Transcript: Carmelo's Threat "...I can get Jake back"

Did you see the latest salvo from Angel Alicea's genius lawyer who unleashed Carmelo Garcia's secretly recorded transcript into the public domain?

The genius is Louis Zayas, also Carmelo Garcia's personal attorney.

By reading directly from the transcript instead of from notes, Zayas forced it to be entered into evidence.  After that fuck-up, Zayas filed the infamous "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit for Carmelo Garcia against Mayor Zimmer, hubby Stan and HHA Commissioner Jake.

The suit quickly made a laughingstock of Zayas and Garcia.

For one, allegations of "ethnic cleansing" (a.k.a. genocide or deportation of an entire ethnic group) were embarrassingly over-the-top.   In an apparent damage control effort, Zayas and his client appeared on Hudson County TV.

This is what Garcia told HCTV about WHY he secretly taped the mayor's hubby at that January 16  lunch date which he had arranged:
"I felt it was necessary (to secretly tape) because for a year I've been undergoing major harassment, intimidation, coercion, to do things I felt very uncomfortable with. Therefore, in order to corroborate what I knew made me felt uncomfortable and in order to have evidence, proper evidence of what they were doing, I had to uh, record that particular meeting simply because I thought maybe no one would believe me or  moreso we would be giving that to the authorities in fact to go and look into what they were asking of  me to do and what they had been pursuing of me for the last months and year  I've been undergoing that particular harassment and intimidation...  so that is why I feel it was the right thing to do, to produce whatever evidence to corroborate what I was alleging and what I had claimed. that would later on be discovered in that complaint that my attorney filed on my behalf."  
-Carmelo Garcia to Hudson County TV, August 28, 2013 

Zayas told HCTV how Zimmer's alleged "manipulation" put Carmelo Garcia's Vision 20/20 "at risk" and that  "Mr. Carmelo" planned to turn the tape "over to the authorities".  

"...she (Zimmer) has sought to kick him out through her attempts to control the board of commissioners and I, we believe we can establish that through her manipulation of certain decisions on the board, that Carmelo Garcia's plan on behalf of the uh, housing authority is in risk of not being implemented..."
-Louis Zayas to Hudson County TV, August 28, 2013 

"Mr. Carmelo taped the conversation in order to turn it over to the appropriate authorities."
-Louis Zayas to Hudson County TV, August 28, 2013 
Dean DeChiaro of the Hoboken Reporter and Grossboard tell a very different storyDeChiaro describes Garcia's (failed) attempt to entrap the mayor's hubby into (1) negotiating on behalf of his wife and (2) a contract steering discussion.
“At the time I didn’t feel he was trying to entrap me, but now that I know I was being taped, I think he was essentially trying to get me, on Dawn’s behalf, to steer the contract to Joe Garcia, something that nobody was trying to do,” he said.
 - Stan Grossbard to The Hoboken Reporter, August 18, 2013
Then, we have Carmelo Garcia's confession to God in a toilet stall.

Garcia crap-fesses to the Almighty  that he's "worked too hard to let these things tear it down" and if  HHA Commissioners are not working with him cooperatively, he must become a "gladiator in a coliseum" to "kill or be killed".

"I worked too hard to get where I am at to let these things tear it down and create a hostile work environment. I am hedging my bets with her (Zimmer), but I want what is right. The problem is, when this got started, you (God) had Jake take an amateur approach to communicating clearly, and I mean what was the ultimate direction, it might be very simple, and I know you (Jake) have to work with me and tell me beforehand and then tell me later on.  He (Jake) told me he said to me you know we will have to talk about it when your contract comes up in two years to renegotiate that.  I said ake, where do you want me to be?  I am there with you (Jake) you know.  I want to be where you guys (HHA commissioners)want to be but don't villainize me, or demonize me, push me away and put me as a gladiator in a coliseum to come out with my artillary and say kill or be killed." (sue you)
-Carmelo Garcia to God, January 16, 2013
Finally,  a bit more transcript-- post-luncheon gossip between Garcia and 'friend' Bernard Kenny on the PATH train back to Hoboken.  

Didja catch the swagger  "I could have ate him (Stan) up" and the threat "...and I can get Jake back."

So, why in God's name would any attorney believe Carmelo Garcia had a case for harassment based on this transcript? 
Asked if he thought the matter would come to litigation, Zayas said that he thought the suit itself might be enough to cease Zimmer’s alleged harassment. “My experience in this case is that when a lawsuit like this is filed, the harassment stops,” he said.
 - Louis Zayas to The Hoboken Reporter, August 18, 2013
Oh... right.

Zayas didn't file the suit to litigate, he wants "stop" the alleged  harassment with a big, fat settlement.   

Ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Guess again, Mr. Zayas.  

The Zimmer administration doesn't play those Old Guard 'sue & settle' games. So Zayas can keep digging that hole...  and he is!

Yesterday Zayas filed a perjury motion against Mayor Zimmer in the Aliceas case!  
Zayas' perjury motion says the transcript shows Grossbard "plays a significant role as an untitled government envoy advocating on behalf of Mayor Zimmer's policies," his role is "significant and notorious" and Zimmer lied about that. He said today that "If there is another person involved in terminating my client, that is relevant."


  1. I find it funny that Mr. Luis calls his client Mr. Carmelo as if they were working in a beauty salon.

    What these two boys have no hope of doing in court they are trying to do in the press but they are winding up just making themselves even more radioactive.

  2. Carmelo still doesn't get it. He works for the board, not the other way around. His opinion really doesn't matter when it comes to things like the 20/20 plan. The man is nothing but an employee, an employee that it was past time was given his walking papers.

    1. Carmelo is not an employee, he's a contractor. He's paid like an expensive contractor but with cadillac plan beneftis courtesy of his pal Charles Daglian.

      As Mike Russo says, "I did for you, now you do for me." They understand this perfectly well and do that each and every step of the way. Daglian should have been gone long ago, any normal contractor would show a minimim of respect to his bosses and their wishes on the HHA booard.

      To Carmelo there reallly is no such thinng. The HHA boaard is a rubber stamp and is to follow ALL his orders especially the people who live there and don't need to be told he is the landlord.

      Barbara Reyes tried three times to be his rubber stamp vote and is a very willing "victim" to all of Carmelo's desires

    2. That's one stitch per try. Carmelo knows how to keep his ladies in stitches.

  3. Stuiver's lawyer will have a field day with that transcript. So will Grossbard's. Garcia better ditch the hack when the counter suits start rolling in-- if he doesnt want to lose the nice house and other ASSets.


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