We Remember You

9-11-2011 credit: Gary Holtzman

Joao A. "J.J." Aguiar Jr., 30
Jean A. Andrucki, 43
 Peter Apollo, 26
Marty Boryczewski, 29
Nick Brandemarti, 21
Swarma Chalasani, 33
Christopher Colasanti, 33
Michael S. Costello, 27
Christopher Cramer, 34
Gavin Cushny, 47
Neil Dollard, 28
 Douglas DiStefano, 24
 Michael DeRienzo, 37
Margaret Echtermann, 33
Jeffrey B. Gardner, 36
 Michael Edward Gould, 29
Scott Hazelcorn, 29
 Joseph Ianelli
Matthew Horning, 26
Thomas Knox, 31
Donna Bernaerts-Kearns, 44
Greg Malone, 42
Marc A. Murolo
Katie McGarry-Noack, 30
George McLaughlin Jr., 36
Michael Mullin, 27
John Murray, 32
 Martin S. Niederer, 23
Brian Novotny, 33
Keith K. O'Connor, 28
Lesley Thomas O'Keefe, 40
Dominique Pandolfo, 27
 Jon A. Perconti Jr., 32
Scott Rohner, 22
Joshua Rosenblum, 28
Nick Rowe, 29
 Ronald Ruben, 36
Richard L. Salinardi, 32
James Kenneth Samuel Jr., 29
 John Schroeder, 32
Alex Steinman, 32
Melissa Vincent, 28
James Patrick White, 34
Deborah Lynn Williams, 35
Michael Wittenstein, 34


  1. one of the people on this list lived in the apartment below me. i didn't know him well but he was a nice, young guy. after the attack, his apartment was quiet and we realized the bike he sometimes left (against building rules!) in the lobby hadn't moved for several days. our worst suspicions were confirmed when his parents came to clear out the apartment a week later.

    the building created a small garden in his honor, and a landscaper comes and volunteers to maintain it three or four times a year.

    1. So sad.

      I didn't know any of these poor souls, but knew 2 Port Authority workers who perished: James Barbella and Pete Negron.

      Barbella did Fire Alarm inspections on my projects, and Negron did the asbestos abatement. Pete was a nice young man. A long-term client was AON on Floors 100-106 in 2WTC.


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