Monday, September 30, 2013

Former HR Reporter Works for Occhipinti -Update

GA Note:  Amanda Palasciano has requested a retraction regarding statements that she has worked for Ruben Ramos.  Ms. Palasciano denies she has worked for Mr. Ramos and that statements that she has are not true.


When GA posted that reporters from The Hoboken Reporter had been recruited as political operatives for Ruben Ramos, some of you grumbled: no, no GA, you've got it wrong!

No, I didn't.

GA had no intention of outing anyone-- and I won't.  But one just outed herself.  On Twitter.

Oye vey.

After Occhipinti announced, this former Hoboken beat reporter for The Hoboken Reporter left Ramos to work for Timmy.  Her tweets are rather innocuous until September 26 and 27, when she outs herself and attacks blogs.

What did GA and MSV write on those days?  

On September 26 GA posted Tim's Got a Mole (and Quits his Job)On September 27, I wrote Tim's BFF Reveals Campaign Strategy and Timmy's Mole Update.    

Now, understand GA's been writing about Tim for years.  

What about those particular posts provoked a spate of tweets?  What if I'd posted my recipe for guacamole

Here' what GA posted back in May:
GA hears that 2 former reporters are now working for the Ramos campaign and actively trying to influence their former paper, The Hoboken Reporter to publish slanted news stories that portray Mayor Zimmer as weak, and being abandoned by her supporters.
And that is the issue I have with recruiting former reporters as political operatives.  Of course former reporters may have friends at the paper, and friends in its management which means access and influence.  That calls the paper's credibility and fairness into question.

As for this  gal's dim view of the First Amendment, it is amazing to hear cries to "shut down" political discourse from a former journalist .  Stunning.  Of course the only discourse objected to is partisan against her candidate, not the discourse of Occhipinti campaign blogger Ravi Ravioli (for example) who routinely spouts vulgarity and racist and homophobic speech.

Hey girlfriend, what do you say about Mr. Ravioli and his ilk who spout horrid, outrageously offensive discourse about people who oppose Tim Occhipinti?


Have a look at your blogger, Ms. Palasciano and get back to me.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Truth About Tim

Hey, how'd that mole get in there?

Well folks, it was bound to happen.

Someone with contacts at Tim Occhpinti's former workplace was bound to come forward and end the speculation following Thursday's startling news: the candidate quit his job to campaign full-time!

You see, no one I know 'bought' his campaign's press release.  Surely, an idiot of that magnitude could not possibly walk the Earth... a chap with the odds of a snowball's survival in Hades quitting his full-time, salaried gig with bennies to wait on an employment line come November.

No one believed even Tim Occhipinti could be that reckless, that irresponsible.  After all, he's a man with a mortgage and a canine to feed.  Everyone, including GA thought there was something more to this story.

Well, naysayers and neigh-sayers, we were wrong!

GA got this from a reader whom I know personally:
I know for a fact that Tim did resign with a two week notice period. If he had been kicked out of AB, he would have been escorted directly to the door in less than a second. I have a friend who is very high up and confirmed this information.
Well okay then, as a dear friend used to say.  Timmy wasn't bullshitting!  The numb-nuts  did resign his job!

Oh my, this puts a whole new spin on 'things'.

Now the article in this week's Hoboken Reporter about all the untapped 20's and 30's in town makes perfect sense.  Did you read it?

My guess is someone in Camp Tim, probably that oily fish, pitched Dean DeChiaro that story line. In which case, Tim's buddy 'People Please' really DID tip Tim's hand on their strategy: aggressively purse the young, affluent, low-information crowd that haunt bars, clubs and cafes and register 1,000 of them in the weeks ahead.

'One Hoboken's first ELEC filing

Well, that's an interesting game plan.

But why did he need to quit his job?  Because he's targeting young working folks who populate Washington Street bars and club evenings, after-hours, weekends....

We'll see how it goes!

In the meantime, wrap your head around the knowledge that Tim gave up his career for a shot at Zimmer's job.     

There has to be a parachute somewhere.

In the meantime, One Hoboken has issued it's first ELEC filing, a D-1.

One point of note, several years ago the Treasurer of One Hoboken made the news for fleeing the scene of an accident- he was drunk-driving. 

One headline read :
Charge Fed Reserve cop with DUI, fleeing scene of Hoboken crash
HOBOKEN - A Federal Reserve police officer has been charged with driving under the influence and fleeing anaccident scene after allegedly causing a crash Wednesday night.

And another: 

Oh, dear!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Timmy's Mole Update

Oh no!  He's got another one!

