Questions at the HHA

Jessica Coco's greatest gift to HHA tenants may be that some feel emboldened to tell their stories.
GA has heard a few; they are allegations of  suffering and humiliation, eviction and extortion; allegations so raw and graphic, (i.e.; bartering sex acts) they are as disturbing as sadly believable.  Such allegations of systemic abuse and corruption require investigation by the proper (federal) authorities, and if they are true, the guilty need to be punished. GA encourages any tenants who have been victimized to speak up now.  

John 8:32: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." 
Ms. Coco's moxie has encouraged her neighbors. 

As told here on Grafix Avenger, Coco has endured daily retaliation for opposing Vision 20/20.   Coco has been watched, followed, her apartment locks broken, her apartment entered,  personal items stolen, her vans vandalized, counterfeit flyers put up and blamed on her tenants group, NAACP President Gene Drayton filed 'copyright infringement' charges against Coco's group after being shown a counterfeit flyer,  her (authentic) flyers ripped down daily.  

Coco's vandalized door lock--before she got it fixed

Something strange has happened to Coco-- it started on Friday.

The verbal harassment stopped. The usual 'Carmelo loyalists' were not seen on the premises. Her flyers were left up.

No one has followed or otherwise antagonized Ms. Coco.

There's more....

Other HHA residents report a stranger has been driving Carmelo Garcia's personal car- since Friday and Garcia has been no where in sight.

Here is a  rumor  which has been circulating:
Carmelo got a heads-up from an HHA maintenance man that the Feds were looking for him so he  took off for Costa Rica. When he returned home, the Feds were waiting. They met him at the airport as soon as he landed.  Carmelo wasn't arrested. The Feds questioned him about the tapes. They wanted to know what he had, if there were more. He told them he didn't have any more tapes. They let him go
So what's going on?

According to Ms. Coco:
He (Carmelo) spread news throughout the HHA that he has Brian Stack on tape. Whether its true or not, I can't attest to, because I've never heard the tapes. I'm just relating what I and many others have heard. 
Are there more tapes?  No tapes?

Garcia has allegedly been telling others he has two more tapes (one of an HHA Commissioner), yet he allegedly told the Feds he has NONE?  And as Coco says, he has allegedly told HHA residents that he has "Brian Stack on tape", and has Stack "trained like a dog".

What is true?  What or WHO do the Feds want?

And where was Garcia on Friday? 


  1. To lie to a federal agent can be the beginning of the end! What Federal Agency? Agents look for evidence of wrongdoing. The Target - Who(?) is becoming apparent. Pinch him and perhaps land a bigger fish - remember the tapes!

  2. GA

    I have heard for years about the systematic rape and sexual abuse that has occurred in HHA as well as the other affordable housing units in town. It seems that the women are so used to the cycle of abuse by the men in charge that they just accept it as the price to have a roof over their heads. And they have witnessed those that have resisted being thrown out on the street, legally or illegally. when you have babies to protect, you do what you think you have to do. But it is 2013 and that is NOT the case any longer. What these asshats in charge have been doing is criminal, literally, and should be treated and prosecuted as such. Making a woman have sex in exchange for being left alone (for a while at least) to be have a roof over her head and a place to raise her family is CRIMINAL! These aren't men, they are creepy perverted criminals with no balls that have issues with women and feel the need to degrade and humiliate women in order for them to fell better about themselves. And while I feel badly for the women, I want them to JUST SAY NO! Say NO and go to the prosecutor, write about it on the internet, expose it for what it is, a CRIME! If we have witnessed anything in the recent weeks is that exposure is the best disinfectant. Make these idiots AFRAID of even asking for anything sexual or inappropriate. Take back you homes. Let your daughters see you make a choice for self respect. Not perpetuate this sick cycle of victim hood.

