Mason Quid Pro Quo on GA Smear?- UPDATED

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) is not a non-profit or charitable organization.

They are a Washington-based PAC (Political Action Committee) . Specifically, the NJSDC is a 'Leadership PAC'.

What's a 'Leadership PAC'?

A leadership PAC in U.S. politics is a political action committee that can be established by a member of Congress to support other candidates. Under FEC rules, Leadership PACs are non-connected PACs, meaning, they can accept donations from any individual, business or other PACs. While Leadership PAC funds cannot be spent to directly support their sponsor's own campaign (such as mail or ads), they may fund travel, office expenses, consultants, polling and other non-campaign expenses. They can also be used to make contributions to the campaigns of other candidates.

Stinks, doesn't it?
  • As a member of the NJDC Board of Directors funneling money to Beth Mason's political campaigns, were NJDC funds used in contributions to Beth Mason?
  • What is the NJDC's responsibility to disclose the relationship of the NJDC's Larry Stempler- a Mason donor and fundraiser, when 'condemning' a Mason critic on their blog?
  • Did the NJDC receive a donation from Mason or Stempler?
  • Was a donation made for planting a ghost-written 'condemnation' linked to a Mason-friendly web tabloid critically timed the night before criminal referrals for election fraud were being handed to the Hudson county prosecutor on Mason's candidate?
Mason celebrates the victory of Hoboken 4th Ward candidate Timothy Occhipiniti the night of Nov. 2, 2010 at Occhipinti campaign headquarters. Criminal referrals for election fraud were handed over from the Board of Elections to the Hudson County prosecutor on Nov 17-- the SAME DAY 'condemnation' of Mason critic appeared on NJDC blog. On Nov 19, these criminal referrals were handed over to he NJ Attorney General's office for a full-blown investigation of election fraud on the Occhipinti campign.

  • Or, was it quid pro quo?
  • Did Mason/ Stempler donate to an NJDC-supported candidate or NJDC-supported cause?
The missing piece of this puzzle-- or as my friend at HJ puts it, a "curious case" is a list of donors and contributors to the NJDC.

PACS are shadowy creatures.

Which makes victimization of political enemies easy. I have already apologized for any offense to everyone who was hurt by my artwork; it was a genuine lapse of judgment which I regret and have offered a heartfelt apology for. It's easy to say "I'm sorry" when you are. And I am.

That part of the story is over.

Now we move on to the politics of personal destruction. A wealthy, powerful, politically-connected elected Hoboken official uses her vast resources against a critic to defame her on a NATIONAL level. I believe Mason's political/financial relationship with Larry Stempler was used for access to a PAC- that is what's called Washington influence peddling.

Among other things.

I can tell you my experience has had a chilling effect on some aspiring reform candidates. I know this to be true. But I hope they forge ahead and not give in to wealthy bullies. Please.

I invite members of the press to assist in getting answers to some of my questions. And I am happy to speak with you myself. I hear Mason is not answering calls, and is remaining silent. Through surrogates, I hear she has not accepted my apology.

Well, I'm anxious to get answers to my questions so I can move on.

(Update, 11:40 am)

Beth Mason is an NJDC Donor.

Mason's $1,000 donation to the NJDC says it all.

Publishing the ghost-written smear piece on a Jewish artist (me) and posted on the NJDC via the back door was quid pro qu. Larry Stempler, on NJDC's Board of Directors is Mason donor and fundraiser and likely fast-tracked it. Of course, Mason made sure to link the hit piece to, where she could frame the story in the most damaging and hurtful way.

Nice lady.

Go to and type in 'National Jewish Democratic Council'. And by the way, Mason's contribution accounted for 20% of total contribution received from private donors in 2006.


  1. I (and more recently Info Jr) come to politics via the side door. Not policy, party affiliation, grand democratic notions. It's just that we hate bullies. And political solutions sometimes deal with them. Sometimes not.

    I have a place in my heart for anyone who helps another man with his burden, especially speaking up for people who are unable to speak up on their own - don't have the time, resources, or just a big enough voice.

