Election Update

GA's sources confirm the following:

Turn-out was heavy this morning in Zimmer stronghold district 4-2 ; by 1 pm there had been about 200 voters. One source told GA, "Lenz needs to get another 300 votes in 4-2 or will lose the election."

The Lenz camp will be challenging about 200 of the whopping 600 Mail-In ballots, while Timmy's camp is pushing to fast-track certification by having challenges reviewed tonight , so that the election will be certified before tomorrow's City Council meeting. Occhipinti's camp is chomping at the bit to launch Timmy and take over the Council tomorrow night.


The Occhipinti camp is transporting seniors to polls by van due to suspension of the senior buses and are making hay of this, agitating seniors by accusing the Zimmer administration of trying to suppress their vote.

The Occhipinti camp while confident, believes the election will be "very close."

Stay tuned...