You know moles are fairly common; adults can have anywhere from 10- 40, some even have 41.  Some have 42.   Some have 43.

Political campaigns, on the other hand, do not naturally form moles.  Unless they are Tim Occhipinti's- in which case they are infested.
GA spoke to sources earlier and they gave me juice on the mole situation.

Do you mind if I call it mole juice?

In this case mole juice does not mean pus or fluids from a leaky mole, it means juice about a leaky mole.  A Leaky Trojan Mole. (Referring to the horse, not the prophylactic, in case you forgot.)

Are you ready for Leaky Trojan Mole juice?

Well, it appears there is a second mole. 

WHO on the Occhipinti campaign (unwittingly) opened the gates and let this Trojan Mole in?

Frank Raia! 

And guess WHO is orchestrating the Trojan Mole invasion into Camp Timmy?

The Russos.

Yep!  GA knows who the moles are... but I'm not telling.  It's none of my business, anyway.

Don't you wonder if the moles are simply there to spy, or to wreak havoc?  You know... erasing files, deliberately screwing up tasks, no-showing when needed, dirt digging, sneaking embarrassing photos, scheduling meet and greets at non-existent addresses... 

MESSAGE TO THE MOLES: Send your stuff to GA!!!  Anonymous is fine: Maybe you can sneak a pic of Tim playing with his fire engine?

All I can tell you is, these Trojan Mole Games show you how much animus there is between the two camps.  At this point, they are more focused on screwing each other than on beating Zimmer.

As for the 'Tim quit' his job narrative, it doesn't seem like a lot of folks are buying.

Now, if the guy was canned, why not just be open and honest about it? If so, we can all assume it was due to politics, not work performance.

Tim's BFF Reveals Campaign Strategy

Oh my goodness...

Timmy's BFF who blogs under the screen name 'PeoplePlease' has announced his pal's path to victory in November in a series of disturbing posts on Patch.  Here's one:

Now, PeoplePlease is no political operative.  He's a personal friend of Tim Occhipinti. 

So understand these posts are his actual thoughts, and a window into the thinking of the candidate. In which case, can we close the curtains and seal it shut? 

Here is Timmy's Path to victory, according to his BFF:

Forget the HHAPssst.... those are Tim's 4th Ward constituents.

You're too  late, PeoplePlease.  

Tim's already forgotten them.  In fact, he rode out Hurricane Irene at a bachelor party in Boston in August 2011, while his HHA constituents suffered without  water and electricity... 

Timmy AWOL from Hurricane Irene

Earlier that August another storm flooded the 4th Ward.  Where was Tim?   Flooding his esophagus in Hoboken's Biergarten...

Timmy AWOL from August 2011 storm

And of course, Hurricane Sandy, when the entire city flooded, his 4th Ward was suffering... where was Timmy?

Timmy AWOL during Hurricane Sandy

So according to Occhipinti's BFF  'PeoplePlease', Timmy's campaign strategy will be to haunt "bars and brunch tables" to register voters, and to "forget about the HHA" avoiding those "crumbling cultures".

Heavens, Timmy wouldn't want to dirty his clean, white hands on crumbling cultures!

Instead Tim will target the demographic one finds at "bars and brunch tables"-- young and white.

Isn't it ironic...
Tim Occhipinti and his idiot pal People Please have no concern about urban crime perpetuated by drunk Saint Paddy's Day Parade revelers.

Message to Hoboken Bar Owners and Restauranteurs:  DO NOT 'comp' Timmy  his drink or a meal-- let the cheapskate buy his own.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tim's Got a Mole (and Quits his Job)

Ew, that mole looks infected.

No, not that kind of mole.

The kind of mole that infiltrates a mayoral campaign--Tim Occhipinti's for example, from an opposing campaign--Ruben Ramos' for example, then spys.

Now, the kind of mole that's a darkly pigmented skin lesion can turn cancerous.

The kind of mole that infiltrates a mayoral campaign- a 'Trojan mole' so to speak (named for the horse, not the condom) buries itself deep within so it may leak information from inside that campaign.  You may call this person a Leaky Trojan Mole (not to be confused with a leaky rubber).

So, GA was told that Timmy's camp has at least one mole dispatched to spy on the campaign by the Ramos camp!

Further.... sources say the Leaky Trojan Mole(s) were told to stay very close to Occhipinti, because he was a "doofus" and the least likely to catch on!

Wow... and this comes on the heels of breaking news on Patch:

It's true! (and the article, too)

Patch Editor Zak Koeske broke this at 2:58 PM:

Mayoral hopeful Tim Occhipinti has resigned from his job with a New York-based asset management company to dedicate all of his energy to becoming the next mayor of Hoboken, his campaign announced Thursday.