    It's because of that that I despise nothing so much as the prostituting of such people and causes to achieve the narrow objectives of agenda-driven individuals. They know we will listen and know our first assumption will be that they must have a case. Why else would they do such a thing?

    And you keep peeling the onion - et voila! A PAC doing a favor for a subscriber. For this stunt the cause of anti-defamation is now weaker, not stronger. Because people see that it can be prostituted this way to attack, libel, take advantage of our desire to see the 'little guy get a fair shake'. And we are all just a little more cynical and dubious than we were before.

    They need to pay a price for this. It is not a small sin.

  2. Thanks, Info.

    This abuse of money, power and weakening of an urgent cause, the peril of anti-Semitism by it's exploitation, this plot to destroy a critic, THAT'S the story here... not ME. And the perpetrator of this moral outrage is someone we all know well. Beth Mason.

    And she should pay a price.

    As all those who participated in this political witch hunt of a critic using the real threat of anti-Semitism. If Mason were sincere, she would have accepted my apology. But she didn't. Because it wouldn't be politically useful to do so.

    She needs to stop listening to consultants and listen to her conscience.

  3. "She needs to stop listening to consultants and listen to her conscience. "

    Listen to her what?

  4. Put this up on MSV, but want it here as well for the 'sake of argument":

    * * * * * *

    This one goes out to all who would attack my friend GA
    (if she will have me as a friend):

  5. It will be interesting to see the Occhipinti ELEC reports (due this week?) for any other connections- perhaps a Stempler donation? Keep digging.

  6. I have to laugh at the way Beth continues to describe herself on this PAC contribution report..."Self-Employed Management Consultant".What??? The woman has not done a lick of honest work in the last 20 years. And, this is one of the problems we all have to contend with! Mason, along with Bajardi, who hasn't had a real job in nearly 2 years, and Perry Klaussen, who hasn't had a real job in 10 plus years, has plenty of time to whip up false attacks, smears, conspiracy theories, etc., etc., etc. They, along with Michael Russo, treat the City Council meetings as their own personal sand box in which they can stand and direct their venom at whomever they wish and, at the same time, claim it is "New Business".This time they attacked a resident blogger who was legitimately exercising her First Amendment rights under the cover of "Anti-Semitism", thereby sullying and watering down the legitimate meaning of that term. How dare they! This time, these clownish hatemongers went way too far in pursuing their personal agendas in a public forum which is supposed to be about the City's business, not the politics of hate and personal destruction, or any kind of politics for that matter. I think we need to start a campaign to take back City Council meetings for the People. If Lane Bajardi wants to continue on in his hateful rants about all things Pincus and Zimmer, let him lease some space and invite the public in. Let's see how many people would show up.

  7. Can I BEG everyone to cease all interaction with loveyourtaxmoney on If so then I am begging.

    I know some of you think it's Perry. (My own guess is Michelle Russo, and I assume a trip to Belmar is why it was quiet until Sunday evening.) It doesn't matter. At this point this person is nothing more than banknorth without the rotted out liver. There is no content whatever to his or her posts. You can tell at this point that he is only looking for people to quibble with and is desperate to draw them in.

    Please don't. Leave him starved for attention out on an island like banknorth. Don't respond, react, waste your breath pointing out the many inaccuracies and falsehoods in his posts. You can't possibly say something that reaches him, either an insult or a reasoned objection to his post. The best you can do is treat him like a mental patient whose screaming into the night does not require a response.

    That might actually get to him.

    In any case we have, with this attempt to ruin GA's life, entered a new phase. The tactics change. I strongly suggest we cease doing anything on but attacking the power. And loveyourtaxmoney is NOT the power. We cede that to him when we treat his idiocy as relevant and deserving a reply.

    Please don't. Leave him to his island. At this point I would not argue with any pro-machine person on that site unless they have shown a propensity to common sense an some degree of honesty.

  8. Hey InfotainMe

    In other words:
    What's a nice kid like you doing on a site like that?

  9. Right. I must confess to allowing loveyourtaxmoney to get under my skin. NO MORE! I will never again engage with him/her on Thanks for the advice, InfotainMe.


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