Spitzer's "Shady Dem Group" worked for Beth Mason!

Did anyone see this on the cover of last Saturday's NY Post? 

The NY Post alleged some "shady" group, Time for Change Consulting got $70K from Eliot Spitzer's campaign for NYC Comptroller, for his 'get out the vote' operations.  The article states the "shadowy" Time for Change group "does not appear to have a Web site and did not register a phone number with the city Campaign Finance Board".  This consulting firm with "ties to corrupt former Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Clarence Norman" who was "jailed for accepting illegal campaign contributions during his Assembly races" is run by Musa Moore.

Musa Moore! 

He was a consultant for Mason Team for One Hoboken campaign!

The ELEC below shows a single disbursement but sources tell GA he received "more than that".  

Musa Moore on Mason Team for Hoboken 20 Day Post-ELEC

In fact, GA recognized the name not from ELEC reports, but from it's appearance on several of the  dozens of email exhibits attached to my Affidavit. 

The emails are all public documents filed at Hudson County Superior Court along with my Motion for Summary Judgment. 

In this email, Musa Moore is included in the Hoboken411 anonymous blogging circle, invited by my friend, Tom Bertoli to "own the first comments page".

Exhibit 31

Was Musa Moore a "Masonista"?

You know, Masonista =  seasoned Mason political operatives who post provocatively under "screen identities" to bait Reformers so they can file frivolous SLAPP suits for Beth Mason with the strikingly disingenuous claim...

Let's see...

Exhibit 24
No names on that letter!   Hmmm... who can I ask?

Oh, I know!

Exhibit 25

I am curious what this fellow Spitzer-consultant, Musa Moore, did for Beth Mason?

There is really no indication from these emails...

Exhibit 32

...except perhaps for this one which seems to be a member of the Mason campaign questioning who was responsible for anti-Zimmer midnight flyers. And it is interesting that the person he asks wishes to take the conversation off line, as if putting the answer in print may incriminate him someday should his email become a public document.


Exhibit 38

Anyway, whatever Musa Moore did for the Mason campaign is history.  Now he's working for Eliot Spitzer and excoriated in the NY Post.

And you know the saying: "There's no such thing as bad publicity"


  1. birds of a feather slime together. pitiful but not surprising.

    and here's the crowning irony: what has any of this ever gotten beth mason? nothing, zero, zilch...except for total lose of credibility.

  2. The Mason name has become toxic.

  3. Wish I could figure out how to post in my own name but none of my kids are around to show me.
    Yes I wrote that email to all the paid operatives but remember I was more working against peter
    Cammarano than Dawn Zimmer. Once Zimmer made the runoff I went to work for dawn.
    Looking back at that email reminds me of what a complete cluster f$&/ that whole campaign was.
    Yes make no mistake everyone on that email was paid in one form or another.not sure where you even got it from but keep digging and I will garentee there are plenty more.
    Good luck with your court case and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
    Tom bertoli
    (contact was added lest you think it was phony)

    1. Everyone "paid in one form or another" but not paid for friendship. This is fascinating news and a welcome development. Well not for everyone as you can see in the photo above, Ricky Mason is not looking very happy at all.

      I wonder why.

      Thank you very much Mr. Handsome!

    2. Thanks, Tommy. Yep, you know I will take you up on that- in fact, I can hardly wait. We'll be talking real soon.

      Like I said, there are plenty more emails attached to my Affidavit. We filed 148 exhibits all- so many my lawyer had to special-order tags. My motions are here (they've gotten 1,400+ reads): http://www.scribd.com/njpincus

      ...and my demand letter is here:


      Let me know which side you'd like the cameras on. G'night.

    3. KABOOM!!!! There goes a certain silly lawsuit. Bet there was no sleeping last night at that certain not paid for friendship couple's 5th floor walk up.

  4. Juicy! BTW, Lane and Kim must LOVE it when you write posts like this, exposing their emails and linking to the court documents. Hilarious!!

