GA's Letter to Etzion Neuer

Today I called the Executive Director of the NJ ADL, Etzion Nueer, to discuss... you-know-what. The image that Beth Mason and her pet chihuahua were peddling to Jewish organizations in order to provide the 'scandal' a.k.a. political cover to throw me off the Zoning Board of Adjustment...

Well, sorry Beth. Sorry Bajardi.

I shared my genuine remorse for any hurt I may have caused to a spiritual man; and I don't mean the manufactured outrage of City Council Chamber performances.

No easel. Just honesty.

(Yikes! My friend just alerted me to some errors.... ooops...)

Dear Mr. Neuer, Executive Director of NJ Chapter of the ADL

Thank you so much for your time and compassion in our conversation earlier this afternoon. Even though the 'storm' has not passed, our discussion had a healing effect on my spirit and am quite overwhelmed.

As we discussed, the genesis of the graphic came from the the words "Triumph of the Shill" which popped in my mind when thinking of how to depict how the winning candidate in a highly contested election triumphed over low expectations. Triumph... triumph... Triumph of the Shill. A pun. Of the title of the infamous Third Reich documentary, "Triumph of the Will".

In the highly charged partisan political climate in my town, Hoboken (and admittedly I am a highly charged partisan myself) I did not think twice that it might be hurtful or bad judgment. For which I am truly sorry. The intent was NEVER to make a comparison between the subjects of the graphic and the Holocaust, but I realize now the weight of history is so enormous that these images can't be used without such comparisons drawn. As for the actual image: the subjects were a City Councilwoman featured prominently- because she has shifted power on the new City Council, and the 'Triumphant Shill' worn about her neck as a wardrobe accessory, but while some won't associate it with the original source image, others do. I am sorry for any hurt I've caused.

As I alluded to, political opponents in my town have mounted a rather vicious campaign against me to remove me from the municipal board on which I serve, and have co-opted this image to call me an "anti-Semite". This is quite an outrage and my anger at such vicious persons has hardened my vision. But I've thought about it, and realize that outside of the manufactured outrage of these vicious political partisans, there are people who may be genuinely hurt by the image. Again, I am truly sorry for that.

As a Jew educated in the horrors of the Holocaust, I grew up listening to my Dad's, telling about his mom's letters her family in Warsaw was forced by the Nazis to write, asking her to send money, jewelry etc. and all were killed there; my Dad's father's family died in Lodz. Which I told you. A time never to be forgotten. Or depicted insensitively. In an image.

As discussed, I will post this letter on my blog, for the public and the press. And will swap out the image for another.

I enjoyed speaking with you and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call. And you are welcome to forward this letter to any members of the press who contact you about this.

Best wishes,

Nancy Pincus
Hoboken, NJ
contact: XXX-XXX-XXXX


  1. Courage and humility are the keys to enlightenment. You know what the scoundrels will make of this. It exists on a higher plane than they recognize, so infatuated are they by the gutter.

    Whether you realize it or not, and I'm sure it doesn't feel like it, you are stronger now than you were before this started. And they are weaker still, more dependent than ever on lies, duplicity, false outrage and secrecy. Secrecy above all. Secret alliances, secret deals, secret favors, secret income, hidden agendas, disguising personal loathing as moral ascendancy. All crutches of those for whom the standing on the truth is foreclosed as an option.

    Another, er, Jew once said, Always tell the truth, that way you don't have to remember what you said. Woody Allen was right about that one. You have told your own truth. Your enemies have never considered doing anything of the kind and will certainly not do so now.

    They are small and shabby people, and darkness is their reward. Leave them to it.

    I'm very, very proud to know you, Pincus.

  2. I agree with your apology to the genuinely offended. As for the political operatives and their chief performance artist you exposed their real goal and the extraordinary lengths to which they would go in order to control the zoning board. Your voice and perspective is too important to be silenced. I too applaud you and I am proud to call you a friend.

  3. Sensing a huge weight lifted from you.
    Joyful you are in a good place with this.
    Return refreshed and fly like an American eagle!

  4. The weight of history is great it's true, but so too are tyrany and censorship. It's sadly ironic that as the only Jew in this equation, you'd be brought to this point by the manufactured outrage of Meth Basin and her mouthpiece, Inane Blowhardy, neither of whom lost ancestors to the Nazis as far as we know as you did. I hope this distinction was not lost on the ADL and they understand the funding that made this possible. NJDO owes YOU an apology for allowing themselves to be hoodwinked into this charade where non-Jews were able to exploit the Holocaust for political gain. It's another example of how in her lust for any kind of power, Meth Basin will stop at nothing, including dishonoring the murders of people who were not part of her own heritage. For shame.

  5. GA

    Please get a good night's sleep. I might actually arrange for a purple pillow to be placed on your ZB seat next Tuesday.


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