The Truth About Tim

Hey, how'd that mole get in there?

Well folks, it was bound to happen.

Someone with contacts at Tim Occhpinti's former workplace was bound to come forward and end the speculation following Thursday's startling news: the candidate quit his job to campaign full-time!

You see, no one I know 'bought' his campaign's press release.  Surely, an idiot of that magnitude could not possibly walk the Earth... a chap with the odds of a snowball's survival in Hades quitting his full-time, salaried gig with bennies to wait on an employment line come November.

No one believed even Tim Occhipinti could be that reckless, that irresponsible.  After all, he's a man with a mortgage and a canine to feed.  Everyone, including GA thought there was something more to this story.

Well, naysayers and neigh-sayers, we were wrong!

GA got this from a reader whom I know personally:
I know for a fact that Tim did resign with a two week notice period. If he had been kicked out of AB, he would have been escorted directly to the door in less than a second. I have a friend who is very high up and confirmed this information.
Well okay then, as a dear friend used to say.  Timmy wasn't bullshitting!  The numb-nuts  did resign his job!

Oh my, this puts a whole new spin on 'things'.

Now the article in this week's Hoboken Reporter about all the untapped 20's and 30's in town makes perfect sense.  Did you read it?

My guess is someone in Camp Tim, probably that oily fish, pitched Dean DeChiaro that story line. In which case, Tim's buddy 'People Please' really DID tip Tim's hand on their strategy: aggressively purse the young, affluent, low-information crowd that haunt bars, clubs and cafes and register 1,000 of them in the weeks ahead.

'One Hoboken's first ELEC filing

Well, that's an interesting game plan.

But why did he need to quit his job?  Because he's targeting young working folks who populate Washington Street bars and club evenings, after-hours, weekends....

We'll see how it goes!

In the meantime, wrap your head around the knowledge that Tim gave up his career for a shot at Zimmer's job.     

There has to be a parachute somewhere.

In the meantime, One Hoboken has issued it's first ELEC filing, a D-1.

One point of note, several years ago the Treasurer of One Hoboken made the news for fleeing the scene of an accident- he was drunk-driving. 

One headline read :
Charge Fed Reserve cop with DUI, fleeing scene of Hoboken crash
HOBOKEN - A Federal Reserve police officer has been charged with driving under the influence and fleeing anaccident scene after allegedly causing a crash Wednesday night.

And another: 

Oh, dear!


  1. If AB has a policy of escorting people out when they separate the policy would apply equally to people terminated and people who quit. Unless your friend has information specifically about Tim we still don't know what happened. We also don't have anything other than the word of a campaign press release that Tim worked through Friday as opposed to being paid through Friday. I'm still not buying the story.

    1. You and a few others I've heard from.

      Well until someone can prove otherwise I accept the word of the reader who" knows for a fact" over others' speculation.

      From a blogging perspective, its a better narrative if he quit. I can hardly believe it myself. It's positively delusional.

    2. Add me to the first person not buying this at face value. Of course Timmy could have a job lined up with the Mason Civil Lawsuit League. Then Matty would have company and maybe that's the plan.

      If you don't have good career prospects working to help Mason sue and have others arrested would be a good job. Well better than a help desk guy. Remember Timmy was the person who coordinated via Beth Mason and her political operative to call the police and complain about bleepin Star Trek satire on this site seeing real police detectives go to question a Hoboken mom about the Vulcan Death Grip.

      And this punk is running for mayor? The joke is on One Hoboken.

      Mason is clearly backing a joke on Hoboken - "One Hoboken - for frat boys - like Timmy."

      These people are unreal and complete louts.

  2. This is a classic mixture of Timmy idiocy and irony. He has quit his full time job to run for mayor, an election that he is projected to lose big time.. But he has a secret weapon, his stealth strategy to win against the odds by registering the denizens of Hoboken's bars and restaurants by first annoying them to register and then doing who knows what to actually get them to the polls? Duh?? Why do I think that he is going to have to go through at least 10 people before he gets ONE that lives in Hoboken and agrees to register; then, after annoying them while they are out drinking and having fun with their friends, out of the few that he registers, only 25% (probably less) actually show up and vote? What kind of lame brained strategy is this? However dumb it is, it was revealed by his BFF People Please on Patch. Then he announces via his ELEC that his treasurer was caught driving drunk, caused a pretty major accident at 8th and Bloomfield, and being a Federal Reserve cop to boot, his treasurer FLED THE SCENE! To top all of this off, Timmy is running on a platform to bring back the city-wide drunken debauchery of the St. Patrick's Day Parade on the first Saturday of March! This is the type of Frat Boy mentality that is unfit and totally unprepared and inappropriate to be anywhere near the Mayor's office. I thought that his performances on the CC were juvenile enough, but this stupidity and lack of judgment takes the cake! A platform to bring back a drunken town wide brawl, with the head of the ticket an aging bloated frat boy, pinning his hopes on new found voters registered while out drinking, with the treasurer a DUI police officer who flees the scene of the crime. Perfect!!!!!!!!!! What in the world is the Poopster thinking? This has all of the signs for a colossal fail.

    1. I almost forgot - when Timmy was running for 4th Ward CC, he announced that he had a seat reserved at the bar Northern Soul one night during the week (forget which one) for his peeps to come by and chat him up. That is exactly where we need our political candidates to conduct constituent outreach - in a bar. Bizarre. KEGS AT CITY HALL EVERY FRIDAY FOR HAPPY HOUR! Martinis and margaritas at each CC meeting! Brewskies for all city employees at lunch! Now, THATS THE TICKET!

    2. Perhaps the campaign slogan should be "A keg on every corner"!

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