Tim's Got a Mole (and Quits his Job)

Ew, that mole looks infected.

No, not that kind of mole.

The kind of mole that infiltrates a mayoral campaign--Tim Occhipinti's for example, from an opposing campaign--Ruben Ramos' for example, then spys.

Now, the kind of mole that's a darkly pigmented skin lesion can turn cancerous.

The kind of mole that infiltrates a mayoral campaign- a 'Trojan mole' so to speak (named for the horse, not the condom) buries itself deep within so it may leak information from inside that campaign.  You may call this person a Leaky Trojan Mole (not to be confused with a leaky rubber).

So, GA was told that Timmy's camp has at least one mole dispatched to spy on the campaign by the Ramos camp!

Further.... sources say the Leaky Trojan Mole(s) were told to stay very close to Occhipinti, because he was a "doofus" and the least likely to catch on!

Wow... and this comes on the heels of breaking news on Patch:

It's true! (and the article, too)

Patch Editor Zak Koeske broke this at 2:58 PM:

Mayoral hopeful Tim Occhipinti has resigned from his job with a New York-based asset management company to dedicate all of his energy to becoming the next mayor of Hoboken, his campaign announced Thursday.

The 4th Ward councilman's last day of employment with AllianceBernstein, where he has worked since 2004 as an application support analyst in the Equity Investment Management Technology department, will be Friday, according to a campaign statement.

"I am extremely committed to this election and I want the people of Hoboken to know that I am dedicated to them and will fight full-time for their point of view," Occhipinti said. "I am going to live the next few months on a very tight budget which is something every taxpayer understands too well and wishes City Hall did the same.

"The councilman said he believed it was crucial to go "all in" for the people of Hoboken and his "One Hoboken" running mates, Frank Raia, Peter Biancamano and Britney Montgomery-Cook. The slate's stated mission is to unify the city and increase governmental accountability.
How breathtakingly moronic.

In November, he'll be a jobless loser.

GA's sources also report that a recent 'credible' poll shows that the Mayor's numbers haven't moved, but Ruben and Occhipinti are splitting the ABZ's (Anyone But Zimmer) without making a dent in her base.

Could it be the electorate has become better informed  in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and can see that Timmy's City Council voting record is abysmal; how he has consistently voted against progress in Hoboken?

I believe so.

In any event, sources tell GA that Zimmers' Council slate has polled strong and guess who is believed to be on top?  Ah, I probably shouldn't say...  the perception is that it is Doyle.  But all three are strong, and it appears the racist Ravi-bashing is backfiring.

GA is still amazed that Timmy quit his job.  Which means he can't collect Unemployment Insurance.  Unless, he got canned, in which case he can. 

A friend just called, thinks this 'smells'.  That Timmy got canned, and it's all spin.  Does anyone work at Alliance Bernstein who can verify?

Well, the end result is the same.  One unemployed doofus. Blessed with a meshuga-mama who looks at Timmy's $75K salary as lunch money.  Yep, Timmy is in good talons; meshuga-mama will take good care of him.

The question is: what does he do with himself in November?

In the meantime, before he goes job-hunting, he might as well go mole-hunting.


  1. Alliance Bernstein MoleSeptember 26, 2013 at 4:52 PM

    This is certainly entertaining news here but we can't tell you why we gave Timmy the push out the door. Let's just say he got the "heave-ho" because first of all you don't surprise the boss with this and second if you have an ounce of professionalism - you ask BEFORE you announce you're running for political office.

    Some of us know about Mayor Zimmer and she gets high marks here. Timmy, well not so much.


  3. I am sure that someone will take care of Timmy after the election and he loses.

  4. Perhaps, running for Mayor is his PASSION to get and beget. Will he begotten by Beth?

  5. Seems to me the first commenter is probably correct. Doofus probably never mentioned he was running, his bosses found out and told him to take a hike. In the current employment market, I'm sure they can fill a $75k help desk job in about one minute.

    1. You don't "resign" from a job and leave 2 days later. If you are in banking, you leave that day. If you are any where else, you leave in a week or two. Something is definitely fishy.

      "the next few months", I read that as the term of a severance package aligned with the first opening for a county or transit job.

      One nice tidy package.

  6. If I were running Timmy's campaign, I'd keep the mole but feed it bad information. Really bad. The worst. Why let a good mole go to waste?

    I call that a Leaky Trojan Mole Double-Cross. Not to be confused with a leaky condom tied up like a pretzel.

    If Tim's peeps are smart they'll have fun with their mole. Oh, wait....

  7. I am sure both sides have their moles. I wouldn't trust anyone affiliated w/ either one of those campaigns one bit and I doubt any of them trust one another either.

    1. Mole or no mole ?
      Terri Castellano's son John works for Ruben Ramos.

  8. every once in a while i step back and think "whoa, we're talking about timmy occqupinti here." i mean, really, the dude is the ultimate empty vessel, how ON EARTH is anyone in their right mind possibly thinking of him and "mayor" in the same sentence?? c'mon, it's tim friggin' occuepinti!!

  9. Corpulent Gal is on Patch spreading lies again. Pathetically funny. It's clear Tim was most likely canned for not informing his boss, HR and the ethics officer who would have all told him no. Of course it's no surprise that he'd never have found his way to a superior with the word "ethics" in their title. As their ticket needed a mayoral candidate, everyone knows he's just a place-holder for the Pupie-Mason group to nab a council seat. That Tim believes he's remotely qualified or electable is sad. He is being used and doesn't know it.

  10. Funny thing Hoboken Now posted Tim's press release today with 14 pictures and the only one had Tim in it standing behind Ruben.


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