Serving Cookies and SLAPP Suits

Complimentary snacks served with lawsuits

Well folks, it must be a sad day in the Eliot Spitzer household. Not only did he lose his bid for NY Comptroller but he gave even more cash than the $70K first reported to his 'get out the vote' consultant Musa Moore.

According to Wednesday's NY Post:
Spitzer sent another $95,000 to Time for Change, a Brooklyn-based group headed Musa Moore, a pal of corrupt ex-Brooklyn Democratic leader Clarence Norman. The Post previously reported that the same group collected $70,000 from the former governor.
Wow!  GA told you on Monday, that Musa Moore was hired by Beth Mason for her 2009 mayoral bid..

In fact, GA posted this email from Tom Bertoli:

Exhibit 31

Tommy commented below:
...Yes I wrote that email to all the paid operatives but remember I was more working against peter Cammarano than Dawn Zimmer. Once Zimmer made the runoff I went to work for dawn. Looking back at that email reminds me of what a complete cluster f$&/ that whole campaign was. Yes make no mistake everyone on that email was paid in one form or another.not sure where you even got it from but keep digging and I will garentee there are plenty more.
Good luck with your court case and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
Tom bertoli
"Everyone was paid", in one form or another?  They weren't "paid for friendship", that's for sure!

They were paid for other stuff.  

Oh... so they aren't operatives the same way they're not paid... right.

Anyone know the going rate for filing a frivolous lawsuit? 

 Cash transaction or in-kind?  Do payments move through a shell company? 

05/ 05/ 11 Dunn and Bradstreet report for Mason's Newton, Lao, Leonard & Locke showed NO history of credit transactions while her resume claiming years of business activity
"...let me know if there is anything I can help you with."
Jeez Tom, I've got so many questions for you, I'm making a list.  

Here's another Mason campaign email that went to Spitzer's campaign consultant, Musa Moore:

Exhibit 40

Don't you wonder if everyone showed up at 6:30?

Oh, by the way Tom... know anything about this OPRA request for financial disclosure forms for every Planning Board member?

Exhibit 52

Or this one?

Exhibit 58

I've got a bunch more of these OPRAs from a "not an operative" and "not paid" Plaintff.  She OPRAed financial information for every volunteer Board member in Hoboken!

I wonder if any of this opposition research material found it's way into Timmy's black binder? That goes on the list!

Well, today starts the trial of West New York Mayor Felix Roque- good luck to you, star witness.


  1. GA, did you think that maybe it is factually correct they weren't paid BY Mason, but by somebody else or some other way? So that it couldn't be easily tracked or tied back to either Mason or them. Like they weren't paid for friendship.

    1. i'm guessing that's the case, paid out of some shell company or other campaign vendor to cover the paper trail. the twins think they are so clever with their meticulous wording but it's all glaringly obvious to everyone. I"M NOT PAID (...for friendship). WE'RE NOT PAID ( ms. mason).

  2. Boy those cookies really look good. Beth always kept lots of cookies around for us and lots of civil lawsuits chatter in case we lose which we always did.

    We really worked up an appetite after Zimmer upset our plans. We'll never get to walk the halls of the US Senate with Beth, not with her as a Senator.

    I really like cookies and lawsuits, especially when Beth buys which is all the time. She's the most litigious woman in town and we think that's so adorable about her.

  3. Her mama should have told her when she was young that if you litigate too much, you might go blind.

  4. ok, this is weird: just got a survey call about "a civil suit coming up in hudson country". unfortunately, i didn't make it past the qualifying questions (my work). any idea what suit that might be? maybe rent control? not this one, would it?

    1. Have no idea. The headline grabber seems to be Garcia's ethnic-cleansing suit and there is the Alicea case, which is in discovery.

      Are they foolish enough to promote this one? Yes.

      Some elements on the Dark Side are really milking the Carmelo transcript, but from what I've read, that's one dry teat. Udderly.

    2. I got this. It's actually a corporate lawsuit. Nothing to do with politics at all. Not sure why they are running a poll.

  5. Could be your all-time best graphic, GA. LOL!


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