The 4th Ward councilman's last day of employment with AllianceBernstein, where he has worked since 2004 as an application support analyst in the Equity Investment Management Technology department, will be Friday, according to a campaign statement.

"I am extremely committed to this election and I want the people of Hoboken to know that I am dedicated to them and will fight full-time for their point of view," Occhipinti said. "I am going to live the next few months on a very tight budget which is something every taxpayer understands too well and wishes City Hall did the same.

"The councilman said he believed it was crucial to go "all in" for the people of Hoboken and his "One Hoboken" running mates, Frank Raia, Peter Biancamano and Britney Montgomery-Cook. The slate's stated mission is to unify the city and increase governmental accountability.
How breathtakingly moronic.

In November, he'll be a jobless loser.

GA's sources also report that a recent 'credible' poll shows that the Mayor's numbers haven't moved, but Ruben and Occhipinti are splitting the ABZ's (Anyone But Zimmer) without making a dent in her base.

Could it be the electorate has become better informed  in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and can see that Timmy's City Council voting record is abysmal; how he has consistently voted against progress in Hoboken?

I believe so.

In any event, sources tell GA that Zimmers' Council slate has polled strong and guess who is believed to be on top?  Ah, I probably shouldn't say...  the perception is that it is Doyle.  But all three are strong, and it appears the racist Ravi-bashing is backfiring.

GA is still amazed that Timmy quit his job.  Which means he can't collect Unemployment Insurance.  Unless, he got canned, in which case he can. 

A friend just called, thinks this 'smells'.  That Timmy got canned, and it's all spin.  Does anyone work at Alliance Bernstein who can verify?

Well, the end result is the same.  One unemployed doofus. Blessed with a meshuga-mama who looks at Timmy's $75K salary as lunch money.  Yep, Timmy is in good talons; meshuga-mama will take good care of him.

The question is: what does he do with himself in November?

In the meantime, before he goes job-hunting, he might as well go mole-hunting.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

H411 Readers Declare Tim & Frank...


Jeez, only 2 comments and the story's been up for hours. 

I told you to put him BACK in the HOLE, Frank!

Timmy's Shuttered Eyebrow

Did you stop by the opening of Frank Raia and Timmy Occhipinti's 'One Hoboken' Campaign HQ on Monday, September 23?

One Hoboken invited all of us to Monday's opening of their HQ at 322 Washington Street on Facebook.   I'll bet they got quite a turn-out.

In fact, here is an imaginary email I received from an irate Hoboken resident who did attend the  opening.

(GA learned this imaginary-letter-to-myself trick from Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 who hasn't received an authentic email from the public since he last washed his Smithsonian-bound shorts.)

Dear GA,

I am a longtime Hoboken resident and undecided voter.  I don't follow politics and the expression "low information voter" describes me. In fact I have to take my shoes and socks off in the voting booth and name my toes for each candidate and wiggle them around. I enjoy that. Wiggling. Then I sing "eenie meenie miney moe, catch a mayor by the toe..." and vote for the winning digit. 

That's how I USED TO do it. 

NOT ANY MORE. Because on Monday I stopped by the opening of the One Hoboken headquarters after Tim Occhipinti Frank Raia, Peter Biancamano and Brit Montgomery invited me on Facebook.  Guess what?  The place was dark, empty, no campaign signs or stuff anywhere inside or outside except for a big 'For Lease' sign in the window! Adding insult to injury the sign above said "The Eyebrow Place".  So not only couldn't I get a handshake or free balloon, but I couldn't wax my gigantic uni-brow which looks like a hairy black caterpillar napping over my eyes.

I left irate, unsatisfied, and hairy. 

What kind of candidates invite you to their headquarters and the place is a dark, empty, unoccupied storefront?  Are we supposed to vote for people who are such poor managers they can't open their own headquarters on schedule? They're breaking promises to Hoboken BEFORE they get elected?

If they can't run a campaign, how can they run a CITY?

I'm leaving my socks on in the voting booth this time.  
Thank you irate, imaginary letter-writer.

I don't blame you for being irate.  Imagine the hundreds of disappointed Hoboken residents who showed up on Monday at that empty storefront expecting a free snack or a button.

Ah well.

Perhaps if Timmy hadn't used his 2015 municipal campaign funds as a petty cash fund he'd have enough loot to open his headquarters.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Frank's Vile Campaign: Hates Girls, Gays and Sikhs?

Oh, dear.

Take a look at the vulgarity that Beth Mason's hired help has been spreading online for Frank Raia's 'One Hoboken'.

