Tim's BFF Reveals Campaign Strategy

Oh my goodness...

Timmy's BFF who blogs under the screen name 'PeoplePlease' has announced his pal's path to victory in November in a series of disturbing posts on Patch.  Here's one:

Now, PeoplePlease is no political operative.  He's a personal friend of Tim Occhipinti. 

So understand these posts are his actual thoughts, and a window into the thinking of the candidate. In which case, can we close the curtains and seal it shut? 

Here is Timmy's Path to victory, according to his BFF:

Forget the HHAPssst.... those are Tim's 4th Ward constituents.

You're too  late, PeoplePlease.  

Tim's already forgotten them.  In fact, he rode out Hurricane Irene at a bachelor party in Boston in August 2011, while his HHA constituents suffered without  water and electricity... 

Timmy AWOL from Hurricane Irene

Earlier that August another storm flooded the 4th Ward.  Where was Tim?   Flooding his esophagus in Hoboken's Biergarten...

Timmy AWOL from August 2011 storm

And of course, Hurricane Sandy, when the entire city flooded, his 4th Ward was suffering... where was Timmy?

Timmy AWOL during Hurricane Sandy

So according to Occhipinti's BFF  'PeoplePlease', Timmy's campaign strategy will be to haunt "bars and brunch tables" to register voters, and to "forget about the HHA" avoiding those "crumbling cultures".

Heavens, Timmy wouldn't want to dirty his clean, white hands on crumbling cultures!

Instead Tim will target the demographic one finds at "bars and brunch tables"-- young and white.

Isn't it ironic...
Tim Occhipinti and his idiot pal People Please have no concern about urban crime perpetuated by drunk Saint Paddy's Day Parade revelers.

Message to Hoboken Bar Owners and Restauranteurs:  DO NOT 'comp' Timmy  his drink or a meal-- let the cheapskate buy his own.  


  1. If this was a serious campaign they would have opened their eyebrow headquarters on washington street. It's not. It's a joke. And this fool on patch just makes them look worse.

  2. Well, look who he's with POOPIE HEAD will never learn that no one likes him. His own friend think its a joke.

  3. Lane must have a unibrow again
    Since the Eyebrow place closed


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