Did Mason Money Buy 335 Votes?*

* at the going rate of $40/vote

I just cruised over to da Horsey's place and got an eyeful of Mason ELEC contributions to Timmy Occhipinti's campaign-to the tune of $13,400!!! Wow.


The Mason Brinks truck pulled up to Timmy's Pet Shop HQ on October 30th -- 2 days before Election Day (Nov. 2nd).

There's nothing like a huge cash infusion at the finish line of a campaign to pay your 'campaign workers'- the ones that sent back their VBMs like they were told.

Do the math:

Mason Street Money Math: $40 x 335 = $13,400

335 'campaign workers' for Timmy could have been paid with that pile of loot.

Thank you, Masons, for your selfless generosity!

Who knew they might be so deep in the machinations of the Occhipinti Election Day Street Money operation?

The timing of Beth Mason's ICBM aimed at me by the Washington PAC she's donated $1,000 to, the NJDC, breaking the night before criminal referrals for election fraud were handed over to the Hudson County Prosecutor makes sense in light of her huge and rather suspect Occhipinti investment.

Way to go, Beth!

You and your chihuahua knocked 4th Ward criminal referrals for election fraud right off the headlines in favor of your blogger witch hunt when the juicier scandal was how much cash you forked over to Timmy Occhipinti's campaign and WHAT it was being USED FOR.

Curious note: Beth Mason's website, www.masoncitycouncil.org is down with the message:

"As we begin our re-election campaign, a new website is being created. Please check back soon!"

That's an odd thing to do. Most webmasters would do the redesign offline then upload, seamlessly replacing the old site. But then, Beth's website administrator is Weehawken political operative and Hudson Shark gatekeeper, James Barracato.


  1. Well it's clear who owns Occhipinti - I wasn't sure if it was Russo or Mason but this suggests Mason may have more say over Occhipinti's vote. And nothing says reform like circumventing the personal donation limits with a PAC like fund for your own personal use.... rule schmules. Keep following the money.... the final ELEC reports aren't out yet.

  2. Money may not buy you love or a mayorship, but I guess it can buy you a council presidency.


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