Isn't it bad enough that the odious operative doomed Frank's BoE slate, Move Forward, with his Nazi Truck?  Yep, Raia was the Treasurer of Move Forward, a campaign co-managed by John Castellano and Joe Branco (Carmelo Garcia's BFF and rumored soon-to-be NJ Assembly staffer).

GA had heard Raia thought the Nazi Truck was a dreadful idea, politically toxic-- and he was right!  But, Raia was vetoed by the truculent trout and his meshuga sugar-mama.

Frank lost both the Nazi Truck debate and the election. If only his advice had been followed...*sigh* for what could have been.

Brought to you by Mason's anchovy
Now, it looks like the same brain(less) trust that tanked Move Forward with its swastika-paddywagon is doing the same for Raia's City Council candidacy;  the psychotic salmon has invented a new offensive character called 'Ravi Ravioli'. Ravioli calls women 'cu*ts', picks on gays and ethnic minorities (Sikhs).

Let's see... at least 50% of registered voters are female, about 15% of the population is gay, and quite a few of us are members of an ethnic minority... who isn't offended by this character?

What kind of vulgar campaign is Raia running?   

Brit, what do you think?  Oh yes, it's your guy.  

That's Beth Mason's corpulent cod, not Ramos'.

Here's what this says, folks.  Raia has lost control of his own campaign.  He can't control his campaign's messengers.  Nope, it appears 'One VILE Hoboken's got a Mason operative calling women "cu*ts", talking about Ravi Bhalla's "towel", using "gay" as a slur....

And if Raia can't manage Beth Mason's half-witted sardine, how can we trust him to manage Hoboken on the City Council?

We can't.

GA knows there's no controlling Mason or her flock of fruit-cakes.

Remember, Frank: you take the money, you get the crazy.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Par-tay with Kids First

What a Kids First 2013 Kick-Off it was yesterday afternoon at The Turtle Club!

From infants to old geezers, the place was packed.   Wall-to wall KF supporters drank up a storm, danced, sang.  Okay,  that's not true.  But it was crowded, and the energy in the room was enough to make GA's hair frizz... okay, it was already like that.

Anyway, it was just a great start to the Kids First 2013 campaign;  so much energy and so many brownies...

And a bevy of Reform beauties: City Council candidate Jim Doyle and the lovely Leah Healy, Councilwoman Jen Giattino and family, Councilman Ravi Bhalla and family,  former Councilwoman Carol Marsh, ALL the Kids First beauties: Rose Markle, Jean Marie Mitchell,  Ruthy McAllister, Tom Kluepfel,   former KF Trustee Theresa Minutillo,  Mayor Dawn Zimmer with the lovely Stan Grossbard, KF's Campaign Manager Deirdre 'Red' Wall,  former KF Campaign manager Liz Mulholland, and too many Kids First fans to name, and kids, kids, kids all over the place... 'cause that's WHO it's all about.


The grassroots energy and enthusiasm and KIDS in the room reminded GA of why Kids First carries the mantle of reform, why parents and taxpayers can trust them to direct all available resources into our classrooms where they belong.

Remember who showed up at last year's Move Forward kick-off?  (Hint: resembled a wake minus the coffin)

(Move Forward was the Mason-backed, 'old Guard' BoE slate opposing Kids First, who campaigned with a Nazi Truck, midnight fliers and allegedly lost 750 stockpiled VBMs to flooding in the Citadel basement. The MF-ers were co-managed by John 'Mama's Boy' Castellano and Carmelo BFF Joe "It wasn't me" Branco)

Move Forward 2012: 'Change is coming" but they'd steal your dollars too.

 Move Forward 2012 Kick-Off: Lining up to feed from the $62 million BoE goody-bag, at Room 84

This year's Room 84 candidates are Vanessa Falco and Brian Murray.   

GA will get to Murray another day- all you need to know is he's a local realtor who's been bashing Kids First and kissing up to Carmelo Garcia for some time at public meetings.  Murray also gives seminars on relocating from Hoboken to the burbs (presumably to generate sales commissions) while trashing Hoboken public schools.  GA's wondered if all that romancing of Garcia has anything to do with anticipated listings of Vision 20/20 luxury units. It certainly couldn't be Garcia's no-show attendance  at School Board committee meetings.

August 2012 Facebook post:  Back it up, Carmelo... smooch, smooch

Well, I digress.  Back to the par-tay, here are our three wonderful candidates, raving beauties all!

Kids First 2013: Jennifer Evans, Leon Gold, Irene Sobolov

Look who dropped in!

