People Who Need People


Nurse, grab the Thorazine. 

MSV has posted the video clip of Beth Mason's very strange outburst at last night's City Council meeting.

In a nutshell, Joe Mindak and his business partner Kevin Cale had just finished speaking in the public portion.  They contend monies are owed to them by the city for their firm's work to-date on an unfinished website promoting tourism for Hoboken. Which was not news to anyone on the dais-- except for one elected official who discharges her Council duties onto 'the help'-- like political operative James Barracato.  

Nope, reading email is for 'little people'.   Mason holds no other job except as a paid public servant with a staff and a storefront unlike other Council members with demanding full time jobs, who ride buses and subways with other 'little people' yet  still manage to read their email. 

Not Beth Mason. 

She needs 'people' to do that for her. But you know what they say about people who need people...

Hit it Barb!


(Barb honey, how about tweaking that a little: people who can afford people are the luckiest people...)
Mason: How come we weren't informed of this...

Cunningham: (to Occhipinti) You just got a question, we answered it.

Longo: You were informed of this...Actually, check your emails because Councilman Russo asked me for the status of the tourism website and I responded to all of you...

Mason: ...and can I tell you something?  This thing about hiding behind all the freakin' paperwork that this administration throws at this council and then says "oh, figure it out!"

Cunningham: Oh... please...

Mason: But what if it's important enough, let us know.  Pick up the phone!  Talk to us once in a while!

Cunningham: Look at your email, Councilwoman

Mason:  No! Council President.

Cunningham:  Yes.

Mason: (raising voice) Why don't you start communicating with people!

Cunningham: We are.  We are!

Mason:  (yelling) Instead of what you're doing!  You're shutting them up!!

Cunningham: Cheryl Falick...

Mason: ... you put gag orders on people!!  You're telling them to shut up!!! And, and you're, you're breaking the law by telling  people by saying...

Cunningham: Councilwoman, relax.

Mason: ...that meetings aren't announced properly...

Cunningham: Relax...

Mason:   We're just gonna shut you down!!!

Cunningham: Relax, Councilwoman...
Mason:  NO!!!  Guess what? It's about time that somebody stopped listening to your CRAP!!!
Now, if you ask me it really isn't Mason's fault.

Whomever she outsourced her email-reading to that day: Finboy, Alonso, Calicchio, fucked up royally- or should I say 'royalty'?   

Off with their heads!


  1. The latest in a long line of proud moments captured on video that will follow Beth Mason all the way to the halls of the US Senate.


  2. So she wants us otpay the legal team to contact all 9 coiuncil persons by phone?

    My thoughts:

    Listen you bat shit crazy, lazy ass, fking lunatic. read your fking emails so we dont have to waste taxpayer money on attorney costs for personalized phone conversations to each and every individual council person on every single update.

    Dimwit-It's called email (an electronic mailing system), you can get it on a computer (a technological device) and it's used to inform people of issues exactly like Mindak's.

    1. No, she probably wants them to do it for free. If we paid them to spoon feed her every bit of information she got by email, she'd complain about that instead.

  3. The transcript doesn't do this justice. To get the full flavor, the video should be watched first without sound to see her literally insane demeaner and then watched again to add in the lunatic rant.

    Often, watching Mason makes me angry. This video took all the anger out of me - it left me with nothing but pity. As toxic as this woman is to others she is most toxic to herself and she truly is a tortured soul. I hope for her sake and the sake of her family that she finds the help she needs to get some inner peace.

    1. From where I stand she is unquestionably most toxic to others.

      Mason is well equipped to get the help she needs. Her victims much less so.

      Her depraved indifference to the suffering of others, orchestrating SLAPP suits, dispatching thugs to harass, bully, and rent Nazi trucks, etc. simply because they criticize her and/or support the mayor.

      Feel pity for HER? Hell, NO.

      I feel pity for her victims.

  4. I think she actually said "friggin" not "freakin", which is a euphemism for "f*cking", any form of which has probably not been heard in that room since the Russo administration. Another old-guard tradition upheld by Mrs. Richard Mason. I wouldn't want her around any kids with her behavior and language.

    Living at the edge-of-a-nervous-breakdown near the intersection of corruption and insignificance is taking its toll.

    Someone really needs to make a compilation video of her finest moments.

  5. Dear Councilperson Mason,

    There are these things called smartphones that can be used for voice calls, txt messaging, as well as email.

    Perhaps the Leona Helmsley of Hoboken forgot to instruct her underlings to read her email for her.

  6. "Living at the edge-of-a-nervous-breakdown near the intersection of corruption and insignificance is taking its toll."

    comment of the week...or month!


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