Why Hoboken Has No Permanent 9-11 Memorial

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  1. I think I will print out a bunch a just leave them in all the HMAG boxes...confuse the game a bit...

    1. Stop blaming Grafix Avenger lady. They asked me to take this job and would pay me so I said yes. They tell me what to say on vote and I say yes.

      They tell me they will make me mayor and I say yes.

      I always say yes to Beth and Frank. How do you think I got this?

  2. Out of all their lousy votes, that one was the absolute worst of the worst. That is something everyone can agree on no matter where they fall on the political spectrum.

    The Hoboken victims bodies were probably never recovered. Their families have nothing.

    The memorial would have been the closest thing to a grave site. A place to honor them, a place to visit, a place to cry. But no. These foul excuses for human beings on the City Council let petty, cruel politics make their decision. Russo, Castellano Mason and Tim all said NO to the memorial. No grave stone, no place to mourn. No honor for our dead.

    Not that Tim had a chance, that vote is enough to bury the whole ticket and something they all should be asked about again and again. What does Frank think about this? Miss Spears? Mutz boy?

    Thank you Ravi Bhalla, Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Dave Mello for doing the right thing, the respectful thing, and voting YES to a Sept. 11 memorial.

    1. Dear GA,
      Long-time reader/ first- time responder here.

      First off, thank you for your dedicated and invaluable service to truth. Don't know where Hoboken would be without you and MSV holding our elected officials accountable! Thank you.

      Have a request. Since you and MSV have all the dates and facts, could you two collaborate to draw up a page of bullets that sets forth the issues and dates the Dark Side voted against the public benefit? I, and doubtless many others, would love to have an easy to use, easy to read, printable tool we could use to show our voting friends and neighbors prior to the election. Might as well add Pupie to the list.

      Would do it myself but don't have access to all the dates, issues, and facts you do.

      Again, thanks for all you do.

      Dedicated Reader

    2. Thank you, and great idea. Yes, it sounds like something we can do. The amount of material is daunting but votes like this one rise to the top of the dung heap.

      Thanks again for your kind words.


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