GA with glass of milk, Mayor Zimmer, Carrie Phillips, Mrs. Kluepfel, an unidentified elbow

And, the most important of all... Hoboken KIDS!

And one more thing... a couple of birdies told me that The Hoboken Reporter is sitting on letters submitted by Kids First.

GA hears a letter from School Board Trustee Tom Kluepfel has been mouldering for 3 weeks over at The Hoboken Reporter UNPUBLISHED.

Does Tom have to chage his name to 'Joe  Mindak' or 'Peter Biancamano' to get his letter published?


Hoboken Reporter:  how about pretending you're not in the tank for Ruben or ABZ ('Anyone But Zimmer')?

Publish Tom's 'friggin' letter, already.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Uh-oh! Eyes on the VBM Harvest

Farmer Frank's harvest up in smoke?

Well, well, well.  A couple of little birdies flew over from the HHA this weekend and delivered  a BOMBSHELL.

In fact, this delivery casts a whole new light on motives for Carmelo Garcia's sudden Absentee Ballot Education Drive.

Yep, GA spoke to more than one birdie.  The first birdie was called to a meeting last week with a high level Hoboken official and "someone from the NJ Attorney General".    The topic was absentee ballot fraud at the HHA.  The AG wants evidence on past and ongoing absentee ballot farming.   

The next birdie spoke to me on condition I not name names.  
On Thursday (September 10th) ****  was at the HHA with ballots. He gives $40 to sign and doesn't seal them. He's been doing it for years.  He'll work for anybody don't matter.  He don't live there.  The next day ***** got  a call from the office to come back. They told him the FBI is investigating the ballots. I haven't seen him back since.

 "What office?" GA asked. "The HHA?"  

No, Frank Raia's.


GA's first question: why here and why now?  

Is it possible that Occhipinti, who won his 2010 election with 575 'campaign workers' nearly ALL casting VBMs, whose campaign was the subject of a criminal investigation, now at the TOP of a mayoral ticket was too much a finger in the AG's eye?  Was this the proverbial last straw?

GA thinks that is possible. But what may really be driving the sudden impetus to act is Mayor Zimmer's post- Sandy high profile.

Face it, jealous Dark Siders.

Our mayor is a national figure and a political-celebrity, winner of the National Society for Civil Engineers 'Service to the People Award',  a winner of  Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Hero of the Harbor Award  invited speaker at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction conference in Geneva, Switzerland, winner of the Eli Manning fundraising sweepstake and most important of all, appeared in Feb. 2013's Glamour magazine as 1 of 10 featured American women who "Get Sh*t Done".

Featured in Glamour because she "gets sh*t done"
Don't kid yourselves, green-eyed monsters: Glamour's 2012 circulation was  2,374,291.   That's nearly 5,000,000 individual eyeballs across America meeting Dawn Zimmer on the pages of their favorite magazine.  (And ladies, guys may put us down, mock our achievements, attribute our successes to men, but we know they are simply full of shit. And boy, do we love our magazines!)

Like Beth Mason wouldn't have killed for that Glamour nod?  (Pssst... before you hit the HPD on speed dial, or call an out-of-town hack to file a frivolous lawsuit, that is a figure of speech )

Anyway, think about it. From the perspective of the AG's office, what would happen if  Tim Occhipinti swept out Zimmer on a tsunami of absentee ballots?  Talk about a huge black eye for state and federal law enforcement- it would be a  national story, with everyone wondering how they 'let him get away' in 2010.

People, it's a sad fact of life; rich folks, celebrities- and political celebrities- get attention the rest of us don't.

You see how Zimmer was treated like a VIP at an annual Hudson County dinner event this year, when in past year's she's been ignored.  Not in 2013.   Witnesses told  GA our mayor was squired around by North Bergen's  Nick Sacco.   Mayor Sacco even had his chief political consultant Paul Swibinski promise to Zimmer's face that he ( Swibinski) wouldn't work for Ramos.  

Ooops. (Don't know why Swibinski broke his promise and made a jackass out of Sacco like that.  GA hears Sacco is a man of his word. )

Anyway, I do believe state and federal authorities are concerned about the attention a tainted  election of our famous mayor would bring.

GA couldn't think of a bigger 'F*ck You' to law enforcement than running an Occhipinti-Raia slate where the same old VBM harvesters are deployed at the HHA.

That may explain the why the authorities woke up in 2013.

And the HHA's Absentee Ballot Education Drive... why the big show?  To deflect attention from themselves?  Or take the VBM operation 'underground'- door-to-door?

Here's a 'what-if'...

