Breaking: Mason to Be Named City Counsel President

According to the Hoboken Reporter:

But three sources (who declined to be named) inside the campaign of Tuesday’s 4th Ward election victor Tim Occhipinti insist once Occhipinti is officially a member of the council the new majority wants to vote to make Councilwoman Beth Mason, a regular critic of Mayor Dawn Zimmer, the new president of the governing body, replacing Zimmer ally Carol Marsh.

The election results include about 500 vote-by-mail ballots and may take several days to certify, according to City Clerk James Farina. Twenty vote-by-mail ballots were rejected yesterday by the Hudson County Board of Elections for various reasons, including signature irregularities, according to Occhipinti attorney Michael Goldberg. One woman, who voted by mail previously, passed away before Election Day. Her vote will not count.

Calls to Mason for comment on the reports she may become council president have not been returned thus far.

More to follow...


  1. I effing called it! This is the quid for the pro in backing that empty suit TIMMAY! She gets to be council president on the back of PAID FOR votes! And she sealed the deal by taking her limo over to the projects last night to give her props and to show just how down she "id wid awl dat". How appropriate for Street Money Mason!

  2. Khoboken, you might consider this rumored "starring role" as an opportunity for any undecided 2nd Ward voters to get an even clearer sense of her suitability for possible re-election in May.

    And for 4th Ward voters to witness their IQ-of-a-carrot-choice in action---referring to Cruz Cliff Notes for talking points & voting instructions. Care to speculate who'll be tapped for the machine's next 4th Ward candidate in May?

    Perhaps consider that Council meetings may become even greater Theatre of the Absurd than they already are (if that's possible). Pirandello could have a field day!

    Streaming live or reviewed on Ch. 78, Reality TV at its perverse best!

  3. OMG! What Next? I don't know if I can stand all this excitement! I ripped her Royal Highness a new one in an e-mail today just to make myself feel better!

    Mason, Russo, Castellano, and now Occhipinti are beneath contempt. They have no moral compass and no real interest in trying to get the Old Guard to grow up and recognize that we're living in the 21st century of diminished resources. While I wouldn't be surprised if each one of them is a great admirer of John F. Kennedy, being the true-blue Democrats they claim to be,none of them seems to be asking what they can do for their's all about what their city can do for them! The selfishness of this group is truly breathtaking.

  4. Joining the meeting at 1:20-ish was Otherwise Unemployable Raising Apologist Jane DeBlarney who wished to make 2 points.

    1) Mommy wins.
    2) Nancy Pincus made a picture with turds.

    He appeared upset about people who comment on private citizens in blogs. Apparently that happens here. I assume it doesn't happen any place else.

  5. Griswell, just caught that clip.

    Bajardi dredged the toilet as a counterpoint to complaints that CC members' names were written on tombstones decorating the Russo Civic Association's Haunted House, and made the argument that's a longstanding tradition.

    Well, he's full of crap (no pun intended) having actually gone to the HH with my kid for 2 years... I never saw political graffiti there.

    I missed the event this year so didn't see those offending comments myself.

    Bajardi/H411 's and his name-laundering operation with Hudson Shark a.k.a. 'Fin Boy' where private (pro-Zimmer) citizens were slimed online is a story waiting to be told... if the angry man wants to go THERE. And 'mommy's' role in that will be reviewed.

  6. Best part is my 5 minute speech (written before the election)which I kept in my folder doesn't have to change much.


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