Ich wünsche der Stuhl


It means, "I want the chair."


  1. GA

    So whats German for "I want the stool?" (Pun intended).

  2. I'll have to check w/my German language consultant, InfotainMe.

    Does the image offend you?

    Do you find it subversive? Fascist?

    What about the Gothic font? It looks a little... you know...

  3. Anyone offended by the font needs to get back to namby-pamby land before I toss a tissue box at the jackwagon.

  4. "Satire is particularly relevant to political debate because it tears down facades, deflates stuffed shirts, and unmasks hypocrisy. By cutting through the constraints imposed by pomp and ceremony, it is a form of irreverence as welcome as fresh air". ..."[N]othing is more thoroughly democratic than to have the high-and-mighty lampooned and spoofed. An observant electorate may also gain by watching the reactions of objects of satiric comment, noting those who take themselves seriously and those whose self-prospective is somewhat more relaxed". Circuit Judge Wilkinson in Falwell v. Larry C. Flynt and Hustler Magazine et. al., 805 F. 2d 484 (4th Cir. 1986).

    I rest my case (for now). No reasonable person could think for one moment that GA was saying that Beth Mason is a Nazi. But, unfortunately, we're not dealing with reasonable people. I just can't believe that they continue to put on their carnival acts at Council meetings every other week to distract people from thinking about what's really going on and distort the truth, without being called out for wasting everyone's precious time! What can be done about it, if anything?

  5. Old English (Which this font is based from) was outlawed in Germany after the Liberation.
    I believe it still is because of The German Sensitivity. However it's not outlawed here in The United States- nor should it be!
    The New York Times uses the exact same font the formal SS used.
    Yep that's right folks The NY Times Masthead and the Nazi Party Share a Type font.
    Should the NY Times be banned?

    Let's ask former the former newsman

  6. http://www.germancorner.com/fonts/


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