What if a certain person were compelled to turn state's evidence and this 'door-to-door' re-education of HHA voters is a door-to-door harvest of information for authorities? 

By the way, I was just informed that Beth Mason has appeared on the cover of a past  women's magazine- my bad.

Cover Girl

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ruben Declares WAR (on Farmer Frank)

Beth Mason's meltdown may have captured the buzz, but GA noted something way more interesting at last Tuesday's City Council meeting. 

If it's not clear by now that Carmelo Garcia uses HHA surrogates to deliver his message then take note.  This week a new narrative was rolled out and stand back folks, this means war; war on Frank Raia, Tim Occhipinti and Raia's vote-farming operation he's run out of the HHA (allegedly) for years.

Yep, Carmelo's people delivered a big ole' "F*ck you" to Raia, in the form of a crackdown on his VBM harvest at the HHA.   And make no mistake, this is Carmelo staking his claim to his turf for Ruben, to warn Raia and Timmy the HHA is now hostile territory.

Here's what caught GA's attention,  from a grey-haired, bearded Carmelo-supporter:

" utilize an absentee ballot for it's own ill-gotten gains is horrendous."


But the shiv was stuck in and twisted by none other than Barbara Reyes.   Reyes announced the HHA Tenants Association "has noticed there's a big issue that's gone on with absentee ballots"  and they are going to "take on" the issue and go "door to door to educate our neighbors, our residents, our seniors if you want help with an absentee ballot that ballot has to be sealed"...

POW!  Take that Farmer Frank!

And Reyes announced a rally at Mama Johnson Field this Saturday to educate tenants on how to fill an absentee ballot and on voter fraud;  the "campaign to educate residents" will continue door-to-door.

It's no secret that Ramos is furious at Timmy, that if he ever believed he could take down Zimmer, Occhipinti ruined that.

Ramos is in a fight for second place; third place would be a death blow to his viability for any elected office.

Imagine losing to the City Council Dumb-inatrix. 

Garcia is helping Ruben here, putting out the 'un-Welcome mat' to the man he called a "f*cking buffoon" in his secretly taped lunch conversation.

He also talked openly about the 750 illegal VBMs that Raia claims to have gotten 'flooded out' in the BoE race. 

It seems his HHA Tenants Association and door-to-door campaign to "educate" voters on "how to fill out an absentee ballot" is designed to take a serious bite out of Frank's haul.

Transcript exceprt

The WAR is ON.

 Pass the popcorn!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WABC Radio Bombshell: "He's a Paid Hack"

Not a political operative


MSV got quite the scoop: an anchor on WABC 77AM radio's 5:00AM On-Air News Hour gave some fascinating commentary about a competitor's report of the Eli Manning fundraiser; the anchor was careful not to name the station but instead imitated the tick-tick-tick sound of 1010WINS News.

Here is what the WABC AM radio anchor said at 5:14 AM this morning:
The guy who's doing the story, I don't know him but I know who he is, and I know that he's a hack for the other side, for the, for the, for the people who are trying to beat Dawn Zimmer, and he does the story on Dawn Zimmer, but never during the course of the story does he identify that he's a paid hack for the other side... how do you do that?  How do you leave that out?  At the end of the story you could have said I'm a paid hack, well you wouldn't say paid hack you'd say paid professional for the other side... but he never mentions that in the story... 
Holy cow!  The WABC 77AM Radio anchor "knows" that the anchor for 1010WINS Radio covering a story about Dawn Zimmer is a "paid hack for the other side"!

Wow, word sure does travel in the radio biz.  And their offices are located in New York City, not Hoboken. 

Well, GA has obtained this gentleman's name.  I served 1010WINS yesterday.

You know, when an alleged "not a political operative" "paid hack for the other side" is claiming damages "in excess of $2,000,000" well... I've got plenty of questions for everybody.


People Who Need People


Nurse, grab the Thorazine. 

MSV has posted the video clip of Beth Mason's very strange outburst at last night's City Council meeting.

In a nutshell, Joe Mindak and his business partner Kevin Cale had just finished speaking in the public portion.  They contend monies are owed to them by the city for their firm's work to-date on an unfinished website promoting tourism for Hoboken. Which was not news to anyone on the dais-- except for one elected official who discharges her Council duties onto 'the help'-- like political operative James Barracato.  

Nope, reading email is for 'little people'.   Mason holds no other job except as a paid public servant with a staff and a storefront unlike other Council members with demanding full time jobs, who ride buses and subways with other 'little people' yet  still manage to read their email. 

Not Beth Mason. 

She needs 'people' to do that for her. But you know what they say about people who need people...

