn't?

    I've been laid off twice. It's a pretty frantic time, getting the resume updated and into the right hands. I didn't really think about anything else. World events would have to take a pretty disastrous turn to get my attention.

    In other words - if it were me - I would have to be paid to do anything other than look for full-tim long-term employment.

    I don't get it. Or rather, I think I do.

  2. Follow the money honey. It always leaves a trail and it will tell quite a tale. In addition to any financial relationship with Mason there's also the question about Bajardi's involvement with H411 (financial or otherwise as lead editor in chief on political affairs spun to Mason's specifications) and of course H411's financial arrangement with Mason.... follow the money.

    Any financial ties would certainly erode his "member of the public" badge of pride he trots out at every meeting and even without any purse strings to Mason he isn't any "member of the public" a label he denies to any supporter of Mayor Zimmer and her administration.


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