    1. This is not juicy. This is not good news. This is Jersey City bullying against me and Beth's unpaid for friendship curious pal who is not a political operative. Exposing our emails, I mean these other people's emails in court documents is bullying. This is cyberbullying and we are going to tell Beth and Ricky right now!

      We hate this DISCOVERY.

      We have been covering Beth's behind for years not to be in this position. Once again Beth is betrayed and we are paying for it. Beth and Ricky save us! It wasn't even our idea. We were told this would be our last political operation and now look what's happening to us.

  5. Those two are fucked.

    1. Typical cyberbullying against us using graphic language how we are having our lawsuit shoved up our orifices which is very unpleasant. All you Zimmerists are so cruel.

  6. Back in 2007 when Mason formed the PAC "vote hoboken" to sucker reform into financing her political ambitions, the "vote hoboken" narrative pitched by Mason shills Bajardi, Keim Vance, etc. was that reform could only win if it hired true "professionals" chosen by Beth Mason and, notwithstanding the Masons' riches, financed by other candidates (read Dawn and Peter's) money. Those "true professionals" were a couple of unethical incompetent clowns named Michael Oliva who did "message" and Musa Moore who brought in thugs from brooklyn to help "get out the vote" by distributing midnight flyers. When Peter and later Dawn decided to stop financing Mason's campaign by paying Oliva and Moore to undermine their own campaigns at the direction of the Bajardi Twins, Mason ran around telling people that Dawn and Peter had screwed her out of money since it was never her plan to actually pay her consultants herself. At some point Oliva disappeared, Musa stayed around fleecing the Masons through the 2009 Mayorals.

    1. I have had people tell me Beth Mason is insane and toxic but then say Richard Mason is a nice guy.
      He has financed and enabled her insanity and toxicity so he is certainly not a nice guy.

    2. In some relationships, love is not the strongest or even a necessary binding agent, but rather a shared, mutual pathology that grows and is fed by each of the two. To the outside world, one person always seems sicker, stranger and is more easily reviled than the other, but as is often the case in these situations, the one who's displaying the sickest symptoms is not the more troubled individual.

  7. This is an affront to the Masons, a blasphemy and a sacrilege. I demand you apologize to both the Masons, their family and the entire city of Hoboken that honors their contribution every day.

    Time to get paid?

  8. Seems to me that Mason needs to have professionals run her campaign because she doesn't think a mere woman can think for herself and get the job done. Add to that her whining on the cc and her incoherent arguements against supporting improvements to the city; She is pox on female activists.

    1. That is the absolute irony of it all... because if you read the emails, you see that Ricky Mason and her male political operative-Plaintiff write ALL Beth Mason's stuff- including her platform and questionnaires, in fact Mason delegates just about everything to hubby or 'minions'.

      Mason sends Adam Alsonso and Finboy to political strategy meetings when all other City Council members invited show up. Mason is not even copied on internal CC emails- Finboy's name is there in place of her own! (Ask Terry Castellano)

      GA has never seen an elected official more disengaged from the job of governing than Mason who seems to do nothing except show up to events and council meetings, and read other people's crap.

      She lets Finboy run amok with her wallet, which has so swelled that fish's head that he'd stab a mentor- a guy who showed him the ropes, in the back.

      And the irony is that everything Beth Mason does- delegating the hard work of governing to HUBBY and 'the help', she accuses Zimmer of doing-- who actually runs City Hall's Executive branch. No, Grossbard is NOT a 'shadow" mayor, Zimmer runs her administration, while Mason is a shadow of a politician... and these emails show who is behind the curtain.

      Take a look at exhibit 39, and you will see exactly what I mean (page 176 of 302)


    2. Didn't Liz whine on the City Council that she "writes all her own stuff?"

      Apparently she doesn't even write the checks for the people who write her stuff, Dick does.