Hit it Barb!


(Barb honey, how about tweaking that a little: people who can afford people are the luckiest people...)
Mason: How come we weren't informed of this...

Cunningham: (to Occhipinti) You just got a question, we answered it.

Longo: You were informed of this...Actually, check your emails because Councilman Russo asked me for the status of the tourism website and I responded to all of you...

Mason: ...and can I tell you something?  This thing about hiding behind all the freakin' paperwork that this administration throws at this council and then says "oh, figure it out!"

Cunningham: Oh... please...

Mason: But what if it's important enough, let us know.  Pick up the phone!  Talk to us once in a while!

Cunningham: Look at your email, Councilwoman

Mason:  No! Council President.

Cunningham:  Yes.

Mason: (raising voice) Why don't you start communicating with people!

Cunningham: We are.  We are!

Mason:  (yelling) Instead of what you're doing!  You're shutting them up!!

Cunningham: Cheryl Falick...

Mason: ... you put gag orders on people!!  You're telling them to shut up!!! And, and you're, you're breaking the law by telling  people by saying...

Cunningham: Councilwoman, relax.

Mason: ...that meetings aren't announced properly...

Cunningham: Relax...

Mason:   We're just gonna shut you down!!!

Cunningham: Relax, Councilwoman...
Mason:  NO!!!  Guess what? It's about time that somebody stopped listening to your CRAP!!!
Now, if you ask me it really isn't Mason's fault.

Whomever she outsourced her email-reading to that day: Finboy, Alonso, Calicchio, fucked up royally- or should I say 'royalty'?   

Off with their heads!

Monday, September 16, 2013


Folks, Tommy Bertoli is a man of his word.  Last week he dropped by GA and  posted "Good luck with your court case and let me know if there is anything I can help you with."

Well, as a matter of fact...

This morning I served Mr. Bertoli in person with an Interrogatory and Notice for Discovery and Inspection.   If you've never seen one, it starts like this:
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Defendant Nancy Pincus hereby demands that Tom Bertoli answer the following interrogatories and respond to the following document requests in the time and manner provided by the relevant provisions of the CPLR or any superseding preliminary conference order in this matter. 

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that these interrogatories and document requests are deemed continuing so as to require supplemental answers should Tom Bertoli obtain further or supplemental information subsequent to the service of answers. 
Followed by the  "Interrogatories" which are a list of questions.  (GA will not publish those.)  I hope Tommy doesn't mind the length of my list; there were so many allegations on a variety of matters, that I was forced to ask him many, many questions.  I was relieved that he seemed eager to help get the truth out.   

And he knows exactly what went down.

GA likes it hot and spicy

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mason-Raia Piss Poll

Beth Mason and her chief aide, Democratic Committeeman Matt Calicchio  photo credit: MSV

Oh Jeez, a pollster from  Kalamata Research Services  just talked my ear off then filled it with mud.

He was nice enough at first, with benign questions about the mayoral candidates and selected at-large slates ( Mindak, Gonzales and Miani who?) so GA didn't see it coming when his even-handed questions morphed into ones like this:
Would this statement that people are saying make you more or less likely to vote for Dawn Zimmer?
Dawn Zimmer is attempting to suppress and intimidate minorities and senior citizens by disenfranchising their right to vote- these are some of the same voter suppression tactics that the radical right wing is using in Texas and North Carolina.

There was quite a bit more along those lines; the rest of the poll was a Hoboken411 Greatest Hits Parade; some of the talking points so old and crusty they should be enjoying their golden years on a shuffleboard court.

But no, these old clunkers were dragged out of retirement and presumably onto the campaign trail- if they 'poll' well, that is. 

Yep, no good Mason piss-poll is without it's Superbowl fable (how Zimmer sent supporters to the Superbowl game) or it's $25 million budget fiction, or her broken promise to cut taxes 25% in the first year, bla bla bla.   No doubt this bowel-movement was squeezed out by Mason's rancid Tuna , a.k.a. Hoboken's unelected 2nd Ward Councilwoman.

And why do I call it a Piss-Poll?

Because the pollster pisses on your leg and says "It's raining!"

I do hope you folks answer the phone for this one. Aside from using your ear as a urinal, the questions tell me they are really interested in how many people will vote down the line vs. those who might 'split' their vote- which is what this election is all about for the Dark Side.

And the way they plan to do it is to soften support for Zimmer with such piss-polls. Yes, they know you will vote for her, but if they plant some seeds of distrust, perhaps you can be wooed to split your Council vote for either Peter B., Brit or Frank.