  3. This brings me to a rather disturbing piece of information that I heard from numerous sources both within and without the HHA about what was demanded from a certain wannabe HHA commissioner. The details are actually too sordid even for me. Suffice it to say that (allegedly, since I was not there) a trip to medical professionals was required. To the woman who submitted to this grotesque and sick demand, you know who you are. Your neighbors know who you are. People are laughing at you.
    Is this the message that you want to send to the young women in the HHA, that submitting to deviant sex is OK and just business as usual? What could possibly be worth the humiliation and degradation that you endured during the act and now face when you walk outside your home, let alone get up at a city council meeting and lay claim to a position on the HHA. What was done to you was a CRIME. Just for what he did to you, the scumbag should be in jail. For those that do not know about the sick and twisted history of misogyny in the HAA, what I have described is unfortunately not an isolated incident. It is hard to believe in 2013 that we have residents of Hoboken that have to suffer through this garbage just to have a place to live.

    1. i heard it took 3 stitches. he guaranteed to name her if she took one for the team.

  4. Khoboken, I agree with your sentiments about wanting women to say "NO" to stop the cycle of abuse, but it is easy for people living in relative security and comfort who have the means to always land on their feet to believe others can say "no" without consequences. Especially those with little mouths to feed.

    Folks who say "no" or who are late with a "payment" and end up with eviction notices are examples to their HHA neighbors. One woman I know of alleges she was evicted from her apartment because she missed a "payment" (she claims she was forced to sign a statement that she owed money to the HHA). The woman was literally thrown out- she came home to find all her possessions gone... GONE- personal photos, irreplaceable momentos. If true, crimes include extortion, illegal eviction, destruction of property. If true.

    These alleged evictions and other egregious behaviors send a message to EVERYONE.

    THEY tried to evict Coco but she basically told Garcia's people "F*ck you" and refused to sign the statement delivered to her door. So the next day she got a "Cease and desist" letter from Charles Daglian, HHA attorney- with a counterfeit flyer attached. What the fuck?

    Coco is unique in that she has defied 'management' and continues to do so. She is positively heroic.

    Yes, I hope women start saying NO, recording these motherfuckers, put the tapes online and bring their evidence to the Feds. Someone like Coco is living proof tenants don't have to take shit, which is why she is so dangerous to them and why they've hit back so hard.

    Khoboken, unlike you these stories are new to me. Heartbreaking and outrageous.

    Folks, no names. Victims or willing participants may come forward of their own volition. I urge them to bring their allegations to the authorities.

    FBI- Newark Field Office
    Claremont Tower
    11 Centre Place
    Newark, NJ 07102
    Phone: (973) 792-3000
    Fax: (973) 792-3035

  5. Agreed - to extort one for shelter is the crime of extortion and to subject a human these acts is an easy stretch for a civil rights violation. Feds - Welome to the horrors still happening in Hoboken - do the right thing here and expend the necessary resources to put this beasts away.

  6. This sounds horrible as you describe it, I hope nobodys Mom,daughter or someones sister
    is being forced into giving employees sex for exchange of being left alone just so
    they can remain living in housing..
    If this is true, please come forward and contact the F.B.I. at 973-792-3000 so no other
    females will have to endure this type of behavior.

  7. Theirs some freak nasty sex tape I hear.

    1. More than one. And available for the right price, so I hear.

  8. It is beyond sad and horrible. Imagine how scary it must be to get that knock on the door, knowing the person on the other side holds your entire life in his hands. Imagine how powerful that other person must feel lording over some frightened woman. Whether it was sexual favors, votes or anything else, it is disgusting!!

  9. GA, you really need to make it clear on your blog that HHA and Applied Housing have served as personal sex dens for people who are supposedly overseeing them, often involving threat of eviction. I don't how you do it, but it needs to be done.

  10. This is Jessica Coco. This is why I have no children, because of what I experienced growing up in Applied Housing and what I see taking place here in the HHA. Its utterly disgusting that this openly takes place and has for decades. Shame and fear is a powerful force and these poor women have no where to turn to.

  11. I don't remember ever seeing this post. Unbelievable, and despicable. Time to clean house, lock up all these scumbags.


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