    3. Yes, she did! At a December 2011 meeting, Arch Liston, former Business Administrator KOed Mason in the First Round, as transcribed on: http://grafixavenger.blogspot.com/2011/12/liston-kos-mason-in-round-1.html

      Mason: I think there's an item here which kinda gives the impression or the attitude of what is going on. When you take $600 in a line item transfer to cover QUOTE "immaterial budget error".

      Cunningham: $600?

      Unidentified: In a $100 million budget?

      (LAUGHTER from spectators)

      Mason: And it's actually disturbing that someone would LAUGH and say that's immaterial for SOME people that's a week's salary. A WEEK'S SALARY for some people. Excuuuuse me, I have the FLOOR. (reads a written speech)... I can't support that resolution.

      Liston: I'll bet you spent more than $600 to have someone write that for you.

      Mason: Excuuuuse me?

      Referee Bhalla: Hold on, hold on...

      Mason: All due respect, I write my own stuff, Mr. Liston.

      Liston:Oh, I believe that.

      Referee Bhalla: Ok, we're getting off-topic here. There was a mention about City Hall layoffs, I would say if it weren't for four city council members refusing to vote for a garage bond refinance we wouldn't be stuck with a 4.5 million budget gap that causes a necessity for increased taxes or layoffs. So don't direct responsibility on the mayor. The responsibility if there are layoffs are squarely on four members of the city council. I just wanted to address that issue becuase it was raised by Councilwoman Mason.
      (Bhalla stands up)

      Referee Bhalla: It looks like you knocked her out, Arch. When are garbage pickups here? Is it too late? Somebody please call over at Sanitation to see if we can bag her and put her out. And get the procedure for disposing Hazardous Waste. Do we hose her down first? Or stuff her in then hose down the bag? Just make sure she's not recycled.

    4. Yup, I saw the whole thing. Liston took a few shots and then with one swing, he knocked the bitch out.

      It was a beautiful thing.

  9. Why does a city council person need a staff? Or a political strategist? Or a bodyguard? Or a pollster? Or an entourage. Its a low level part time office in a mile square city.

    1. correction, anon: it's a low-level part-time office for just ONE WARD in a square mile city.

      this question has been asked for years, and laughed about behind beth and ricky's backs by their own "staff members". in her delusional mind, she has somehow convinced herself that she is some sort of important figure in state and county politics. yeah, i know.

      apparently, ricky either believes her or (more likely) simply wants her out of his hair and keeps her busy by slipping her lots of spending money to pay any local hack who pretends to like her for a paycheck. it really would be comical, if it weren't so potentially damaging to the city. luckily, beth and her staff are too incompetent to have done much damage so far, although paying for timmy's council seat has caused occasional problems.

  10. GA, Why have you obscured the names of Jake Stuiver, Gary Holtzman and Ann Holtzman from the emails in this article? If you're going to ID some people, you should name them all.

    That being said, these emails, along with the many others in the affidavit paint the Bajardis as active participants in the Mason campaign 4 years ago. Their lawsuit follows the same lines as Carmelo Garcia's current lawsuit where the plaintiff's own words repudiate the claims in the suit.

    1. kenton, i don't understand your point. it's unclear, please explain.

    2. perhaps she is just respecting the wishes of those individuals who have completely disavowed any and all connection w/ the bitch? perhaps if you wish to determine who should be named, you should get off your rear end and start your own blog instead of making demands of people who go out of their way to write their own blog?

  11. The emails are public documents- I am "ID-ing" no one, and all are linked to the actual court filing.

    As far as digitizing those names, well that's my prerogative, isn't it? My blog, my prerogative. Don't like it, get your own blog.

    By all means follow the link if you want to see the full monty.

    As for the emails, they show a lot more than those two being active participants in the Mason campaign, but I'll leave that alone.

  12. that political operative scumbag and OPRA want 2 million? don't let them out of it. take it all the way. cbs news anchor is a political operative! the press will get it, next cable news, the broadcast dailies. the lies, the emails. 1010wins will be so happy with him i bet he gets a big promotion on pink paper.


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