Britney's BoE Corruption Starter Kit- UPDATE

(Update- 9/4/13)

This Britney-pick is starting to make sense.  A reader sent me a couple of links; it appears Britney is not only a special education teacher, but she has been working for a New York City-based real estate brokerage, Karpoff Affiliates, Inc. for the past 5 years.

According to Karpoff's web site:
GA was curious why Ms. Montgomery, with no record of political activity in Hoboken would care to run for elected office, other than as a possible favor for a friend.

Well, with three huge development projects in the wings: the NJ Transit development, the Rockefeller Group development and Vision 20/20,  one can see the built-in professional advantages for a licensed realtor/leasing agent like Ms. Montgomery to sit on the City's Redevelopment Agency, the City Council.

That's millions of square feet of new commercial/ residential space.

It looks like Mama Russo's sales commissions just got cut!

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 Weenie for Mayor

Welcome to the City Council race (and Hoboken politics), Britney!

Perhaps you've been warned off this blog, heard that GA's "mean".

(Like there's something wrong with turning Tim into a groundhog or putting him naked on a hot dog bun?

I am not "mean"- I am "mom" to a public school kid. My own mom was a school teacher, like you.

This blog has documented stealing and abuses that occurred when Hoboken's Board of Education was led by your running mate, Frank Raia in 2005-2006.

As a teacher,  you understand how desperately the school budget needs to be spent on teachers and students-NOT steak dinners, cell phones, hundreds of  staff with neither names nor addresses,  junkets to Atlantic City, patronage jobs, and half-million dollar checks written by the School Board to the School Board.  Presumably you will be asked to oppose the honest, leadership Hoboken Schools have had since Kids First took the majority in 2009.

 Read up, Brit!

BoE Corruption Starter Kit:
NOTE:  The data was sourced from the Hoboken BoE's 297 page audit online at the NJDOE for the school year 2005 - 2006.  The 2005-2006 School Board members were: Frank Raia, Theresa Burns, Carmelo Garcia, Frances Rhodes-Kearns, Jimmy Farina,  Jack Raslowsky, Maggie Porata,  and Theresa Minutillo.    


  1. That 4 over Tim's privates is much more information than we needed to know.

  2. don't waste your time, she has as much chance of winning as timmy. or ruben.

  3. If the woman doesn't know about the past antics of her running mates or the people backing them then she has no business running for office. And considering who she is running with, voters would have to be insane to trust her or anyone on that slate.

  4. Well, her name will now be forever tied to raia, occhipinti and biancamano.

    Hope she doesnt try to change jobs. That background search would net quite an interesting perspective of who she professionally aligns herself with. Shame, seems she hasnt done a quick google search before signing up.

  5. She is an idiot, plain and simple, to sign up to run on this train wreck of a slate of grifters. Just what the world needs, a female TIMMAY!

  6. britney and joe mindik can have a joint "wtf-was-i-thinking?" post-mortem analysis to assess the damage to their reputations and careers.

  7. Mindak weighed all options and made a decision. He wanted to be a polititian and shopped himself out. It didnt matter what ticket, their past record or current affiliations. I have no doubt Brit went through the same analysis.

    1. And people like stand for nothing but themselves, a good reason to not support them.

  8. It's MSTA's dream ticket!! Btwn Raia (Don't worry, Ron - I'll get you all the votes you need to end rent control) Tim (I love NJ Transit) and now a real estate agent, I know where the attempted election thieves will be placing their bets (ummm, cash.)

    1. The cash for ballots scheme is well underway. Just an fyi to everyone.

  9. Sad part, neither britney spear head (or whatever her name is), mindak, nor miani have even a shot at winning. Their reputations permanently destroyed by aligning themselves with know and publicily detailed corrupted individuals.Out there -for all to see on the world, wide web forever.

    Such fools.

  10. sad for who? Who cares. They are big boys and girls. They made a businesss decission and decided to roll the dice. For THEIR benefit, not any aching, overwhelming desire to help their fellow citizens. frig them! The machine only works with a ready supply of self interested cogs like them. Sad for us not them!

  11. Lots of arm twisting and threaths being made on the down low to drop out before the Friday deadline.

  12. Britney seems to have suffered the misfortune of living next door to Tim. The rest just fell into place.

    1. Yes, she's barely registered to vote and I'm guessing hasn't done her due diligence about the people she's running with- including her pal, Tim. Do you think Brit knows that his 2010 campaign was handed up to the NJ Attorney General Paula Dow for a voter fraud investigation?

      Does she know that Timmy had "575 paid workers" in an election where only 2,076 ballots were cast? And remarkably, nearly all these $40 paid workers cast a ballot for Tim?

      Brit, don't believe ME, read this:

      She's loaned her good name to this crew, at the same time she is now a candidate for office and aligned with them, the money grabbers and vote-buyers. If elected she will make decisions which will affect all of us, and have her hand in taxpayers' wallets. So, she is going to be treated like anyone else running for elected office.

      Welcome to Hoboken politics, Brit.


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