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There was a fascinating exchange going on over at MSV over the past couple of days.

A thread about the Occhipinti swearing-in turned into a debate on who deserves PILOTed housing.

The debate raged on between a 90K-earning resident of a taxpayer-subsidized dwelling at Marine View Plaza and disgusted Hoboken taxpayers.

Rather than retelling the discussion, I will be the magnanimous Macy's Santa sending you over to my competitor, Gimbels, for that item you can't buy here.

Only the Santa over there eats carrots sleeps in a bed of hay. So take a look.

But first, here's the passage that got my blood boiling:

I make 90K your are correct but not much overtime for me.

.... Does this put me above the the subsidized threshold, honestly I do not know but, I doubt it.

Wow. So a 90K income puts him below the "subsidized threshold"?

Thoughts of my long-term jobless friends, struggling middle-class friends... Hoboken lives hanging by a thread with their taxes subsidizing this man's 'bargain'...

What next, a soup kitchen for the even less fortunate 89K earners?


  1. It's actually Gimbels - with an 'e'.

  2. Oh, Jeez, Nabbed by the Spelling Police.

    I'm sorry officer, that vowel was hidden behind a tree and I was going 90 miles/hour.

    Will fix, thx.

  3. I hear he is also a real estate agent with all the time that a 35 hour workweek provides.

  4. I would kill for a 40 hour week. These people are living very different lives. Their notion of 'a compromise' is very different as well.

  5. Well you know what they say: "everything's relative".


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