Who Belongs in the Birdcage?

In a stunning turn of events reported earlier on MSV, the Hudson County Board of Elections has made criminal referrals of Occhipinti Mail-In ballots to the Hudson County Prosecutor...

A lawyer with a longtime Hoboken practice told GA this was highly unusual but... given a nearly 20% ballot rejection rate (96) out of an extremely high total ( over 500 returned so far), the Board of Elections probably wanted no part of what was beginning to stink up the place... so they threw it to the Prosecutor's office.

To bury? To investigate? To turn over to the AG?

According to the Jersey Journal:

"Once the referred ballots reach the county prosecutor's office, it is up to the agency to decide how to proceed or whether to proceed at all. "They could do nothing, they could start an investigation, they could close the investigation...," said attorney and Councilman-At-Large Ravinder Bhalla who represented the Lenz campaign Tuesday night along with Zimmer's husband Stan Grossbard, together challenging over 200 mail-in votes for Occhipinti. "

The fear among those in this town who would like to see Hoboken's perennial absentee/mail-in ballot harvest in the 4th Ward cleaned up is that the prosecutor will bury it.

Not if Grossbard and Bhalla can help it.

"Today, Bhalla said he and Grossbard plan to pursue the investigations at the state level. "We intend to bring all this evidence to the attorney general's office and request formal investigation and I think it should have been done by the Board of Elections, rather than referring us to the county prosecutor's office," said Bhalla."

Sources tell me that the Occhipinti campaign insiders are very nervous.

They should be.

Anyone who had anything to do with this Mail-In harvest operation or knowledge of it, in the event an investigation results in charges filed and subsequent prosecutions, well...

WHO will end up in the birdcage?

And WHICH supporters will be so tainted by the scandal that the stink won't wash off?


  1. Those birdies will start to sing, and soon. Bet is going to live to regret the decision to provide TIMMAY with her paid ops, Lame and Fin Boy. The next few weeks should be very interesting. Those two deserve whatever fate awaits them. "Let's all sing like the birdie sings, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep!"

  2. I am thrilled that Ravi and Stan are going to fight this. Even if nothing comes of it, their actions may have a chilling effect on Occhipinti's next campaign in May. (I know, dream on).

    Seriously, anybody who knows anything about this massive fraud should contact Ravi or Stan ASAP. In Lenz headquarters the other night I asked a knowledgeable gentleman why so many residents in Hoboken don't seem to mind it one bit that this illegal vote buying goes on and he told me to read "Five Finger Discount" by Helen Stepanik who describes her life growing up in Jersey City under Mayor Frank Hague, where members of her family survived by engaging in petty crime, especially at election time, when Hague and his buddies routinely bought votes to stay in power. It was a common practice, no big deal...just like with many people in Hoboken politics we all know and wish we didn't.

  3. These dumb clucks have always been winging it with their cock and bull stories, but they have a distinct shortage of stool pigeons, and an excess of people hawking the fast buck. Not a wise owl in the bunch. We can be raven all we want about their fly by night tactics, but without diligence the investigation may lay an egg.

    For the cheap price of 40 bucks their peeps are willing to be chicken and not sing, as if as many birds in a gilded cage. Sadly, $40 isn't a lot of scratch, and doesn't buy much gilding, but they don't seem to give a flock, it's a lark to them. Don't these loonies know they are breaking a cardinal rule and robin democracy?

    Too late the easily bought will realize that they are the canaries in the coal mine and will be the first to go. But we cannot beak quiet if the American eagle is to soar in Hoboken.

  4. My Hat is Off to You, Plywood! That was one clever and witty post. Maybe you and I could collaborate on the "City Council Follies" one day.

    All kidding aside, it is high time to nail these lawbreakers once and for all. The City of Hoboken can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the shenanigans and blatant election fraud perpetrated by the OLD GUARD and their ilk. Neither Russo, Castellano or Mason, the current members of the Council of No, have ever put forward a proposal to better the lives of the residents of Hoboken. All these clowns do is criticize the Mayor and her Council allies when they try to make any progress whatsoever on tackling the budgetary problems, the flooding problems, the parking problems...you name it, the Council of NO is automatically opposed to any steps to improve the lives of the people of Hoboken. I say, "SHAME ON THEM" over and over! Shame on them...let's do our best to defeat them in their next Council run!!!


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