Ruben Declares WAR (on Farmer Frank)

Beth Mason's meltdown may have captured the buzz, but GA noted something way more interesting at last Tuesday's City Council meeting. 

If it's not clear by now that Carmelo Garcia uses HHA surrogates to deliver his message then take note.  This week a new narrative was rolled out and stand back folks, this means war; war on Frank Raia, Tim Occhipinti and Raia's vote-farming operation he's run out of the HHA (allegedly) for years.

Yep, Carmelo's people delivered a big ole' "F*ck you" to Raia, in the form of a crackdown on his VBM harvest at the HHA.   And make no mistake, this is Carmelo staking his claim to his turf for Ruben, to warn Raia and Timmy the HHA is now hostile territory.

Here's what caught GA's attention,  from a grey-haired, bearded Carmelo-supporter:

" utilize an absentee ballot for it's own ill-gotten gains is horrendous."


But the shiv was stuck in and twisted by none other than Barbara Reyes.   Reyes announced the HHA Tenants Association "has noticed there's a big issue that's gone on with absentee ballots"  and they are going to "take on" the issue and go "door to door to educate our neighbors, our residents, our seniors if you want help with an absentee ballot that ballot has to be sealed"...

POW!  Take that Farmer Frank!

And Reyes announced a rally at Mama Johnson Field this Saturday to educate tenants on how to fill an absentee ballot and on voter fraud;  the "campaign to educate residents" will continue door-to-door.

It's no secret that Ramos is furious at Timmy, that if he ever believed he could take down Zimmer, Occhipinti ruined that.

Ramos is in a fight for second place; third place would be a death blow to his viability for any elected office.

Imagine losing to the City Council Dumb-inatrix. 

Garcia is helping Ruben here, putting out the 'un-Welcome mat' to the man he called a "f*cking buffoon" in his secretly taped lunch conversation.

He also talked openly about the 750 illegal VBMs that Raia claims to have gotten 'flooded out' in the BoE race. 

It seems his HHA Tenants Association and door-to-door campaign to "educate" voters on "how to fill out an absentee ballot" is designed to take a serious bite out of Frank's haul.

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The WAR is ON.

 Pass the popcorn!


  1. Some friends with Tim offer me $40 to live and vote in HHA for him. I don't like this picture of Timmy. His neck no look good for sexy time.

    Please help me get $40 from Timmy people Frank the farmer and Beth the shrilling screamer.

    I very much want to see this $40 American dollar.

  2. One of the fun things about watching the old guard infighting is that they all know each others weakness and are now more than willing to stick the knife in where it really hurts.

  3. so how is it possible when all of this is discussed so openly (at a council meeting, ferchrisakes!!) that nothing can be done to stop it? we've all known about it for years, now it's ON THE RECORD at a city meeting, isn't there some branch of government that can be alerted and some sort of enforcement take place? this is worse than a banana republic, many third-world countries have fairer elections than this. why isn't this story on the front page of every local newspaper and news website?

    why is this still allowed to happen? why can't this be stopped??

  4. F'n GENIUS!!! Scare the people into refusing the $40. Go door to door to "eductate" them on their right to vote - for Carmelo (their landlord!!!) For FREE!!


    1. Nah, they'll just get the ballots signed before frank does.
      That's really what is being said.

    2. not really. They can't compete with Raias money so they had to stop people from taking the payment. So they have Barbara announce at CC mtg. Swwop in and get free VBM for Ruben, Carmelo and their new BOE ticket Murray, Falco and Waiters.

  5. Raia is a dope who can't win with giving hotdogs out for free. His friend play him so much and pump him to run.

  6. Garcia has declared war with Raia because he is the greatest threat to him - has the best chance to win a seat.

    1. And if Raia takes the 4/4 ballots, Garcia, running for assembly, is going to look pretty lame.

    2. Raia is a has been. He and his old timers are washed up in this town. The next step is to get rid of him at the NHSA.

    3. There are many old-timers in this town that do not agree with Raia. Be careful not to label members of our community.

    4. I agree. Try as they might to make this about Old/New or "real" Hoboken, there are many old and new Hoboken people who know it is about being fair and honest. Many "oldtimers" have been screwed over too many times to be fooled by the shiny new shim puppets. How stupid do they think people are?

      Don't lump everyone together. You may be surprised who ends up supporting who.

  7. This is a new generation and no room for these old-timers. Dawn is a true leader.

  8. Because someone is BnR or "an old timer" does not mean they are OG. I know plenty of BnR and old timers who don't care for Raia (and HATE the Russos) and who voted for Mayor Zimmer. That dated concept is more meaningless and false with every passing year. Trust me.

    1. Agree. Every closing on a new condo, every rental in a new building, every first of the month turnover means a further erosion of the OG. Their time is the sun is quickly fading and soon they will be irrelevant. Imagine the horror of it all for Momma Russo to be irrelevant and have no one intimidated by her.


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