Timmy's Mole Update

Oh no!  He's got another one!

You know moles are fairly common; adults can have anywhere from 10- 40, some even have 41.  Some have 42.   Some have 43.

Political campaigns, on the other hand, do not naturally form moles.  Unless they are Tim Occhipinti's- in which case they are infested.
GA spoke to sources earlier and they gave me juice on the mole situation.

Do you mind if I call it mole juice?

In this case mole juice does not mean pus or fluids from a leaky mole, it means juice about a leaky mole.  A Leaky Trojan Mole. (Referring to the horse, not the prophylactic, in case you forgot.)

Are you ready for Leaky Trojan Mole juice?

Well, it appears there is a second mole. 

WHO on the Occhipinti campaign (unwittingly) opened the gates and let this Trojan Mole in?

Frank Raia! 

And guess WHO is orchestrating the Trojan Mole invasion into Camp Timmy?

The Russos.

Yep!  GA knows who the moles are... but I'm not telling.  It's none of my business, anyway.

Don't you wonder if the moles are simply there to spy, or to wreak havoc?  You know... erasing files, deliberately screwing up tasks, no-showing when needed, dirt digging, sneaking embarrassing photos, scheduling meet and greets at non-existent addresses... 

MESSAGE TO THE MOLES: Send your stuff to GA!!!  Anonymous is fine: grafixavenger666@gmail.com Maybe you can sneak a pic of Tim playing with his fire engine?

All I can tell you is, these Trojan Mole Games show you how much animus there is between the two camps.  At this point, they are more focused on screwing each other than on beating Zimmer.

As for the 'Tim quit' his job narrative, it doesn't seem like a lot of folks are buying.

Now, if the guy was canned, why not just be open and honest about it? If so, we can all assume it was due to politics, not work performance.