Bill Brennan's Back... and He's on Fire!

So, what's Bill got to say?

A Battalion Chief at the North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue "pulled his pants down, spread his butt cheeks, put a cookie in his anus and fed it to a dog?"

This same Chief anus-feeder has also been "groping the genitals of firefighters for decades with impunity"?

I'm 5 minutes into playing host Bill Brennan's Episode 2 of The New Jersey Civil Circus.... and can't believe my ears... holy cow...

If you've never heard of Bill Brennan, GA posted Bill Brennan, Man to Watch back in August, after the premier episode of The NJ Civil Circus aired on Cablevision.

So, who is he?

Brennan's a retired NJ firefighter, currently in law school, a dad of 4, and a citizen activist who believes in standing up to political bullies on a one-man jihad to root out corruption in our state. (Lotsa luck with that, Bill!)

Brennan's also become my friend offline. We will have plenty to talk about on Wednesday.

Why do I like him?

Because he's got balls bigger than coconuts. He's an outspoken defender of the 'ordinary man/woman', a fighter of amoral and/or unqualified parasites feeding off the NJ taxpayer's teat... and not shy about telling it like it is. All with massive amounts of supporting documentary evidence. I told you he was in law school.

Yes, Bill Brennan is truly a "man to watch" . So, here is Episode 2... about an hour.

And remember to watch Episode 1, if you haven't yet.

Love you, Bill!



  1. Makes the 4th Ward look like child's play.

  2. Bill's rant here is what caused the foul mouth LOSER to lose his Yet another bid at a Wayne council seat. Way to go Bill, keep up the good work, in bagging yourself. LOL

  3. GA

    It seems that some of your lukers are coming out of the shadows! Nice to see that the usual miscreants of the internet are scared enough of the little GA that they feel compelled to ill-mannerdly spew their venom here.

  4. Well, anyone can post here if they're polite to the host (me) and to each other (you, etc.) and are not aiming to disrupt.


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