Timmy Needs a Map

Uh-oh! Big trouble for Tim Occhipinti, who was sworn in last night as 4th Ward City Councilman... in a letter published in this week's Hoboken Reporter, he revealed a stunning ignorance of the location of his own Ward!

In his letter, Occhipinti vows:

To my neighbors in the 4th Ward I say: You stood up for me, and, I promise you, I will stand up for you!

Yes, but do you know WHERE you're standing, and WHO you're standing with?

Apparently not.

3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo: WATCH OUT.

It looks like the new 4th Ward City Councilman has declared war on your ward and plans an invasion!

He'll be sending troops over the 3rd Street border to occupy your territory from 3rd to 6th Streets, from Jackson to Jefferson! You're in big trouble. Better stock up on armaments... maybe Frank 'Pupie' Raia still has some of those braided Easter breads he gives out at Church Towers- they must be nice and hard by now... those stale breads would make great weapons, hurled across 6th Street in a catapult.

Jeez, just sworn in and Timmy's started a WAR.

Talk about auspicious beginnings!

In the meantime... someone. Please tell Timmy WHERE his ward is, and his first order of business should be a peace treaty with his 3rd Ward neighbors.

Pass the peace pipe, Timmy.


  1. Occhipinti also didn't know on election day that he votes in the 4-3 not the 4-2.... you can't write this stuff:

    The new question maybe how many votes did he get from the 3rd Ward?

  2. Hmmmm... Timmy shouldn't have given up The Binder.

    He's gotta have it:


  3. Timmy has that youthful look that comes from never having thought long or deeply about anything. Even as his hair falls out in irregular clumps, the face retains that childish unselfconsciousness. Barbara Bachmann has the same quality. They'd make a cute couple.

  4. Listen, don't think I'm PICKING on the guy but at a bare minimum he ought to know WHERE his ward is... and isn't.

    He got both E-W and N-S borders wrong. Oye vey.

    I got incredulous emails from out-of-state on this one.

  5. Oh jeez, now I get it it. Silly me, so slow on the pick-up.

    THIS is what they meant when they told me Mr Occhipinti was a chip off the old block.

  6. Even during the race I saw his posters outside of his work (5th and Adams).

  7. Welcome, Taith.

    Yes, I stepped on a bunch of Occhipinti fliers littering Willow Street in the 6th Ward-- which doesn't share a border with the 4th, btw.

  8. Will he bring his binder to Monday's council meeting?

  9. TIMMAY's theme song



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