Boy Scout

Russo Boy Scout Video : credit F.B.I.


  1. Bravo!! Some of your best work.

  2. Russo, who conspired to accept bribes, a federal offense, and sell zoning variances, dares to call Cunningham disrespectful of Hoboken's citizens? On their worst day, with their worst lapse in judgment, any reform office holder or candidate wouldn't come close to achieving the kind of corruption and resultant damage the old guard does to this city on a day-to-day basis. And they've done it for decade after decade.

    As a scout, which is laughable enough, here's his likely interpretation of the Scout's Code of Honor"

    Trustworthy (to only those on his side of the grift)
    Loyal (but only to his own famiglia)
    Helpful (to only those who cough up the dough)
    Friendly (with women he'd like to sleep with)
    Courteous (to those he needs something from)
    Kind (to family members only)
    Obedient (to Mama Russo only)
    Cheerful (as he deludes himself into thinking he's remotely relevant)
    Thrifty (with his own un-earned dollars)
    Brave (in the face of political oblivion)
    Clean (believes his own myths)
    Reverent (to those who have the dirt on him)

  3. Russo is a disgraceful waste of talent who has zero conscience for any of his, too numerous to list ,indiscretions.

    Would love to have someone from elec (along with some law officals willing to arrest violators) come hang out at Church Towers during any election day. They can watch people from out of town,pulling up in their cars to vote.

    The Hacks have an amazing system going on down there. From what I witnessed, a certain elected official seems to be the main organizer of this fraud. There is an almost professional parking system for out of town/non resident voters. Included in this system is a temporary, double parked, parking spot; directly in front of the voting booth entrance. The spot comes replete with parking attendees keeping watch over the double parked cars.

    typical scenario:

    Violator Bob(non resident voter) calls in to hXXXX, notifying hxxxx that he is on his way in.
    HXXXX then relays the message to RXXX and the parking attendees.
    The parking attendees then find the owners of the other double parked non resident's cars asking them to move on to make room for the next Violator Bob.

    It's gotten to be so acceptable that no body tries to hide what their doing.

    Whole families sometimes show up. It's like a damn reunion.

  4. Good work, GA. Would you kindly submit a Part II-transcribing Russo's discussion on Claveria and the favor?

  5. This could be a series.

    Dont forget the part where Mikey brags that Mason let him pick her council slate in exchange for his support (in the mayoral) and how hes going to have control of the council. Forgot how he put it.

    1. PLEASE make this a series. The Boy scout tapes.

      Don't forget Mike made the hooters SWAT trip

      Great pic of the boy scout here doing boy scout stuff. If a boy scout liked heroin

    2. If we are doing a Russo hit parade, how about the "Wet my Beak" ditty?

  6. "It's a Russo for Hoboken account." That says it all.

  7. Michael and his family were never able to figure out the difference between a fighter and a thug.

  8. I have always wondered what we would have learned if the FBI video of Beth Mason's meeting with Sol Dwek was made public like Mike Russo's.

    1. probably that she was too dumb to understand they were trying to bribe her. she's always on the giving end, not the receiving end, so it was all new to her. despite that, i'm sure there would be some comic gold in a beth mason undercover FBI tape.

    2. Good point. She is so dumb, she probably would have said, 'Oh you don't have to donate to me. To whom should I write my check? I'll vote however you want." ROFL

  9. As my friend would say, "Looks like that Boy Scout sure had plenty of brownies, but he's making me lose my cookies".


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