Back To School in New Uniforms!

 models: our students!  wardrobe consultant: our Theresa Minutillo!   style: hot!


Congratulations to the kids and grown-ups who collaborated on this smokin' funky retro- yet contemporary new look for Hoboken High (and Junior High) school uniforms!

GA has never bought into the public school uniform concept; ask my friends on Kids First.  But rules are rules and I've gotta say... I love these outfits!  The colors! The combos! The cool simplicity!   But best of all...

For those concerned about the stifling effect of conformity on a child's developing creativity and  expression (me, me, me), Hoboken's answer is... accessories!

WOO HOO!  Open your closets, boys and girls.

Being a monochromatic-dresser myself who loves to 'decorate' with accessories: bracelets, necklaces, scarves, belts, a little bling here and there... GA thinks this is a fabulous solution for kids who may feel like this policy will stifle their self-expression.  

Also note the shoes on our models.  If your kid goes for conservative pumps or lace-up boots, your kid can put his/her stamp of 'ME' on the Hoboken 'template'. And you know how kids love their shoes and sneakers.  The model below is my daughter expressing her style while drawing a horse. 

model: Wallace school student,  horse: unknown

So, GA is very proud of our kids- they look great and are ready to take on  the 3 R's  in their new unif... shall we drop that word and just call them 'fashions'?

Additional thanks to Theresa Minutillo, Kids First founder, former BoE Trustee and entrepreneur with a successful image consulting business, who helped the kids assemble their fabulous looks, (also found on the District website's Look Book).

GA wishes ALL of Hoboken's school kids: public, charter and private, a great, productive school year.

Now get off the computer and hit the books! 


  1. My son likes it.


  3. I did my time in Catholic School from 5-8. The fashion show that was high school was traumatizing. The boys were the worst. If you didn't wear the right beat up dark clothes or team jerseys you got picked on for being a nerd or f*g.

    1. Yeah?

      In high school I was more focused on my weight than clothes, and of course, hair. I had the giant, Farrah-do... for years.

      Maybe I'll post a pic for shits and giggles. Yep, I had the big hair. Used to wash it with color and all sorts of crap. I think French jeans were popular then, and polyester Huck-a-poo tops. Perhaps MTV, cable and internet media, have raised the fashion stakes for today's young crowd... I don't think I'd want to be young in this day and age, but then they probably look at me/older folks and say "Thank God I'm not on of those dried-up dinosaurs!"


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