Follow the Money...

2 donations made in 2007 to Beth Mason from Board member of the NJDC where the hit piece was planted

The plot thickens...

A hit job appears declaring a politically-active Jewish artist (me) an Anti-Semite (not true) without contacting her (they didn't) on a charitable/political organization's web site linking to (huh?) and get this: a Mason donor and supporter is on the Board of Directors this group!

What a coincidence.

So what is the connection between the donor, the 'charitable' organization and the 'beneficiary' of the hit-job (Mason)?

Following the money is always the best way to smoke out the rats of the political world.

Checking the donation and contribution list of the allegedly independent NJDC is an easy thing to do.

Stay tuned... much will be revealed shortly about the depravity of a certain moneyed political doyenne of Hoboken.

is on the case.

2007 ELEC Report- City Council Candidates


  1. So there was a time when Beth took donations from the peasants. I guess she learned from that "evil" practice. It's a lot safer and holier than thou just to have Ricky fund her campaigns.

  2. There are no coincidences:

    "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action."
    Ian Fleming


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