Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving, and I wish ALL of you a joyful and tasty one.

I will tell you why this day is especially meaningful for me.

The hell of the past week is transitory.

But the goodness of all the people who stepped up for me, who helped and supported me at a low, low ebb, who gave their time and effort for me unconditionally; these people I knew as friends before are now indelibly inscribed in my heart... I am profoundly moved by you all and thankful for you on this day.

You know who you are.

For the men of faith who spoke at length with me this past week, saw what was in my heart, listened and cared; the words you've imparted will stay with me. And I am thankful for you on this day.

My family-- the loud ones, the eccentrics, who love me unconditionally-- the feeling is mutual; I am thankful for you all. Just don't overstay your welcome- when the lights flash it's time to go home.

And those departed, my beloved Dad foremost in my heart always, I hope you get a turkey dinner up there although I know you'd much prefer a pastrami sandwich. Me, too. Turkey sucks. But look Dad, it's only one day a year and you probably get whatever you want on all the other days. Well, I miss you again... another Thanksgiving without you, but I'm glad you've got an internet connection up there so at least you can stay current on Hoboken politics. I love you and will think about you on this day, as I do everyday.

So... there's more to be thankful for, of course but I have to clean my house and feed my cat. Fancy Feast Turkey Dinner.

So enjoy YOUR fancy feast today and G-d bless you all.