Occhipinti Petition Troubles: "No one wants to sign"

Timmy's 2010 Garden: pray for the Dead
When an incumbent Councilman is so disliked that his own constituents won't sign a petition to put him back on the ballot, well, that's a problem too big for a Brinks truck.

No, that kind of problem requires hocus-pocus, voo-doo, time-travel or a full-frontal lobotomy for Hoboken voters to forget what a disaster he's been on our City Council.

Rather than recite the litany of Tim's "NO" votes which have earned him the scorn of the living (I don't count the dead, though they vote in the 4th Ward) , GA uses the metaphor of Tim's Flower Garden to explain why he is unpopular.

On April 24, 2010, when Timmy was burnishing his resume for a City Council run he and his Hoboken Volunteers planted a lovely flower garden at the Boys and Girl's Club in the 4th Ward.

What cruel fate befell those flowers after they landed on Facebook?


Timmy's belated garden is the perfect metaphor for how he's governed and why he struggled to find signatures for Tim the Sequel.

Press releases!  Photos!  Letters to the Editor! Facebook!  

Then he governs.  KABOOM. Tim votes "NO" against the interests of Hoboken, our city, our taxpayers, our businesses. Tim votes NOT to seat Jim Doyle which among other things, has paralyzed Hoboken's Zoning Board (short 5 members) costing business and residents a fortune as they wait for their Applications to be heard.

Thank Tim Occhipinti for that.

Frank Raia and Peter Biancamano had no problem filling their petitions.  They found people who like them.

As for the third At-Large slot, Timmy was looking for someone with this skill set: two X chromosomes  and a pulse.

GA has no idea who the poor lady victim is (the notion of a 'female slot' is deeply offensive to women) or how Timmy hoodwinked her, but Friends don't let Friends Run for Hoboken City Council.  Sources tell me the Ruben camp is livid and anyone on that ticket will be subjected to their wrath.  

That's the professional wrath of Ruben's political strategists Pablo Fonseca and  Paul Swibinski.

So our attention turns today to see if Occhipinti did get his signatures and if that Third Ticket does materialize. 

GA hopes it does.


  1. I am sure Dick will pay for anything his wife needs done for her Timmy boy.

  2. Can't they do early hiring for campaign workers?
    20 bucks today (oh and here's a petition to sign) and 20 bucks on election day (and you know who to vote for).

    1. Yes, of course, they can. 250 of the 610 signatures on the MSTA-anti RC initiative were from the housing authority. (only 210 were accepted.) What does that tell you?

  3. Wonder what Frank is promising Tim to help him with this Council run. What a sell out Peter Biacamano is. Too busy for the Board of Education but plenty o time for his political aasperations. Brintney?? Where do they get these people?

    1. Mason and Raia's money picks the tune and their boys Tim and Pete just dance to it to amuse them.

  4. well, now both Ruben and Tim can argue about who loves Peter Cammarano more.

  5. Word "On the Street" that Raia "The Main Player" submitted 1,000 plus signatures on his petition drive. As of yesterday, young paid campaign workers were still collecting signatures for Tim O. "Candidates without ideas, hiring consultants without convictions to run campaigns without content...Pres. Gerald Ford


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