H411 Readers Declare Tim & Frank...


Jeez, only 2 comments and the story's been up for hours. 

I told you to put him BACK in the HOLE, Frank!


  1. Doomed is an overstatement. These people get elected by the buying votes. How does anyone think Occhipinti, a racist got elected to represent the 4th ward? It's so bad even Barbara Reyes admitted this has been going on for a long time to her knowledge at the HHA. In fact, they are still going out trying to buy votes, so don't underestimate vote the success of vote buying.

  2. It's a strange election cycle. Word is the 4th ward voter fraud is FINALLY being investigated and Ramos and Frank are at each others' throats. So who knows what will come out of the 4th Ward this year and who it will benefit.

    1. The long standing animosity between Ramos and Raia has turned into out and out war.

      The rift will only get larger and much more personal as election day gets closer.

  3. Mazin Civic Vote-by-Callachioz AssocSeptember 25, 2013 at 3:31 PM

    All of you need to get a life and do good things for Mazin Civic then you will get WWF tix and a Mazin credit card like me and my boy Pervy. Going to destroy you Zimmshamms when I pick up the votes from my peops.

  4. The pilot for the Frank & Timmy Show has received very poor reviews and will not be picked up this fall.

    The producers of the show have decided that they are better suited to guest star on The Biggest Loser.


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