Celebrity Endorsement

Good evening.

GA has allowed me to make this election-eve endorsement for the 4th Ward City Council candidate who has most impressed me with his obedience to my principles. That candidate is Timothy Occhipinti.

At least that's how he signed our contract.

Timmy may be yours for City Council but he's mine for eternity. All for the price of $40 and a couple hundred Mail-In ballots that my servants procured for him.

A modest exchange.

That's right, I'm with Tim. I own him. He will lip-sync me at the City Council and vote as I tell him to. Just like Beth Mason. He already totes my words in his binder.

Mike Lenz, you and do-good reformers are toast.

4th Ward residents, vote for Tim Occhipinti. Or the next flood will be your last.

Best regards,

P.S.- Nice doing business with you, Tim.