Are You a Co-Conspirator? (QUIZ)

GA and some FOGA (friends-of GA) couldn't help but notice a dramatic lull on the blogosphere yesterday; the familiar cast of vitriol-spewing message-board characters had disappeared like dinosaurs with the Ice Age.

So sudden was this political-operative extinction that more than one person suggested to me the 'other side' was on lock-down.



My first thought was maybe because of GA's exposing the Beth Mason hatchet job along with Mason's exploitation of a real, worldwide threat in order to harm a political critic. Well, that might make Mason's blood run cold but would it cause a message board Ice Age?


A more likely cause for the lock-down is that a lot of people have a lot to worry about.

Here are a few who should be very worried:

They are:
  • Lane Bajardi*
  • James Barracato*
  • Jamie Cryan
  • Mystery Man
(* political operatives for 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason. Bajardi works public forums like the City Council, Barracato is her webmaster and political operative. And guess who turned up on Occhipinti's ELEC report with a $2,600 donation-- Ricky Mason)

If you recall, those 4 were attendees of some creepy midnight meeting at Timmy Occhipinti's campaign headquarters, caught on film which will certainly have evidentiary value should NJ Attorney General Paula Dow pursue charges of election fraud and conspiracy to commit election fraud in Hoboken's 4th Ward City Council race.

AG Dow showed an appetite for election fraud prosecution in Atlantic City a few months back. So why not in Hoboken?

My guess is that our Republican Governor would love some Hudson County Democratic scalps dangling from his belt; bragging rights for his star turn at the 2012 Republican National Convention. (Calm down, ss1959... I'm not dissing your species.) So those in the Occhipinti camp who think they're 'getting off' because their names were not on the criminal referrals, GUESS AGAIN.

Because you can STILL be CHARGED with CONSPIRACY to commit election fraud!

Yes, indeed.

So here's a simple quiz for all of my fans in the Occhipinti camp to see if YOU could be a co-conspirator!

If you answer 'YES' to any of the following, then you're screwed.

Are You a Co-Conspirator to 4th Ward Election Fraud QUIZ

1. Were you aware of the mail-in ballot farming operation underway in the HHA being performed on behalf of candidate Tim Occhipinti?

(a) YES
(b) NO*

* Liar, liar, pants on fire

2. Did you have a conversation about the mail-in ballot farming operation underway in the HHA with any other member of the Occhipinti campaign?

(a) YES
(b) NO*

* Your nose is growing like Pinocchio's

3. Did you witness either directly or indirectly any election fraud activity (mail-in ballot farming in the HHA) that you did not report to the police?

(a) YES
(b) NO*

*Proverbs 21:6 - Wealth that comes from telling lies vanishes like a mist and leads to death.

Quiz-takers: all I can say is, if you answered 'YES' to any of the above then LAWYER UP.

Quiz- Failers: make like a pancake and FLIP. Flip, flip, flip. Sing like a bird.


Because if you're not the FIRST, chances are the AG's office won't care.