Mason-Raia Piss Poll

Beth Mason and her chief aide, Democratic Committeeman Matt Calicchio  photo credit: MSV

Oh Jeez, a pollster from  Kalamata Research Services  just talked my ear off then filled it with mud.

He was nice enough at first, with benign questions about the mayoral candidates and selected at-large slates ( Mindak, Gonzales and Miani who?) so GA didn't see it coming when his even-handed questions morphed into ones like this:
Would this statement that people are saying make you more or less likely to vote for Dawn Zimmer?
Dawn Zimmer is attempting to suppress and intimidate minorities and senior citizens by disenfranchising their right to vote- these are some of the same voter suppression tactics that the radical right wing is using in Texas and North Carolina.

There was quite a bit more along those lines; the rest of the poll was a Hoboken411 Greatest Hits Parade; some of the talking points so old and crusty they should be enjoying their golden years on a shuffleboard court.

But no, these old clunkers were dragged out of retirement and presumably onto the campaign trail- if they 'poll' well, that is. 

Yep, no good Mason piss-poll is without it's Superbowl fable (how Zimmer sent supporters to the Superbowl game) or it's $25 million budget fiction, or her broken promise to cut taxes 25% in the first year, bla bla bla.   No doubt this bowel-movement was squeezed out by Mason's rancid Tuna , a.k.a. Hoboken's unelected 2nd Ward Councilwoman.

And why do I call it a Piss-Poll?

Because the pollster pisses on your leg and says "It's raining!"

I do hope you folks answer the phone for this one. Aside from using your ear as a urinal, the questions tell me they are really interested in how many people will vote down the line vs. those who might 'split' their vote- which is what this election is all about for the Dark Side.

And the way they plan to do it is to soften support for Zimmer with such piss-polls. Yes, they know you will vote for her, but if they plant some seeds of distrust, perhaps you can be wooed to split your Council vote for either Peter B., Brit or Frank.

So, the piss-poll attacked Doyle, Dave M. and Ravi.  You could just hear those fish lips smacking with drool when he wrote the one about Ravi getting a traffic ticket.

Oh, no!  Ravi got a traffic ticket!

And Mike Russo's family owes Hoboken taxpayers $324K, 10 years of un-entitled health benefits and an explanation why he agreed to a $5K deposit from Solomon Dwek on the FBI surveillance tape!

And Tim Occhipinti spent 98% of $13K in donations for his 2015 municipal campaign, including reimbursing himself for Sandy donations!  And took money from Birdsall Engineering who was doing business with Hoboken!  And took a generous campaign contribution from developer Danny Tatolli but didn't recuse himself from voting on an easement for Tatolli's restaurant!

Why didn't Timmy recuse himself from that vote?

Timmy's 20-Day Post Election ELEC report- submitted 6/1/11

And Terry Castellano sends confidential information to political operative James Barracato a.k.a. Finboy!

And Beth Mason underwrites SLAPP suits for political operatives, has had a 501(c)(3) which is a taxpayer-subsidized front for a political machine, and has 'shell' companies like Newton Lao Leonard and Lock, LLP presumably for moving money around to operatives, consultants, and other political purposes without detection!

Finally, Timmy, Mason, Russo and Terry all voted NO to a 9-11 memorial for Hoboken's victims. 

That about says it all for their moral bankruptcy, never mind the political hijinks.  Timmy, Mason, Russo and Castellano are the walking dead.

So, by all means, do answer your telephone.  And when they get to the Mason talking point about how Zimmer sent supporters to the Superbowl, remember that Giattino and Pellegrini had such a good meeting with NFL Executives, followed up in New York City by a presentation to the NFL by Mayor Zimmer and the Hoboken Events Committee, word is that they "love" our City!  All because of Zimmer administration and Hoboken Events Committe initatitives, Hoboken's economy will reap a cut of the hundreds of millions of dollars host cities make. Thank you, Mayor!

That's thinking BIG.

For the other kind of thinking, here's the Superbowl 2014 business plan Mason announced in her newsletter of February 2012.


  1. I got the poll, explained to pollster how the questions were misleading or flat out lies.

    1. I answer them dishonestly in their favor to mislead them into thinking they have a snowball's chance in hell at being elected to washroom attendant. That way, they waste more of their ill-gotten money thinking they've got it sewn up. The poll-takers are just doing a job and aren't the real targets of derision from reasonable people. They also provide comic relief as they try to pronounce names. My favorite? "Occhi-panty"

  2. i wonder if at some point it makes sense for the zimmer ticket to repudiate these accusations in some way?

    1. A recall would be a nice start.

  3. We live in the 4th ward and we got this call, too. My husband read them the riot act. He told, "I don't vote for corruption. You say Vision 20/20 will revitalize the 4th ward economy. You mean revitalize your pockets at our expense. We live here. How dare you call here? I guess you need to recoup your absentee ballot funds. We vote for honesty. We vote for Zimmer. Good Night" Wake up Hoboken! Get rid of the Old Guard! My Fellow Black & Hispanic neighbors Wake Up Vision 20/20 will make us homeless and throw us out of Hoboken. The vote you sell will go to those who will see you homeless. Don't vote for Raia, Ruben's slate or Brian Stack & Garcia's slate, unless you want to sign your own eviction.

    1. I think Carmelo's Vision 20/20 is dead unless Zimmer loses the Council. If she does, that's a game changer and all bets are off. So our phones will be ringing until election day, our mailboxes will be filled with trash, and Raia will be farming up a storm. The Council is within reach. No way is this over and the public's got to know that.

  4. That dirty push poll has the smell of an out of town fish who without question is not natural to the Mississippi River.

    Obviously, there are lies, damn lies and then there's Beth Mason's wanton lies.

    What can one expect from a woman who when rejected twice in a calendar year by Hoboken voters for the office of mayor set out on a mission to destroy the current mayor, kill over 1,000 jobs with the city's biggest employer, Hoboken University Medical Center and with it countless families both inside and outside of town?

    Has Beth Mason ever remotely come close to apologizing for her heinous actions against the people of Hoboken?

    Has she, her political committee treasurer Ricky Mason extended an apology requested by both the local rabbis who spoke out against their use of a Nazi Truck to advance political gain?

    In the face of such evil, one must stand up and be counted. In our nation, we have a remedy to remove such a cancer from our midst.

    1. Vote on November 5th for All of Hoboken.
      Vote for sanity.
      Vote for Hoboken's protection.

      Vote for Mayor Zimmer and her council at-large ticket:

      Jim Doyle
      Dave Mello
      Ravi Bhalla

      Send Beth Mason, her pupie Timmay Oka-pintay a message and vote for Kids First:

      Irene Sobolov
      Jennifer Evans
      Leon Gold

  5. Winning is the best revenge.

  6. Blood doesn't wash away blood!


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