So, the piss-poll attacked Doyle, Dave M. and Ravi.  You could just hear those fish lips smacking with drool when he wrote the one about Ravi getting a traffic ticket.

Oh, no!  Ravi got a traffic ticket!

And Mike Russo's family owes Hoboken taxpayers $324K, 10 years of un-entitled health benefits and an explanation why he agreed to a $5K deposit from Solomon Dwek on the FBI surveillance tape!

And Tim Occhipinti spent 98% of $13K in donations for his 2015 municipal campaign, including reimbursing himself for Sandy donations!  And took money from Birdsall Engineering who was doing business with Hoboken!  And took a generous campaign contribution from developer Danny Tatolli but didn't recuse himself from voting on an easement for Tatolli's restaurant!

Why didn't Timmy recuse himself from that vote?

Timmy's 20-Day Post Election ELEC report- submitted 6/1/11

And Terry Castellano sends confidential information to political operative James Barracato a.k.a. Finboy!

And Beth Mason underwrites SLAPP suits for political operatives, has had a 501(c)(3) which is a taxpayer-subsidized front for a political machine, and has 'shell' companies like Newton Lao Leonard and Lock, LLP presumably for moving money around to operatives, consultants, and other political purposes without detection!

Finally, Timmy, Mason, Russo and Terry all voted NO to a 9-11 memorial for Hoboken's victims. 

That about says it all for their moral bankruptcy, never mind the political hijinks.  Timmy, Mason, Russo and Castellano are the walking dead.

So, by all means, do answer your telephone.  And when they get to the Mason talking point about how Zimmer sent supporters to the Superbowl, remember that Giattino and Pellegrini had such a good meeting with NFL Executives, followed up in New York City by a presentation to the NFL by Mayor Zimmer and the Hoboken Events Committee, word is that they "love" our City!  All because of Zimmer administration and Hoboken Events Committe initatitives, Hoboken's economy will reap a cut of the hundreds of millions of dollars host cities make. Thank you, Mayor!

That's thinking BIG.

For the other kind of thinking, here's the Superbowl 2014 business plan Mason announced in her newsletter of February 2012.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why Hoboken Has No Permanent 9-11 Memorial

(Free poster. Download, print and display)


Serving Cookies and SLAPP Suits

Complimentary snacks served with lawsuits

Well folks, it must be a sad day in the Eliot Spitzer household. Not only did he lose his bid for NY Comptroller but he gave even more cash than the $70K first reported to his 'get out the vote' consultant Musa Moore.

According to Wednesday's NY Post:
Spitzer sent another $95,000 to Time for Change, a Brooklyn-based group headed Musa Moore, a pal of corrupt ex-Brooklyn Democratic leader Clarence Norman. The Post previously reported that the same group collected $70,000 from the former governor.
Wow!  GA told you on Monday, that Musa Moore was hired by Beth Mason for her 2009 mayoral bid..

In fact, GA posted this email from Tom Bertoli:

Exhibit 31

Tommy commented below:
...Yes I wrote that email to all the paid operatives but remember I was more working against peter Cammarano than Dawn Zimmer. Once Zimmer made the runoff I went to work for dawn. Looking back at that email reminds me of what a complete cluster f$&/ that whole campaign was. Yes make no mistake everyone on that email was paid in one form or another.not sure where you even got it from but keep digging and I will garentee there are plenty more.
Good luck with your court case and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
Tom bertoli
"Everyone was paid", in one form or another?  They weren't "paid for friendship", that's for sure!

They were paid for other stuff.  

Oh... so they aren't operatives the same way they're not paid... right.

Anyone know the going rate for filing a frivolous lawsuit? 

 Cash transaction or in-kind?  Do payments move through a shell company? 

05/ 05/ 11 Dunn and Bradstreet report for Mason's Newton, Lao, Leonard & Locke showed NO history of credit transactions while her resume claiming years of business activity
"...let me know if there is anything I can help you with."
Jeez Tom, I've got so many questions for you, I'm making a list.  

Here's another Mason campaign email that went to Spitzer's campaign consultant, Musa Moore:

Exhibit 40

Don't you wonder if everyone showed up at 6:30?

Oh, by the way Tom... know anything about this OPRA request for financial disclosure forms for every Planning Board member?

Exhibit 52

Or this one?

Exhibit 58

I've got a bunch more of these OPRAs from a "not an operative" and "not paid" Plaintff.  She OPRAed financial information for every volunteer Board member in Hoboken!

I wonder if any of this opposition research material found it's way into Timmy's black binder? That goes on the list!

Well, today starts the trial of West New York Mayor Felix Roque- good luck to you, star witness.